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Late at night...

Liang Zhu City burst into mournful cries as wisps of dark smoke rose into the sky. The air was suffused by a smell of burnt food, and the ground was covered in mud. The non-humankind army marched into the city and cast a magic to put out the fire. The fire was killed by the water descending from the city, but the city was also turned into a mess.

Buildings were burned into ashes, then soaked in water, forming a two-feet-thick layer of mud. Yu Clan nobles forgot their morbid fear of getting dirty, strugglingly running in the mud and calling the names of their families. In many areas, Yu Clan nobles kneeled by the ruins of their mansions, wailing heartbreakingly.

Corpses were burned twisted, scattered all over the city. Exquisite jewelry could be found everywhere on the ground. Apparently, those were all precious things belonging to Yu Clan nobles.

Except for corpses, the Yu Clan nobles who returned from Chi Ban Mountain did not find anyone from their children, lovers, illegitimate sons and daughters, and their other families. They kneeled on the ground and cried, sounding like the screaming birds on a frosty winter night. People who heard their cries in the distance even had goosebumps raised on their skin.

Ji Hao took away a batch of Yu Clan nobles with the highest social status ahead of everyone else. Afterward, the dragon man, lion man, tiger man, and mammoth man came into the city, and easily kidnapped a large batch of mid-grade Yu Clan nobles as well. Some non-humankind beings in the city were slaughtered by those crazy human slaves, who had nothing but hatred filled in their hearts. By now, very few survivors existed in the city. The Yu Clan nobles had been indulging in the wanton persecution of human beings for countless years, and now, they finally tasted the pain after their families were ripped apart.

There were still a handful of lucky ones. Their families hid in secret rooms and luckily survived the search of Ji Hao's people and the four men, the massacre of rebels, and the big fire, managing to see the non-humankind army march into the city.

These lucky people, who survived through a series of dangers, tremblingly walked out of their shelters and cried, shouting the names of their families who left the city with the army before with hoarse voices. Non-humankind commanders in heavy armors rushed over to them, crying and laughing. They hugged each other with faces covered in tears. They burst into laughter, then began wailing, then laughed again, as if they had all gone insane.

The even shriller cries in the city were from the poor members of the Glorious Domination.

Ji Hao didn't kill those people, and neither did the four men harm them on purpose. The Glorious Domination had great equipment and considerably strong warriors. They messed around in the city for a few days, and by now, a large batch of their people were still in the city. If they were captured by Ji Hao or the four, they wouldn't be so miserable. After all, in the worst case, they would become captives, and obviously, Ji Hao and the four men wouldn't abuse their captives. But these poor Glorious Domination members fell into the hands of the twelve emperors in power.

They were stripped, kneeling in the flattened central area of Liang Zhu City, surrounded by large groups of heavily armored warriors who were all in a towering rage. These warriors stared at them with dagger-sharp eyes.

Some nobles from large families growled in fury, holding all kinds of torture devices as they made their moves on these poor boys in public.

Lashed with a whip woven from the skin of poisonous dragons, ripping off their skins and muscles, knocking them with a three-edged iron stick and breaking their bones; whipping their butts with a club thickly covered in thorns, smashing their muscles and bones with one strike…All weird types of tools were put to use. Thousands of core members of the Glorious Domination had been howling, shrieking, and struggling in the thick mud, ceaselessly begging the torturers for mercy.

The torturers, the fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers, and great-great-grandfathers of these Glorious Domination members…Everyone had a cold, merciless expression while beating them cruelly.

The twelve emperors floated in the sky as they looked at this area. Their faces were twisted like the most hideous ghosts. They gazed down fiercely, as if they would swallow these poor Glorious Domination members at any moment.

For all the twelve families in power, except for the few distant relatives who hid in secret rooms or desolated corners and survived luckily, the real core members had all disappeared, such as Piji Nu's wives and children, Dishi Yanluo's illegitimate sons, Yanmo Sha's most beloved daughters, Yemo Luoye's few uncles and their families… Everyone disappeared!

Disappeared! Gone missing! Without a trace!

If they were simply captured by someone, things would still be controllable. After all, Yu Clan had the tradition of paying the ransom money. At all costs, they could eventually save their families!

But, if those people weren't taken captive, if they died in the fire…

Thinking of this, the torturers beat even harder. They truly wanted to beat these scums of their families to death. They beat as hard as they could, the harder the better! If they beat hard enough, they might still live, but if they showed a slight mercy, the twelve infuriated emperors would behead these scums and make all their families suffer with one single order!

The core members of the Glorious Domination from large families had been tortured, while their followers, including low-grade Yu Clan nobles, Jia Clan warriors, and Xiu Clan people, were pressed down to the ground row by row. Jia Clan executors bared their upper bodies and mercilessly wielded their heavy axes, chopping off their heads, one after another.

The puffing noise never stopped. Within two hours, at least one-hundred-thousand subordinate members of the Glorious Domination were executed.

The scent of blood rose straight into the sky as heads piled up into a tower. Xiu Clan people from the Nether Moon were holding dark crystal balls, gathered in the execution ground, casting a secret magic and drawing the souls of these executed people into the crystal ball.

Endless cruel torments were expecting them. When their spirits were worn out, their souls would be planted in zombies and puppets to serve. Unless their souls perished on battlefields, this torment would never end.

While a great purge was happening among non-humankind beings, Yu Mu and Feng Xing marched again into Liang Zhu City with a formidable army, days after they left.

According to the additional agreements signed by Ji Hao and the twelve emperors, as a compensation to Ji Hao for breaking the defense system of Liang Zhu City, forty percent of all valuable things in the city now belonged to the alliance of human clans, thirty percent belonged to Yao Mountain territory, and the non-humankind could keep the rest thirty percent!

Shaosi, Man Man, and a large group of slaves who were good at calculation all came to Liang Zhu City. They would supervise all non-humankind nobles to open their large or small treasuries, and register all their properties. After that, according to the agreement, Yao Mountain people would bring away their part.

Liang Zhu City was having a sleepless night.

None-humankind beings were busy, pallid and sad, while human beings were busy, energetic and happy.

In a human warrior camp, Emperor Shun, Emperor Xuanyuan, and Emperor Shennong showed up themselves and comforted the human slave warriors who didn't manage to follow behind the four men and leave. The thunderous cheers of these warriors could be heard from far, far away in the dark night.

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