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Clang! Emperor Xuanyuan pulled out his sword once again and started a battle against Piji Tian and Piji Di. The golden sword power streams swept across the sky while Xuanyuan Emperor growled with a resonant voice, "Do not play your little tricks in front of me!"

"You fight against each other for power and profit. Why should we risk our lives for it?"

"In the end, when that so-called powerful being really arrived in this world, he would take care of you first. It has been so many years, don't we know about each other? You three-eyed monsters are bottomlessly greedy. If that powerful being is truly here, the first thing he would do is take away all you have and occupy all your wealth."

"What should we be afraid of? One, two, three, four, no matter how many non-humankind monsters come, we will always straighten our backbones and fight against them! So simple! We will fight you to death unless you can break our backbones!"

"You want our healthy boys to fight for your powers and profits, to shield you? Do you think I'm stupid? Do you think that I, Gong Sun Xuanyuan, am a fool?"

The sword power reached straight to the sky. Emperor Xuanyuan, Piji Tian, and Piji Di cursed each other with the evilest language they knew and raised a fierce intent of killing. Emperor Xuanyuan was merely a clone, but he was protected by the immeasurably great natural reward power, and was supported by the great Dao of Pan Gu world. Therefore, fighting against Piji Tian and Piji Di, he wasn't falling at any disadvantage.

This time, no one persuaded them to stop. The twelve non-humankind emperors knew that violence could not make the humankind submit. They clearly understood that human beings were stubborn, that these barbarians in Pan Gu world were born with straight backbones, and it was impossible to make them bow and fight for the non-humankind.

Since violence failed, they prepared to try persuading human beings with promised benefits.

After sighing, Yemo Luoye provided with a plan B. She turned to Emperor Shun with a sweet smile and slowly blinked her eyes, leering at Emperor Shun.

Emperor Shun laughed, shaking his head as he grinningly responded, "Yemo Luoye, I've passed that young and passionate age of my life. By now, all my heart is about the future of the humankind, with not much interest in beautiful girls. If you need to say something, just say it. As for the other things, hehe, I won't accept."

Ao Hao hurriedly leaped up and pressed his hands on the long table as he greedily and grinningly looked at Yemo Luoye and said, "Girl, why are you looking at this old man Emperor Shun? I am Ao Ritian. I am so energetic, strong and young. If you want a man, come to me!"

Yemo Luoye's smile froze on her face. Emperor Shun speechlessly looked at the sky, grabbed Ao Hao's arm, and dragged him back down to his seat. Giving an embarrassed smile, Emperor Shun said with a deep, strong voice, "People, let's talk in peace. All in all, I hope you all understand that if you want to use violence, we, human beings, will keep you company to the end."

Bright and resounding phoenix songs could be heard from the south. Thousands of purely black phoenixes let out dark flakes of fire from their beaks and carried tens of thousands of Maguspreists from Chu Wu Clan flying over.

Chu Wu people were evil and weird. When they were still over a thousand miles away from the platform, the sticky, frosty, and dark, snake-like senses of power released from their bodies had reached the people on the platform. The expressions of Yemo Luoye and the other non-humankind emperors changed slightly.

They watched the humankind raise an army. The human force gathered in Chi Ban Mountain area had been growing stronger and stronger. The forces from those top-grade super human clans and families, which never showed in this area during the past great wars between the humankind and the non-humankind now all showed up. The non-humankind leaders clearly saw them all.

This meant that the flood didn't weaken the military force of the humankind at all. On the contrary, as these super families and clans joined hands, the military force under Emperor Shun's command had grown many times stronger.

"Alright, let's talk in peace." Yemo Luoye said with a soft voice, "First, Emperor Shun, we hope you can admit that in so many years, the twelve families in power from Yu Dynasty have already gotten used to all we have. As a routine, every newly ascended emperor in power would start a war against the humankind. Except for that, in recent hundreds of years, we, Yu Dynasty, didn't launch any large-scale offensive."

'Honestly", Yemo Luoye continued, "…we are used to everything we have now. We have a lot, from resources to powers. We, and our people, are satisfied by the resources we currently possess. Therefore, we aren't willing to risk our lives for more."

Looking at Emperor Shun, she said seriously, "Can you admit that?"

Emperor Shun pondered for a second and nodded.

These years, at least in Emperor Shun's tenure of duty, except for the war started by Dishi Yanluo when he ascended to the throne, and frequent harassments from slave-hunting troops, no other large-scale wars happened between the humankind and the non-humankind. And, even for the war Dishi Yanluo started, he only sent out Divine-Magus-level forces. No Sun and Moon stage powerful beings appeared during that war, because that was a routine war, purely for showing off his power and celebrating.

Therefore, Emperor Shun agreed with Yemo Luoye.

Currently, the top-grade, core leaders of Yu Dynasty had no intention to start a full-scale war against the humankind, because the resources they currently possessed were enough for them. They didn't have to risk the lives of millions for more.

"But, the new one won't be the same." Yemo Luoye sighed and said, "His family isn't at the same level as us. If we compare Pan Gu world to a fertile grassland, our families would be like healthy rabbits… A small meadow is more than enough for us to enjoy our lives."

"But, the family behind that powerful being is like an enormous Chaos monster. They eat thousand times more than we do, so they must occupy a thousand times larger grassland than we have done, to fulfill their appetites." Yemo Luoye looked at Emperor Shun and said seriously, "You understand that the stronger creatures need more resources, don't you?"

Emperor Shun nodded. He turned around and pointed the group of Longbo Country people on the mountain behind.

To support a Longbo Country couple, one would be needing a forest with a radius of one-hundred-thousand miles. They were enormous in shapes, and their appetites were stunning. Without the preys from the forest one-hundred-thousand miles in radius, they would be starved to death. But, how many human clans could live in such a forest? The territories belonging to Ji Hao's Gold Crow Clan back in Southern Wasteland weren't as large in total. Including all branches, Gold Crow Clan had hundreds of millions of people. But still, their territories weren't as large as the hunting ground of a Longbo Country couple.

The more powerful creatures needed larger hunting grounds, and more resources; Emperor Shun was deeply aware of this fact.

"When they arrive, their target will definitely be the entire Pan Gu world." Looking at Emperor Shun, Yemo Luoye smiled coldly and said, "If you don't fight with us, we will kneel on the ground and surrender immediately. We are all Yu Clan people, so pledging allegiance to that powerful being will be a wise choice sfor us."

Emperor Shun dropped his face instantly. Had the non-humankind been preparing to surrender already?

This was undoubtedly a bad news for the humankind.

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