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"Surrender? Pledge allegiance? You?" Emperor Shun's face suddenly turned extremely dark as he asked, "Will you be willing to do that?"

"If we can't even save our own lives, why won't we?" Yemo Luoye smiled sweetly. Once again, she leered at Emperor Shun and said, "We Yu Clan people don't have such strong and straight backbones as you barbarians do. If it's necessary, we can bend a hundred times a day, without a problem."

"Besides, that great lord is so powerful! By following him…Sure, we won't be able to keep our profits gained from Pan Gu world, but at least, our families will survive." Yemo Luoye sighed again, "All these families of our Yu Dynasty had been developing for so many years. More or less, we have some strength. If we offer to follow that great lord, presumably, he won't refuse."

Yemo Luoye smiled in a weird way, and so did the other non-humankind emperors.

They were forcing Emperor Shun to make a difficult choice — Human beings would fight against that new powerful Yu Clan being for the benefits of Yu Dynasty people. Otherwise, the twelve families in power from Yu Dynasty would surrender themselves to that powerful Yu Clan being without a hesitation. Afterward, they would serve as guides and combine their powers with the new powerful Yu Clan being to destroy the humankind.

Yemo Luoye didn't say this out so straightforwardly, but she clearly delivered her point. Emperor Shun understood it clearly as well.

Sitting beside Emperor Shun, Emperor Shennong slightly moved, then asked in a serious tone, "Have you made up your minds?"

Yemo Luoye nodded, responded, "We Yu Clan people are not like you human beings. Facing an irresistible pressure, we will never insist…I assume you are all clearly aware of the fact that we know everything about you human beings. If we decide to follow that great lord, and to attack you as a spearhead, you can imagine the consequences."

Emperor Shun remained silent, and so did Emperor Shennong.

The humankind had been fighting against Yu Dynasty for so many years. Yu Dynasty people were familiar with the geographic condition of Pan Gu world, and their flying warships having been on patrol in the void of Pan Gu world all year round. They were familiar with all components of the military forces of the humankind; they even had commercial cooperations and conflicts of interest with quite a number of human clans.

Represented by the twelve families in power, if Yu Dynasty people truly decided to follow the new powerful Yu Clan being with their whole hearts and attack the humankind with their full strengths, perhaps, the humankind would be facing a terrible situation, a hundred times worse than the first invasion of the non-humankind.

Would that be a truly destructive disaster?

Sitting beside Yemo Luoye, Polo Jia, the Flow Moon Emperor coughed slightly, and said, "We have many choices, while you, human beings, have none. You can either fight back or all become slaves…Even worse, if you fought back too hard and caused that great lord a significant damage, he might give his order of destruction!"

Polo Jia put his hands on the long table, flicked his fingers quickly, and continued, "We have almost confirmed that great lord's identity. In his long span of life, he gave his orders of destruction of the local creatures of thirty-five worlds. To him, making the decision to destroy all barbarians in one more world wouldn't be hard."

Remaining silent for a short while, he carried on, "Back in our hometown, the title of that great lord is 'Blood Crown'! His supreme crown is dyed red by the blood from countless worlds, countless species!"

Emperor Shun's face turned darker and darker.

If the twelve families in powers kept threatening the humankind with violence, attempting to force human armies to fight for them against the coming enemy as spearheads, Emperor Shun could reject decisively on behalf of all human beings. But, when they did it in another way, when they stopped threatening, but straightforwardly and shamelessly told Emperor Shun that they would surrender immediately if human beings refuse to fight for them, Emperor Shun fell into a difficult situation.

"If, I mean, what if we join hands, for a fair cooperation?" A long while later, Emperor Shun finally said this with difficulty. His face was burning slightly. When he said this, he realized that deep down, he had already compromised. He couldn't let these sneaky and shameless Yu Clan nobles follow that 'Blood Crow' powerful being.

Together, the humankind and Yu Dynasty might be able to rival that powerful being. But, if Yu Dynasty people surrendered directly, the humankind would be facing the hardest situation ever.

"A fair cooperation? Do you mean, a fair alliance?" Polo Jia slightly shaking his head, smiling with a proud smile, as if he had everything under his control. He said with a gentle voice, "Emperor Shun, this is very impolite, but I really want to ask — What do you human beings have that can make you the equal allies of us? We have countless choices to save our own lives. But, except for fighting back, you have no other choices."

"I can even tell you this frankly," breathing deeply, Polo Jia continued with a serious tone, "Only when you take a certain advantage in the war against that great lord, or if you don't fall in much of disadvantage in the war, and after we have evaluated the risk would we send out armies to the battlefield."

"If you can't efficiently consume that great lord's military strength, or fail to stop his offensive, we will still attack you without hesitation, no matter if we have signed an agreement or not. After that, we will… all surrender."

Polo Jia's words exposed the shameless faces of Yu Clan nobles.

According to him, human beings must risk their lives to fight against that 'Blood Crown'. If the humankind managed to take advantages in the war, or not fall into a disadvantage, the twelve families in power would make use of the opportunity, send their armies to the battlefield, and try their bests to break 'Blood Crow's army. But, if the twelve families in power from Yu Dynasty believed that the humankind had fallen in a disadvantage, and they were unlikely to win even if they joined the war, they would immediately change side. They would then use their powers to destroy the humankind, then kneel under 'Blood Crow's feet, beg for mercy, and sell their souls for self-advancement.

"In the end, you have no other choice. You have to stick with our plan." Polo Jia spread his hands and said blandly, "To be honest, speaking all this, I also feel a bit ashamed. But, you didn't accept our terms at the beginning, did you?"

"I also think that we're shameless." Polo Jia gave a bright smile, "But, Emperor You, and the others of you, you have to remember that the right of being shameless only belongs to the strong ones! The weak ones like you human beings, you don't have the right to be shameless!"

Buzz! Worn on a wrist of a power elder standing behind Polo Jia, a fist-sized ruby suddenly glowed, letting out shrill and rushing alarm sounds.

This elder raised his head in confusion and said, "What's going on? We are responsible for guarding the Highest Conference Hall this month…But, why has the final defense under the hall been activated? Is Liang Zhu City under attack? But, why is the final defense activated?"

The twelve emperors in power stood up immediately with their expressions changed drastically.

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