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Chi Ban Mountain, in the midair...

Emperor Xuanyuan had already stopped, curiously looking at the power elder standing behind Polo Jia. On the elder's wrist, the ruby sparkled quickly, letting out a shrill alarm. The elder's name was Polo Di. With a gloomy face, he swiftly drew tens of spell symbols on the ruby.

Followed a series of sizzling noise, thin wisps of red light flew out of the ruby, coiling around Polo Di's wrist like mist. Soon, the red light merged into a square-shaped light screen, but nothing was in it.

"No one?" Polo Di growled with a deep voice, "Scums, even though we're not there, they can't just do anything they want. At least ten people should be guarding our family hall each day!"

Emperor Shun and Emperor Xuanyuan glanced at each other. Their eyes sparkled brightly. Of course, they knew what Ji Hao went to do. It seemed that Ji Hao had succeeded, hadn't he?

Each of the twelve families in power in Yu Dynasty had a family hall, for the family leaders to discuss daily affairs. Polo Jia led the elite force of his family out to the human territory in the south, but the Polo Family Hall should still be guarded.

A layer of cold sweat oozed out of Polo Di's forehead. He tried nine different types of spell symbols on the ruby, but there was no response.

Slightly trembling, Polo Di raised his head, looked at Polo Jia, and said, "The family hall, the department of commerce, the library, the military affairs hall, the treasury…At least one-hundred and twenty people should be on duty in the nine important places. But no response is received from any of them."

Polo Jia's face paled immediately.

"Hehe, we're not around, but the little ones in our families…they didn't party all night, did they?" Dishi Yanluo tried his best to act calmly. He stood up, smiled to a power elder behind him, and said, "Elder Mo, connect our people…Hm, directly contact the elders staying in the council."

Dishi Yanlou specially told Dishi Mo to contact the other elders in the family. The council he mentioned wasn't the Highest Council of Elder of Yu Dynasty. Instead, it was the council of elders of the Dishi Family. Only strong, calm, and capable elders could be members of this council.

Dishi Yanluo led the elite force of the Dishi Family out to the south. After he left, no was there to restrain the young people in his family. It was possible for those runaway-wild-horse-like young people to do any ridiculous thing under such circumstances. After all, everyone was clearly aware of the fact that Yu Clan people were born like this. 'Romance' was carved in their bones, and they would give up everything to lead a life of pleasure. It was not rare at all for them to be absent without leave. But, the elders were different. They were much older after all. Even if many of them still had their romantic nature, anyhow, each family should have three to five reliable elders at least.

Dishi Mo took out a fist-sized blood-red crystal and incanted a spell. The crystal released a round-shaped light screen, but it was all quiet. Nothing could be heard or seen from the crystal screen.

Dishi Mo's face froze suddenly.

A drop of cold sweat dripped down from Dishi Yanluo's forehead as he giggled embarrassedly, "Elder Mo, did you contact Elder Sui? Hah, Elder Sui is into the best wine and beautiful girls. Perhaps, he is just drunk, eh?"

All human beings and non-humankind beings, everyone on the scene raised their heads and glanced at the sky. It was the midday, so how could Dishi Sui be drunk now?

Dishi Mo gave a twisted grin. Same as Polo Di, he tried the other spells and called about ten elders stayed in the Dishi Family. But still, no one answered.

Seeing this, none of the twelve emperors in power could remain calm anymore. They hurriedly took out their secret contact treasures and tried desperately to contact their family members who stayed in Liang Zhu City. They seemed to even forget that Emperor Shun, Emperor Xuanyuan, Emperor Shennong, and the other human beings had been watching them.

Nevertheless, Ji Hao had activated the defensive formation of Liang Zhu City. At the moment, the city was sealed off completely, and no one was allowed to come in or go out of the city, not even through the sky or from the underground. In addition to that, he also sealed the space, which meant no power vibration or energy wave could come out of the city. Therefore, the signal transmitted by the twelve emperors' contact treasures failed to penetrate the final defense system of Liang Zhu City, all being devoured by the great defensive formation, which was like a bottomless hole.

Not to mention the fact that a big half of all members of the twelve families in power had been kidnapped by Ji Hao and his people, and some lucky escaping ones were now being hunted all over the city by the crazy warriors from the Glorious Domination and the four altars, who had the time to answer the calls from their elders?

No response!

No response!

Still no response!

"You!" Yemo Luoye turned to Emperor Shun the first. Her lips were slightly pale as she shouted through gritted teeth, "It was you…No, impossible, human beings can never break Liang Zhu City! Even though we have brought most of our elite forces out, so many power elders and deputy elders were left guarding the city… And the final defense system, that we spent years of efforts on…You can't, you're not able to do that yet!"

'The final defense system'? The eyes of Emperor Shun and Emperor Xuanyuan shone again — How on earth did Ji Hao do that? Because of the final defense system, the twelve emperors in power firmly believed that human beings couldn't break the city. Clearly, the defense system was unimaginably powerful. But, how did Ji Hao manage to do that? To throw Liang Zhu City into a weird state of 'deathly stillness'?

In both shock and anger, the group of emperors and power elders tried everything to contact their people back in the city. But, there was just no response.

A dark, unlucky cloud gathered above the non-humankind army. Stationed on the northern side of Chi Ban Mountain, the army from Liang Zhu City had already heard the news from the conference table. A large number of high-grade commanders flew up, rushing over in a hurry, trying to find out what exactly had happened in Liang Zhu City.

Before long, a group of Xiu Clan masters, who stayed in the twelve cities of great calamity rushed over as well. They brought a more reliable message — The large-scale early warning mechanisms in the twelve cities of great calamity had indeed detected intense natural power vibrations from Liang Zhu City.

Based on the intensity of the natural power vibrations, it could be concluded that the final defense systems of Liang Zhu City were fully activated.

The twelve emperors and twenty-four power elders started panicking. Activating the final defense system required the authorizations of at least twelve power elders. But, since those elders had the time to give the joint authorization, why didn't they inform their emperors before that?

What happened in Liang Zhu City?

A power elder suddenly leaped up and shouted with a hoarse voice, "Send the fastest flying warship back to Liang Zhu City. Find out what exactly happened to the city! Now! Go!"

A long and slim metal ship spread its sails. Countless spell symbols sparkled on the ship, pushing it to the north at its highest speed.

With a low voice, Ao Hao murmured, "Idiots, they fly way faster than that crappy thing. Why don't they go back and take a look by themselves?"

Emperor Shun, Emperor Xuanyuan, and Emperor Shennong remained silent — How badly were these Yu Clan nobles afraid of death? Heading to a dangerous place to see what happened by themselves? Ao Hao, that was impossible.

About two hours after the flying warship took off, finally, a landlord who lived outside Liang Zhu City sent back a message.

'Liang Zhu City is broken, it's in turmoil. The extent of casualties is unknown…It's said that Yemo Tian is related to this.'

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