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Above the Highest Conference Hall, the destructive weapon transformed into a dark laser under the control of Yemo Tian, whose face was covered in blood. Flashing across the sky at an unimaginably high speed, it bumped into the defensive light of the hall over and over again.

Divine towers shone brightly, while strong natural powers had been surging into the defensive formation of the Highest Conference Hall. Yemo Tian bumped more and more violently, yet the defensive screen grew thicker and thicker, stronger and stronger. By the end, the Highest Conference Hall was surrounded by an iceberg-like, crystalline circle of light. The destructive weapon hit against it and generated a series of tinkling noise that sounded like two iron blocks clanging against each other. Waves of dark ripples released from the destructive weapon flattened all buildings around the hall, but no matter how many times it tried, it failed to break the thick defensive screen.

The final defense of Liang Zhu City was activated. Yemo Tian couldn't possibly break this final defense, which was built with countless years of severe efforts, unless he promoted himself into the Sun and Moon stage and gained a better control of the destructive weapon.

Vomiting blood, Yemo Tian cursed Polo Do with the worst language he knew. Like him, the group of deputy elders had also been cursing Polo Do, a traitor. Divine Towers dazzled and sent down beams of light with different power natures, falling like a rain as they struck on the bodies of these deputy elders. These deputy elders were nearly torn apart, and quite a few of them were even dying.

By now, even a pig could understand that Polo Do had betrayed his own kind! He controlled the final defense of Liang Zhu City, then used the destructive power of it to attack the deputy elders!

"Traitor!" A deputy elder growled hoarsely, "Polo Family nerds! You call yourself the wisest beings in the world, but why didn't you see through the hearts of Polo Do?"

A meters thick thunderbolts descended and landed accurately on this deputy elder. His armor suddenly shone, but once a thin defense screen emerged around his body, the armor was shattered amidst the thunderbolts. The half-foot-thick armor was blown into pieces, and the skin and muscles of this deputy elder were burned black. He thudded loudly against the ground, with black smoke puffing out of his mouth.

"Turning against each other? That I like!" From the bronze gate of the Netherworld, Netherworld Priest laughed brightly, as if he was happy to see this happening. Thumb-sized dark chains clanged against each other, swishing out of the gate and swiftly tying up these wounded deputy elders.

"All good materials! I can't let you be destroyed just like this. Be obedient and come to my place. I can let you live as long as the world, the sun, and the moon last!" Netherworld Priest laughed quite delightfully, sounding like a little boy had his eyes on a giant pile of candy. One could even sense his excitement and happiness from the bronze gate.

The dark chains had been shaking intensely, as the tens of deputy elders roared in rage, struggling madly. But, they were dragged into the Netherworld step by step. Followed by a series of sizzling noise, divine towers in the surroundings released another wave of thunderbolts, worsening these deputy elders' injuries and weakening their strengths to fight against the Netherworld Priest.

"Polo Do…I swear, I will chop you into a thousand pieces!" Seeing the bronze gate right before their faces, and the strong Netherworld power already drilling slowly into their bodies, a few deputy elders howled in despair.

Yemo Tian was laughing hysterically. He laughed so hard that he could barely breathe, as blood had been spurting out of his mouth. Even these deputy elders had to suffer like this? He continued attacking the defensive screen of the Highest Conference Hall, showing no sign of helping.

Bloody old things! They attacked Yemo Tian earlier. So now, Yemo Tian wanted them to suffer!

Underground, in the hemispherical space, tens of non-humankind souls who had their chests penetrated by Great Liberty's colorful light beams screamed in fright. They saw Ji Hao show up behind Great Liberty, raise a three-meters tall colorless bell, and smash Great Liberty's body with one strike.

A gust of wind with a faint aroma blew out of the collapsing physical body, wrapping a barely visible man-shaped figure.

"Eh? You? Kid, you have infuriated me once again. Do you have to go against me? Marquis Yao Ji Hao, yeah? I found memories about you from many people' souls. You're an impressive lucky little kid!" Great Liberty's charming voice echoed through the entire space.

All of a sudden, a colorful silhouette dashed out of the wind. Great Liberty transformed into a faint colorful light stream, flashing to the spot between Ji Hao's eyebrows. He prepared to deal with Ji Hao the same way he beat Polo Do just now. He believed that as long as he could break into Ji Hao's body, he will be able to devour Ji Hao's soul.

"I was worrying that you may not try!" Ji Hao laughed out loud. He dimmed his defensive light and forcibly restrained the Taiji cloak, which had been attempting to activate itself to protect its owner, and let Great Liberty drill into his forehead. Immediately, he sensed a slight warmth from his body. Then, a warm, refreshing aroma came right at his face. Suddenly, he saw layers of illusions.

Great Liberty happily drilled into Ji Hao's body, instinctively heading to Ji Hao's spiritual space.

However, an intensive quake suddenly happened inside Ji Hao's body. Chaos power streams burst from every corner of his body, generating countless Chaos swirls that disordered the entire inner system of Ji Hao's body. Great Liberty was a powerful being, but at the moment, he couldn't even differentiate Ji Hao's head and feet, neither could he find Ji Hao's internal organs.

He wasn't able to locate Ji Hao's spiritual space. Instead, he could only drift along the Chaos power torrents.

"Marquis Yao Ji Hao, you're capable, aren't you? Did you set such a strange seal inside your body? Have you been preparing your own body for an invasion of our kind? Hehe, you're indeed…" Great Liberty thought that Ji Hao prepared this long ago. He praised Ji Yao sincerely, "You're indeed smart! But, facing the supreme power of our kind, nothing can save you!"

"Merge with me, become a part of me! This is a great honor that I give you!" Great Liberty laughed, "You need to know that it's not just any lowly creature that can become a part of my power!"

At this time, the chaos swirls suddenly disappeared. Great Liberty laughed again, but after that, his stopped abruptly.

By the disorderly surging Chaos power inside Ji Hao's body, Great Liberty was brought to Ji Hao's lower belly. In there, a five-colored fire wrapped a tiny, five-colored cauldron, and from the cauldron, countless five-colored light streams reached out and entangled Great Liberty.

"What's this? What's this?" Great Liberty shrieked, "This…Bloody cauldron! How does it…How does it…?"

Before he finished, the cauldron let out a silvery buzz, then released a tremendous suction force. Without being able to resist, Great Liberty was pulled into the cauldron. Pure and great original soul power was then released from the cauldron, flowing into Ji Hao's embryo of Dao.

Ji Hao opened his eyes and walked to the purple crystal ball with large steps, which controlled the entire defense system of Liang Zhu City.

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