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The specially designed teleporting formations led to Yao Mountain territory from Liang Zhu City.

Sorrowfully, groups of Yu Clan captives walked out of the formations. When they saw the oddly styled, enormous buildings in Yao Mountain City and countless heavily armored human warriors, a lot of elderly Yu Clan captives wailed shrilly.

They were captives now! How strange!

Starting this day, these Yu Clan nobles who used to stand high above the world, were captives of human beings. Stupid, ignorant, nasty, rude, brutal…One could use all negative words in the world to describe those barbarians in Pan Gu world. But starting this day, these wise, pure, and elegant Yu Clan nobles became the captives of barbarians.

"Great, supreme Blood Moon!" A Di Family old man raised his hands high and screamed towards the sky. He begged the Blood Moon that he believed in to release its power and save him from this nightmare. He didn't want to be a captive. He had been living an exquisite life ever since he was a child, and he couldn't allow himself to be a captive of barbarians.

"Old man!" A warrior from Pan Xi world taught this old man how to behave himself well. Baby-arm-thick, poisonous dragon skin whip lashed violently on this old man's back, causing shrill swishing noises. The old man's clothes were ripped apart, and a three-inches-long piece of skin was torn off his body. The old man shrieked in pain and fell unconscious.

Troops of Pan Xi world warriors wielded whips and clubs, yelling at these Yu Clan captives while driving them to the main building of Yao Mountain City through a broad street.

Under the main building of the city was a large underground space, which was newly opened up by spirit souls and ancestor souls from Pan Xi world. They built an underground prison, large enough to accommodate all captives. Ji Hao prepared to treat these Yu Clan captives exactly the way they treated human slaves for sale.

On both sides of the street, countless Yao Mountain people stood quietly, curiously looking at these pale Yu Clan captives, who seemed to be badly frightened.

Some Yu Clan and Xiu Clan captives had been crying and wailing under the whips, seeing which, the Yao Mountain people would giggle. In the end, these terrifying non-humankind monsters would also get scared, frightened, bleed, and shed tears! They were just the same as human beings! A Yu Clan being had one more eye than a human being, but still, he had one head on his neck, and that head would also be cut into pieces by a sharp blade!

Gradually, a bright laughter echoed across the sky above Yao Mountain City. Yao Mountain people laughed and shouted. They had no more fear or doubts about non-humankind monsters. Instead, an unprecedented strong confidence and courage filled up their hearts.

Man Man, Shaosi, and a large group of disciples from Ji Hao's Palace of Dao sat near the entrance of the underground prison. They had been carefully doing registrations for these captives. All information of a captive would be recorded, including which branch he or she was from, which family he or she belonged to, his or her relationship with the twelve emperors, if he or she was a relative of a power elder or deputy elder…

Shaosi even recorded the total value of each captive's personal assets, family assets, and how much each captive was willing to pay Yao Mountain territory for his or her own freedom.

Every Yu Clan captive was forced to give all the information about him or her, and his or her family, before he or she was sent down to the prison.

Ji Hao didn't return to Yao Mountain City. Instead, he took Feng Xing, Yu Mu, and Wuzhi Qi to meet Emperor Shun and the others. In Chi Ban Mountain, once again, he saw the twelve non-humankind emperors and the group of power elders, who had now been arguing against each other.

Emperor Shun and the other human representatives sat aside and silently watched them, as they weren't a part of this.

Countless Yu Clan high-grade commanders, family leaders, and elders surrounded the twelve emperors, and had been shouting, yelling, waving their arms, even having saliva spouting out of their mouths. They were urging the twelve emperors to give the order to return to Liang Zhu City and calm the unrest in the city.

Their families, their relatives, their lovers, were all in the city, and so were their sons and daughters, and their illegitimate children. Their family assets, their wealth, the resources they collected from Pan Gu world that they accumulated in all these years, were all in that city.

If it were a conflict between two families, these Yu Clan nobles wouldn't be worried, as long as the safety of their lives and properties could be ensured.

The problem was, this really wasn't a normal family conflict. Yemo Tian…Who knew what he would do?

Hundreds of messengers sent over by landlords lived outside Liang Zhu City were surrounded by large groups of Yu Clan nobles. With hoarse voices, they repeated what they saw over and over again. Yes, they saw an unknown number of power elders and deputy elders be injured badly, and Yemo Tian's destructive weapon crazily damage the city. They also saw the fire rising from the city, and countless luxurious palaces collapsing in the fire. They heard countless warriors roar, and saw heavily armored human warriors darting through the streets and alleys in Liang Zhu City.

One had to admit that smart and capable ones did exist among Yu Clan nobles. These messengers also brought the news confirmed by their masters through unknown channels — The human warriors currently rampaging in Liang Zhu City used to be slaves in Tusk Basin and Dark Mountain Mine, and the other tens of important mines belonging to Yu Dynasty. Some people armed these human slaves, brought them into Liang Zhu City, and started the rebellion.

Hearing this, countless Yu Clan commanders and family leaders began crying and screaming. They clearly knew how much those human slaves suffered in the mines. Dark mine tunnels, piles of corpses, scrawny human slaves…One could easily imagine what those human slaves would do after they were armed and sent into Liang Zhu City!

With a serious look, Polo Jia came to Emperor Shun as the representative of the twelve non-humankind emperors.

He bowed deeply to Emperor Shun, Si Wen Ming, Ji Hao, and the others, and said with a deep voice, "It's embarrassing, but we have to admit that something uncontrollable has happened. We are willing to form an alliance with the humankind on the foundation of equality, to face the coming enemies together. In return, we hope that you can send your elite forces to help us take back Liang Zhu City."

Breathing deeply, Polo Jia looked at Emperor Shun, his face blushed as he continued with a lower voice, "Your Majesty, we also hope that you can go to Liang Zhu City to persuade the human warriors there to not break the oath of the alliance between you and us."

Emperor Shun looked at Polo Jia expressionlessly. Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming glanced at each other, then both of them grinned.

'Arrogant Yu Clan beings, look at you now!'

Coughing slightly, Ji Hao said in a bland tone, "An alliance on the foundation of equality?Good…But, our Emperor Shun is such a noble being…"

Ji Hao spread his palm towards Polo Jia, basically saying 'Why would Emperor Shun help you restrain the human warriors in Liang Zhu City for nothing?'

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