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Outside Liang Zhu City, the dragon man was holding a scroll made from linden leaves, reading while slowly shaking his head.

On the cyan-colored linden leaf scroll, tiny golden characters had been emitting wisps of golden light. Every time the dragon man read an interesting part, a stream of golden light would rise from the scroll and transform into an inches long dragon, hovering around his fingers.

Hundreds of small golden dragons had been hovering around his hands, from which, a strong dragon power had been continuously releasing. Standing beside the dragon man, Dishi Jin was very jealous. With admiration and passion, he looked at the dragon man's pair of purely golden, flawless hands, that looked like gold statues, his eyes filled with longing.

A golden beam of light flashed over from Liang Zhu City, and the dragon man abruptly raised his head. His left hand glowed faintly, caught the golden light beam.


The golden light blasted on the dragon man's fingertips and generated a basin-sized golden lotus, spinning slowly. Polo Do's voice came from the lotus.

"We made it, my four brothers! Please enter the city now! Do not let anyone escape!" 'Polo Do' sounded fairly proud and calm.

"We made it! We've earned a great credit!" The dragon man leaped straight up. His square, serious face now burst into a brilliant grin, like ice melting in a warm spring breeze. "Haha, my disciples, follow me into Liang Zhu City and capture all non-humankind monsters in the city! Kill anyone who dares to resist!"

Breathing deeply, the dragon man shouted, "We will receive an immeasurably great amount of natural reward power for what we did this time. You should be able to enhance your cultivation, and you will be protected by the natural fortune. In the future, through severe cultivation, your powers will soar. One day, you will live a free, immortal life, with infinite happiness!"

Wielding his sleeve, the dragon man took out a bowl with his left hand and carried a staff with his right hand as he walked up to the head of his mount, a flying dragon, with large steps. The dragon was coiled around a rock in sleep. As the dragon man stepped onto its head, it raised its head and roared resonantly, then made a full-strength leap towards the sky. With its four feet treading on a cloud, it carried the dragon man, flying to the city.

Dishi Jin breathed deeply as well. Looking at his own hands, he murmured to himself, "What's done is done. There's no reason to turn back. I chose the right path. The Dishi Family is rotten. We can only burn the sins of the family with the red lotus fire, so that the family can have a chance to be reborn. I, Dishi Jin, will be the great ancestor of the new Dishi Family, which will be tens of thousands of times stronger than the old one!"

Shouting towards the sky, Dishi Jin pulled out his sword and pointed at the city. Then, he raised his left hand, holding a meters long flag. A silk flag with a cyan lotus painted on it fluttered in the wind. Dishi Jin raised the large flag with solid efforts and followed closely behind the dragon man to Liang Zhu City with giant steps.

"Whoo-hah!" While growling, millions of human warriors from Tusk Basin began moving in perfectly ordered arrays. They approached Liang Zhu City like strong metal walls.

Wearing heavy armors and holding sharp blades, these human warriors were slaves in the mine. Their eyes were burning, and they had been praying in low voices. They stomped their feet against the ground as loudly as they could, gasping quickly and heavily while running towards the city. They quaked the ground and the mountains with all their strengths, making the earth buzz. Their thunderous footsteps even vibrated the sky and scared away all living creatures in the surroundings.

Some of these human warriors were sent to Tusk Basin in the recent years. They roared like beasts, with their blood boiling inside their bodies like surging torrents. They couldn't wait to break into the city to channel their fury, to take revenge for themselves, for what they had suffered all these years.

But, more human warriors had lived their whole lives in the dark mine. Their families existed in the mine, generation after generation, even back to tens or hundreds of generations. Their ancestors were captured by the non-humankind and sent to Tusk Basin, then never left.

Till this day, these human beings, who were born as slaves for generations, had never seen the green mountains and rivers, the blue sky, and the white clouds. They never laid an eye on their ancestral lands, and for many, many years, their people hadn't been returning to the ancestral lands to worship their ancestors.

In dark, moist mine tunnels, these human beings, who always lived as slaves and struggled to survive like bugs, kept every word passed down from their ancestors through generations in mind. Their ancestors kept telling them that they were human beings, along with their family names and the locations of their ancestral lands!

They clearly remembered the last words of their fathers and grandfathers, that they were human beings, and their ancestors used to live in beautiful mountains, surrounded by clear rivers. They were told that their ancestors used to walk under the blue sky with their chins up and chests out. Whenever it was, no matter how many generations had lived in this place, once they had a chance to escape from the Tusk Basin, they would seize it, rush out, and return to their homelands.

Roughly crafted clay jars were tied around the waists of these human warriors, whose families had been living in the mine tunnels of Tusk Basin for generations, even tens or hundreds of generations. Contained in these differently sized jars were their ancestors' ashes.

The life in Tusk Basin was hard, and these dead ancestors couldn't even have their own jars. The ashes of fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers, great-great-grandfathers and even older ones were all mixed in these jars…The ancestors' ashes were all mixed in the jars. These warriors wanted to bring the ashes back to their ancestral lands and bury them in their family graveyards.

Even though these ancestors had drifted all their lives away from home like falling leaves, they still wanted their remains to be buried where their families originated from.

That was a small part, yet the strongest and most precious part of the spirit of the humankind. It might be not worth mentioning, but it created the humankind.

But before that!

These human warriors, who had clay jars tied around their waists, gripped their weapons tightly. They breathed like angry bulls, and their nostrils expanded because of the excitement. Before they sent the ashes of their ancestors back to the ancestral lands, which was imprinted deep in their souls, they would first make the non-humankind monsters pay their debts.

Their ancestors, their parents, all died in the dark, moist mine tunnels like bugs, miserably, and without any dignity. But, why could those non-humankind monsters enjoy endless luxury in such a magnificent city?

This was Pan Gu world. This world belonged to human beings!

Human beings died in mine tunnels without dignity, while non-humankind beings stood high above the humankind, enjoying their lives? These human warriors knew very less about general principles, but they knew that since their ancestors had already died in sorrow, the non-humankind beings could no longer live the lives they liked!

The anger rose from their hearts, and generated an endless intent of killing.

Dense dark mist floated above the heads of millions of human slaves. That was the hatred accumulated in the past countless years. Soon, the dark mist turned red with the color of the killing intent, drifting above the tremendous array like a giant flag.

The dragon man, the tiger man, the lion man, and the mammoth man, each led a ferocious army like this and marched into Liang Zhu City in a formidable, unstoppable way.

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