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Under the Highest Conference Hall, in the hemisphere space.

Countless non-humankind souls 'inlaid' in the formation without being able to move had been screaming in sadness or fury. They struggled as hard as they could. But, they were willingly connected with the great formation, serving as the energy conversion core. So, they couldn't move at all.

The only thing they were able to do was watch Ji Hao press his hands on the purple crystal ball, sensing his stunningly strong torrents of spirit power sweep across the great formation wave after wave.

Ji Hao's eyes glowed with a bright light. Like streams of water, his spirit power was flowing in this great formation, which covered the entire Liang Zhu City, through the meridians of the formation. The magic formation knowledge he learned from Yu Yu crossed his mind like clear streams, with the help of which, Ji Hao had been learning everything about this final defensive formation of Liang Zhu City, as quickly as possible.

All non-humankind souls had been shrieking heartbreakingly and crazily, encouraging those puppet warriors, which were attacking Ji Hao.

Shreds of afterimages were left in the air as these puppet warriors swiftly flashed through the air, bumping into Ji Hao with all of their strength at lightning speed. True water defense screens emerged ceaselessly around Ji Hao's body. The puppet warriors shattered layers of water screens, but even thicker water screens rose and kept them away from Ji Hao.

The water was soft, yet it could suppress anything in the world; the water was soft, yet it had an endless flow.

Thanks to Great Liberty, Ji Hao gained all the understandings about the great Dao of true water which used to belong to Pan Jia. Because of his limited cultivation and power, Ji Hao could merely release about ten percent of Pan Jia's power, of the great Dao of true water. But, that was enough.

Pan Jia was a 'saint' who created a world, an owner of a world. Even with ten percent of her power, Ji Hao would be able to crush these puppet warriors, which were made from the corpses of powerful non-humankind beings. No matter how hard these puppet warriors attacked, the true water defensive screens would always push them far away. None of them managed to approach Ji Hao.

Ji Hao's pores expanded. Wisps of hot air puffed out of his pores as Ji Hao sent ninety percent of his spirit power into the purple crystal ball. He had already made a deep dive into this great formation.

Merely with the magic formation knowledge he learned from Yu Yu, Ji Hao wouldn't be able to understand everything about this great formation within ten minutes. However, Great Liberty devoured Polo Do's soul, who was a top-grade scholar from the Flow Moon, which was the keeper of the non-humankind civilization. This meant that Polo Do knew about the entire final defense system of Liang Zhu City as well as he knew about himself.

Great Liberty was digested by the five-colored cauldron inside Ji Hao. So naturally, he attained Polo Do's memories about the defense system of Liang Zhu City.

Hence, all problems were solved easily. In Ji Hao's eyes, the great defensive formation of Liang Zhu City had no more secrets.

Followed by a series of cracking noise, a few extremely thin bolts of lightning burst from the crystal ball. Ji Hao had unsealed the great formation, and no more authorization was needed. He turned his soul power vibrations into a new seal and planted it in the formation. From now on, no one but Ji Hao could control this great formation.

The violent torrents of information turned soft and obedient. The great formation stopped flooding all information into Ji Hao's brain. Instead, under Ji Hao's will, it smartly gave Ji Hao the selected information.

Ji Hao sighed in relief. Turning around, he glanced at those puppet warriors who had still been trying everything to attack him, then summoned the bronze gate of the Netherworld.

True water defensive screens transformed into enormous white whirlpools and wrapped up the puppet warriors, tying them up and sending them into the bronze gate. Instantly, Netherworld Hierarch's excited voice could be heard from the gate, "Hah? Are these puppet warriors from the Nether Moon? Made from the corpses of their powerful members? Amazing! Ji Hao, my little friend, I owe you a big one!"

Ji Hao laughed out loud, greeted Netherworld Hierarch, then hurriedly pointed his fingers at the purple crystal ball.

Based on the information given by the crystal ball, the dragon man, tiger man, lion man, and mammoth man had already broken into the city with their people, and were busy slaughtering citizens and starting fires. Ji Hao activated all defenses in the outer circle of the city. From this moment on, the city was sealed off; no one was allowed to pass in or out. But in the meanwhile, Ji Hao left a few small 'back doors' in the defensive formation, near the mansions controlled by Yu Mu and Feng Xing. As a result, the few teleporting formations built by Feng Xing and Yu Mu could still operate smoothly, and these formations were still connected with the outside of the city. Feng Xing and Yu Mu had already captured a great number of Yu Clan nobles. At the moment, they were busy at sending them out of the city through the teleporting formations.

No matter how the negotiation between Emperor Shun and those non-humankind emperors went, these Yu Clan nobles would serve as a strong bargaining chip.

Above the Great Conference Hall, Yemo Tian's destructive weapon quietly floated in the air. He had no strength to control the weapon and continue doing damages. Instead, he stood in the crystal cockpit, waving his arms and screaming desperately, "Kill them all! Kill these b*stards who think they can loot a burning house! Who dares to take advantages of me? Piji Wuyue! Where's my city of domination? Kill them all with my city of domination!"

Four metal spheres slowly descended from the air, one larger than the other three. Those were three cities of great calamity and one city of domination, slowly spreading their enormous metal petals and blooming like giant metal flowers in the sky above the Highest Conference Hall. The thin metal petals glistened brightly in the sunlight. Visibly, natural powers gathered into strong streams and were absorbed by the four metal cities.

As the leader of the army from Dark Mountain Mine, Piji Wuyue stood on the wall of the city of domination, looking down at the Highest Conference Hall, and abruptly gave a grin.

Tens of members of the Glorious Domination were tied up tightly. They howled and screamed, while they were pushed off the wall. Thin ropes tied on their feet hung them on the wall like dead pigs.

"Boss! We were fooled! Piji Wuyue and the other scums betrayed us! Ah! They betrayed us! I, we don't know who is supporting them, but the army of the Dark Mountain Mine is theirs! We're all fooled!" A Glorious Domination leader, who was hanging upside down in the air, shouted with his face covered in tears.

Through the eyes of the powerful destructive weapon, he saw everything that happened in the sky, three-hundred miles above the ground. He heard the cries and shouts of his people.

He trembled, as a stream of blood squirted out of his mouth.

Wasn't Piji Wuyue on his side? Did Piji Wuyue betray him?

Everything the Glorious Domination did, was it done for some other people?

How could it be? Yemo Tian gazed at the four metal cities floating in the sky. He couldn't believe his eyes!

He was so smart. He had such a great plan. He was brave and foresighted, and he started the Glorious Domination. But, how on earth could he be fooled? This day was supposed to be the lucky day for him to conquer Liang Zhu City, capture all Yu Clan nobles in the city, and force the twelve emperors to yield!

Four men flew up and surrounded the destructive weapon.

"Our friend here, this treasure is destined to belong to our sect. Our friend, please, join us." The dragon man, lion man, tiger man, and mammoth man bowed simultaneously, talking to Yemo Tian each with a faint smile.

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