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Ceding three more cities of great calamity, the twelve emperors agreed.

Sharing all the book collections and texts with the humankind, the twelve emperors agreed.

Releasing all human slaves, the twelve emperors agreed.

Because of the arrival of Red Lei, Dim Cloud, and the other Sun and Moon knights, the leaders of Yu Dynasty panicked. They didn't even know what to do. The twelve emperors and the twenty-four power elders accepted all of Ji Hao's exorbitant demands.

The cities of great calamity, divine towers, flying forts, battle puppets, and other lifeless things were nothing to be mentioned. Ji Hao forced Piji Nu and the other Yu Dynasty leaders to agree to share their books and texts, technical drawings, magic formations, spell symbols, and all other forms of knowledge with the humankind, which was the greatest harvest of the alliance of human clans this time.

With all the knowledge and techniques possessed by Yu Dynasty, the human civilization would again take a large step forward overall.

On this day, Ji Hao approached Liang Zhu City all by himself and stopped a hundred miles and a hundred meters away from the city. Through the translucent dark screen, Ji Hao saw large groups of heavily armored warriors on the city wall pointing their fingers at him.

Soon, priests wearing long robes showed up. Their bodies were entirely coiled in clear airstreams, and each of them had a hazy lotus spinning between their eyebrows. Clearly, they recognized Ji Hao and stared at him in an unfriendly way, seeming to be cursing him angrily.

But, the thick and strong defensive screen of the city silenced all sounds. Ji Hao had no way to find out what had they been shouting.

As Ji Hao slightly narrowed his eyes, as the three-inches-thick, melting-glass-like layer of flame wrapped around his body suddenly swelled to meters tall, blazing quietly and beautifully. It seemed to be totally harmless. Only the ones with the best eyesight could discover the man-shaped space hole around Ji Hao. Circling the edge of the fire was a thin, dark space crack, as the fire on his body even burned out the surrounding space.

Six cities of great calamity gathered together. Countless Ji Clan warriors trod on metal plates, floating in the midair, armed to the teeth. They gripped their weapons while breathing out steaming hot air. Clearly, they were ready to fight.

Quite a few Jia Clan warriors had been trembling uncontrollably with bloodshot eyes. They were driven crazy. Their families were in the city, their wives, parents, children. But God knew what the rebels did to Liang Zhu City. They wanted to slaughter, to take revenge…Those rebels in the city…

According to an additional agreement between the humankind and the non-humankind, except for human warriors, these non-humankind warriors are allowed to kill all rebels in the city. All human warriors had to be handed over to the alliance of human clans.

Time past bit by bit as rosy clouds emerged in the eastern sky. Wisps of sunlight were flowing in the sky, being reflected by the clouds in the east as they illuminated a big half of Midland.

The fire on Ji Hao's body burned even more ragingly. He sensed the warmth of the Pan Gu sun. Slowly, he absorbed the power of the Pan Gu sun, as his body gradually brightened up. Within the span of a few breaths, he was already too bright to be looked at directly.

Scorching, tremendous, mighty…Ji Hao spread his arms while floating in the air. Thumb-sized beams of light erupted from his body and fell on the defense screen of Liang Zhi City like a storm.

A buzzing noise could be heard without an end as the ten-miles-thick dark screen quaked intensely. The twelve emperors tried everything with no spare efforts, still failed to shake even an inch of this dark screen. But now, Ji Hao stirred up waves of ripples on it.

Every thumb-thick beam of light created a miles wide swirl on the screen. The dark screen was shaking, causing a deafening rumbling noise that sounded like a tsunami. Divine towers rose from the city. Light streams flowed between all divine towers, and soon, all the lights gathered on the tallest tower.

Sizzle! A miles thick beam of light was released from the city, aimed accurately at Ji Hao.

Ji Hao reached out his left hand, with the Pan Gu bell floating before his palm. The three-feet-tall Pan Gu bell released a dense cloud of Chaos power, which then condensed into a ten-miles-tall strong wall, blocking the enormous light stream.

The strongest strike launched by the defense system of Liang Zhi City was swallowed by Ji Hao so easily. Without making any extra efforts, Ji Hao took a strike that was fierce enough to evaporate a Sun and Moon powerful being.

Surely, the Pan Gu bell helped, but this was still more than enough to prove that Ji Hao was now a different being. He could already release the supreme power of the Pan Gu bell.

"This!" Watching this, Dishi Yanluo exclaimed, "This kid! He, he blocked it?"

"He is displaying his strength! He is showing off his power to us!" Yanmo Sha yelled angrily, "He's making a show of his power…How old is this kid? How can he be a Sun and Moon powerful being? He is even more powerful than any power elder!"

"Under the circumstances, the stronger he is, the better for us." With a weird smile, Piji Nu looked at the others and said, "Isn't that right? If we want to fight against that great lord, we have to have stronger helpers."

The group of emperors glanced at each other and nodded with complicated facial expressions.

Gradually, all light beams released by Ji Hao towards Liang Zhu City merged together. At last, the storm of dazzling light tore apart the space and caused a series of sizzling noise as they converged on Ji Hao's palm. They then transformed into a stream of golden light that was meters wide, and descended.

The golden light stream descended from Ji Hao's palm penetrated the defensive screen of the city, similar to a glowing-red iron stick piercing into a thick layer of ice. Strong fires and dense smokes were raised from the dark screen, as the light stream sank deeper and deeper in.

The golden light stream broke into the city, as divine towers collapsed one after another in fire.

The ground of Liang Zhi City split up. The enormous defensive formations buried underground was shattered suddenly, letting fires flakes up. The buildings which remained standing in the city collapsed in succession, turning into nothingness in the fire.

The fires wrapped dense smoke as they erupted from underground. The defense system of Liang Zhu City had been falling apart. The destruction of every part of the great defensive formation eased the golden light stream's way into the city.

The dark screen turned thinner and thinner. Finally, people on the outside could see what was happening in the city.

They saw over a hundred large-scale, well-prepared teleporting formations in the central area of the city. Countless people gathered in the formations, at least tens of millions of them. Among those people, many were wearing luxurious clothes, locked by chains and spell symbols. Apparently, they were taken captive.

"Oh heaven, what are they doing?" shouted the twelve emperors.

Followed by a thunderous bang, the defense system was broken by Ji Hao's golden light stream, and the dark screen that covered the city was gone without a trace.

The teleporting formations in the city were activated immediately. As a blinding light flashed across the air, all people in the formations disappeared.

Large groups of warriors started rushed into teleporting formations and were sent away.

Piji Nu and the other emperors screamed, ordering their people to march into the city.

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