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When Ji Hao pressed his hands on the crystal ball, a tsunami of information flooded into his head. He even lost his eyesight when the terrifying torrents of information nearly blew up his head.

He saw everything in Liang Zhu City, and the area within thirty-million miles around this magnificent city. He could see the growth of each tree, the shaking of each grass, the crawling of each ant, the drifting of each grain of sand, even the moving track of each wisp of cloud in the sky, and the changing of each beam of sunlight. All information about the whole area surged into his head.

Once, with the sword formation Yu Yu lent him, Ji Hao was able to see and control everything within the area that had a radius of ten-thousand miles, like a god. The final defense system of Liang Zhu City was similar to Yu Yu's sword formation, and its coverage was thirty-million-miles in radius around Liang Zhu City.

Ji Hao even saw the specific circumstance of each person in the city. In Ji Hao's 'vision', the bodies of people in the city had been glowing with different colored lights. Their body temperatures, their blood flow, even their hormone secretion, Ji Hao knew everything.

Ji Hao gave a muffled snort in pain, as sharp blood streams spurted out of his mouth, ears, eyes, nose, and his erect eye. Instinctively, he took his hands away from the crystal ball. If Ji Hao weren't much stronger than ordinary human beings, the moment he pressed his hands on the crystal ball, the tremendous information flows would have blown his head up already. Being struck by the excessive information, even his soul would die instantly.

This was definitely a trap set by the non-humankind. Polo Do was undoubtedly much weaker than Ji Hao, in both terms of physical strength and soul cultivation. But, he was able to freely control this crystal ball, while Ji Hao was injured by the strong information flows. This was a trap.

"Hah! The authorizations from those power elders!" Ji Hao wiped the blood on his mouth corners and grinned towards those flashing non-humankind souls.

"Indeed, power elder authorizations!" said a grey-haired Xiu Clan soul, pointing at Ji Hao, "Stupid barbarian, without those authorizations, you can't possibly control Liang Zhu City! This is our final defense that we spent years of efforts on!"

Pausing for a second, this Xiu Clan soul laughed, "I'm curious though, how did you break in? Ah, every generation is worse than the older one. Stupid kids out there, they actually let a barbarian in the Highest Conference Hall! They must be punished, must be punished!"

Ji Hao coldly glanced at these souls, opened his mouth, and released a colorful light stream. Tens of souls screamed in fear, as the colorful light wrapped them up and dragged them into Ji Hao's mouth.

"No, no, no, you can't do this! Are you trying to devour our soul? No, that's evil… That's…" The tens of souls howled desperately.

"I was the leader of the Red Sun three generations ago! I am the Red Sun Emperor, Piji Nuo! You can't do this to us! You can't!"

The five-colored cauldron buzzed intensely. The colorful light stream suddenly grew even more dazzling. The tens of powerful non-humankind souls, who were in important positions in the non-humankind society, were swallowed up by the cauldron. The five-colored flame rotated slowly around the cauldron, extracting an extremely pure original soul power from these souls.

In Ji Hao's spiritual space, the mysterious man silently showed up, nodded slowly, and began talking, "The power of these non-humankind beings is from Pan Gu world. They died, yet weren't willing to go. So, they should give back their powers."

One-hundred and twenty-four giant light spheres spun slowly. Countless non-humankind souls who were 'inlaid' in the great formation, formed from thin light threads, watched Ji Hao 'swallow' tens of their friends. They all began screaming shrilly.

Being 'inlaid' in the air, with his body penetrated by hundreds of thousands of glistening, extra thin light beams, without being able to move, a Yu Clan soul stared at Ji Hao and shrieked, "Lowly barbarian! You should die! You should die a thousand times! You hurt our noble people! They were supposed to have a chance to reach immortality, but you ruined their last hope!"

Ji Hao raised his head, looked at him as he smiled frigidly and responded, "It'll be your turn soon, no rush!"

The faces of all souls paled. In panic, they looked at the Yu Clan soul who yelled at Ji Hao just now.

The final defense of Liang Zhu City was activated. These souls served as the core of the energy conversion for the great defensive formation. They could only passively adjust the flows of natural powers in the formation, without any strength to defend themselves. Facing Ji Hao's threat, they all saw their own death.

The Yu Clan soul remained silent. He and the other tens of souls, who had the highest position, quickly glanced at each other and exchanged their thoughts with complicated, subtle facial expressions.

Ji Hao remained silent as well. He vigilantly looked at the purple crystal ball, then pressed his hands on it once again. This time, Ji Hao was well prepared for it. His strong spirit power condensed into billions of thin threads as they classified and collected the torrents of information surging into his head from the crystal ball.

The information flows were still violent and tremendous, but the threads condensed from Ji Hao's spirit power served like valves, perfectly adjusting the information traffic. His eyes sparkled. By now, in his eyes, Liang Zhu City had no more secrets in his eyes.

Tens of souls floating in the air without being able to move glanced at each other again. The Yu Clan soul abruptly laughed viciously and said, "Barbarian, do you really think the thirty-six idiots out there are the only guards of the most important defense hub of our city?"

Followed by a series of creaking noise, tens of doors suddenly appeared on the wall of this hemispherical space. From the doors, hundreds of figures darted out while emitting a strong sense of death. The energy waves released from these lifeless things were mighty, judging by which, they were only slightly weaker than those power elders and deputy elders outside.

"Barbarian, these are our bodies!" growled the Yu Clan soul, "Remember my name, I am the greatest ghost puppet master from the Nether Moon! I am Fan Ling, the greatest Nether Moon Emperor! These are warriors made from our bodies, the true final guards of the Highest Conference Hall!"

Hundreds of figures dove down. The strong senses of power released from their bodies merged together and pressed down to Ji Hao like a mountain.

Ji Hao pressed his hands on the crystal ball and remained perfectly motionless.

From the five-colored cauldron, he sensed something clearly. That was the great Dao of true water gained by Ji Hao from the true spirit of Pan Jia, which was devoured by Great Liberty. It was the highest natural law regarding 'water'.

At the moment, the twelve water worlds had been merging with Pan Gu world, and the water power had taken an absolute advantage in this world.

With a single thought of Ji Hao, a series of thunderous booms were generated, along with which, twelve layers of true water defensive screens roared up, overlapped, and shielded Ji Hao's whole body.

The hundreds of puppet warriors bumped violently against the true water defensive screens, stirred up clattering waves, then were swirled to a far distance away by the rapidly flowing water.

Ji Hao's embryo of Dao trembled intensely as it momentarily absorbed the great Dao of water from Pan Jia.

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