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Liang Zhu City was enormous, such that the so-called final defense system only covered the area inside the city wall. Countess mansions and castles that belonged to lower-grade Yu Dynasty nobles were located outside the city.

When raging roars echoed through the sky from the city, many of these suburban non-humankind nobles sent scouts to the city. Because Ji Hao activated the defense system, these scouts couldn't take a signal step into the city, but they had roughly figured out what was going on in the city — All in all, someone had rebelled.

Hearing that the turmoil was related to Yemo Tian, and countless scouts witnessed a destructive weapon fighting against nearly a hundred deputy elders in the sky, Yemo Luoye's face paled immediately. A tremor went through her slim body, while a dark sun whooshed up from her head. Dense wisps of dark mist coiled around her entire body. The power of the dark sun was like a black hole, drawing the surrounding space ceaselessly into her body.

"Yemo Tian, you b*stard!" Yemo Luoye forgot about her elegance. Instead, she cursed through gritted teeth.

The expressions of the other eleven emperors and the group of power elder turned extremely weird. They seemed to forget about Liang Zhu City, which had already fallen into chaos. Instead, they 'curiously' and 'excitedly' looked at Yemo Luoye.

A power elder with a pair of brightly dazzling eyes even murmured uncontrollably, "Ahah, did the Yemo Family finally admit that kid is a b*stard? Haha, dear Emperor Yemo Da, we hope you and your wife are able to maintain this pure marriage of yours!"

Yemo Luoye's face suddenly turned awfully dark. Her ten fingers twitched, with blood veins bulging on the backs of her hands. Obviously, she tried her best to keep herself from attacking this power elder.

Yemo Da was Yemo Luoye's father, the last Dark Sun Emperor. After he stepped into the Sun and Moon stage, he chose to return to Pan Yu world and pass the throne to his daughter.

Many 'well-informed' Yu Clan nobles gossiped that Yemo Da returned to Pan Yu world because of Yemo Tian. All of a sudden, his wife brought him a son; Yu Clan nobles were indeed unconventional in lifestyle, but such things were still embarrassing.

For his reputation, Yemo Da didn't make a scene. He admitted that Yemo Tian was his son, but he left him in Liang Zhu City and let the elders raise him, while returning to Pan Yu world himself. He stayed in Pan Yu world, 'intimately' spending time with his wife, who had been 'recuperating her health'.

As the fooled one in such an affair, the Yemo Family would never admit that the wife of the former elder had ever done anything against the social rule, neither would they admit that Yemo Tian was the son of their first lady and some nameless guy.

Since always, Yemo Luoye had been acting like a nice elder sister to Yemo Tian. She was so gentle and caring to him. In Liang Zhu City, anyone who dared to even slightly offend Yemo Tian would be suppressed by Yemo Luoye with all the power of the family.

Spoilt by Yemo Luoye, Yemo Tian started the Glorious Domination, and did all kinds of illegal things with a group of playboys. Because of Yemo Tian's special family background, the other eleven families in power and the families under their commands had been extra tolerant to Yemo Tian, with a boring phycological need of watching a show.

But today, finally, Yemo Luoye called Yemo Tian 'a b*stard' herself!

Emperor Shun, Emperor Shennong, Emperor Xuanyuan, and Ao Hao, the muddleheaded one, looked at these Yu Dynasty leaders with complicated expressions — Shouldn't they be anxious to lead their warriors back to Liang Zhu City and calm the unrest?

Why did these people look quite comfortable? And, why were their smiles so weird?

Their city had been turned upside down. Their city was in chaos. But, why didn't these people seem to worry at all?

Emperor Shun's face turned especially serious — In his eyes, these emperors and power elders from Yu Dynasty were all tough beings, as they seemed to be able to remain calm even when the world collapsed in front of them. Emperor Shun didn't think he could be as calm and even smiling as Dishi Yanluo and the other non-humankind emperors if he heard that a human clan rebelled, and Pu Ban City was turned into a mess.

"Terrifying enemies." Emperor Shun murmured to himself, "Liang Zhu City is now a city of chaos, yet, they can still sit still. Indeed, the more terrible the situation is, the calmer should we be…I've been cultivating myself all my life, but in the end, my mental state is not even as good as these Yu Clan people, who are famous for their indiscretion!"

Abruptly, Polo Jia laughed out loud. He threw a flirty leer at Yeo Luoye and said, "Dear Emperor Yemo Luoye, ah, your brother started a rebellion. Glorious Domination, the name of that tiny organization of his, isn't it? Glorious Domination occupied Liang Zhu City! Oh my, all our people have become his captives. Haha, how much do we have to pay for them?"

The group of emperors laughed, and so did those power elders. They weren't worried about the situation at all, because it was a rebellion started by Yemo Tian.

According to the hidden social rule, rebellions were allowed, as long as Yemo Tian ensured the safety of all Yu Clan nobles. Since all Yu Clan nobles in Liang Zhu City had become Yemo Tian's captives, negotiations could be arranged. The others would pay the ransom money, and anything could be negotiated!

No matter what Yemo Tian wanted, as long as their people were fine, nothing too bad would happen, nothing worse than exchanges of powers and benefits.

Did Yemo Tian want to be the Dark Sun Emperor? That was negotiable!

In fact, that would also be good! If Yemo Luoye were kicked out of the game…

The expressions of quite a few emperors changed subtly as they looked at Yemo Luoye's perfectly shaped body from up to down. If Yemo Luoye were no longer an emperor, maybe, they could have a chance to spend some quality time with her?

Yeo Luoye was infuriated by their lascivious gazes. "Don't you forget that the real father of the b*stard may well be that great lord…The bastard started the rebellion and controlled Liang Zhu City at this point in time, what do you think he wants?" She shouted.

"Do you think he would follow the rule of our kind, charge you some ransom money, then release your people safely?" She continued in rage, "What conditions do you think he'll put forward? What if he wants us to unarm ourselves?"

"Impossible!" Yanmo Sha immediately responded confirmedly, "Of course it's impossible. We unarm ourselves and let his father easily take away everything we have? Our territories, our people, our servants, our slaves, our armies, and the profits we have been gaining from Pan Gu world and the tens of surroundings worlds every year…"

Yanmo Sha sneered and continued, "Without the profits gained from Pan Gu world, where would our families be? What would we live on?"

Yemo Luoye spread her hands and gave a cold smile.

"Together, let's kill the b*stard first!" said a power elder through gritted teeth. Suddenly, the faces of all non-humankind emperors and power elders turned serious.

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