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Polo Do reached out his hands. The erect eye marks given by the elders glowed in his hands. He gave a deep shout, and the group of souls glanced at him simultaneously, then started swift movements.

Led by thirty-six Xiu Clan souls, countless non-humankind souls floated in the air.

Ji Hao opened his erect eye. He saw that these souls floated in the convergent points of the extra thin light beams that only his erect eye could see. As the thin light beams penetrated their bodies, these souls began glowing. They moaned with deep voices, as the strong natural powers flowed through their bodies, bringing them a deep pressure.

But apparently, converted by the formation based on this space, the natural powers were quite beneficial to these souls.

As the natural powers flushed through their bodies over and over again, these souls turned clearer and clearer, while their eyes shone brighter and brighter.

Buzz! Uncontrollably, the arms of all souls spread, while their long hair fluttered in the air like aquatic plants in the bottom of a river. Light streams rose from their hair, and a tremendous energy wave even made the entire space start twisting.

Inlaid in the wall, the statues of legendary creatures opened their mouths even wider, letting out stronger, brighter light streams, and pouring into the one-hundred and twenty-four light spheres. In the core of the formation, a powerful Xiu Clan soul, which had tens of thousands of light beams going through his body, cast a spell with a high-pitched voice. Following his voice, a three-feet wide, purple colored crystal ball emerged in the air, in front of Polo Do.

Countless tiny spell symbols had been rolling in the crystal ball, connected by the thin light beams. The floor of this space was suddenly brightened. As the light grew brighter and brighter, dark lines emerged on the floor, forming a gigantic formation blueprint.

Through the intensely shaking floor,Ji Hao sensed the earth meridians boiling and roaring underground like countless infuriated dragons. The final defense of Liang Zhu City was activated. By now, everything was under the control of the purple crystal ball floating in front of Polo Do.

Polo Do pressed his hands on the crystal ball. As a tremor went through his body, a dazzling light drilled into his body from the crystal ball. His body shone all of a sudden; the blinding light shone from every single pore of his.

Ji Hao couldn't sense Polo Do anymore. The sense of power coming from his body turned faint and weak, connected with the formation in this space. In this very moment, Polo Do was Liang Zhu City, and Liang Zhu City was an extension of Polo Do's body.

Among the ten trusted secrets guards of Polo To who guarded on the outside, a tall and slim one abruptly took off his mask and slightly twisted his neck. The others immediately looked at him and asked, "Number ninety-three, what are you doing?"

Number ninety-three gave a weird smile. A strange, dim light flashed across his eyes, which froze the other secret guards immediately. They sensed fear and despair.

They couldn't help but look at Number ninety-three's eyes, which had turned purely dark. His pair of eyes were like a bottomless black hole, devouring their souls and life-force.

Followed by a sizzling noise, dim light streams drifted out from the eyes of the other secret guards and flew into the eyes of Number ninety-three. Number ninety-three gave a twisted grin silently while trembling. Gradually, a flowing seven-colored light emerged on his skin. Within the span of three to five breaths, the bodies of the other secret guards were drained and dried. Their withered bodies fell heavily on the ground and shattered into pieces.

Number ninety-three slightly shook his body, laughed with a hissing voice, "An interesting place! The final defense of the entire Liang Zhu City? If I kill people with it, how many souls can I take?"

Along with a series of cracking noise, the soft armor on his body split up inch by inch. He calmly smiled while being naked and walked downstairs step by step, soon coming to the golden door.

The eyes of the thirty-six puppets shone suddenly. Together, they made a step forward and pressed a strong energy wave on Number ninety-three. A faintly sensible power vibration spread from these puppets. In a special way, they forced Number ninety-three to show a pass.

"But, I'm not allowed in here!" Number ninety-three laughed, then his body suddenly disintegrated. From the collapsing body, a meters long, colorful sphere of light burst, glisteningly hovered around the thirty-six puppets. The bright light in these puppets' eyes was dimmed instantly, then they thudded loudly against the ground one after another.

The energy waves releasing from these puppets were still incredibly strong, but they were already dead by now. All their spirits were taken away by the colorful light, that turned them into dead beings, which couldn't even move.

Faintly audible chuckles came from the colorful light as it flashed into the golden door at lightning speed.

Based on the golden door, which was inlaid with countless gemstones, incredibly powerful offensive formations were triggered one after another, releasing countless splendid light streams that poured down to the light sphere.

Like a phantom, the colorful light sphere was penetrated by the light streams, but never harmed.

Polo Do had merged with the final defense of Liang Zhu City, and was getting familiar with all details of this enormous and complicated defense. Abruptly, he exclaimed in shock. Turned around, he saw the dazzling colorful light sphere.

A fist-sized golden lotus bloomed between his eyebrows. A golden light sphere circled around his body, wrapping him up tightly.

The colorful light sphere chuckled again and pounced on Polo Do. Amidst a beautiful rain of light, a colorful figure easily penetrated the golden light and drilled into Polo Do's forehead.

Polo Do shrieked. All of a sudden, his eyes turned multi-colored like gemstones. Even his skin was added with a faint layer of colorful light.

The souls in the formation screamed together, especially the strong ones. In chorus, they growled to ask, "Polo Do, what happened to you?"

Polo Do slightly trembled. A while later, he slowly raised his head with a weird smile and looked at those souls like a bloodthirsty wolf looking at a delicious rabbit, murmuring to himself with a hoarse voice, "So many souls? You are…too nice. Since you offered, I shall accept."

Laughing wildly, 'Polo Do' shouted, "Come, come, fresh, juicy souls! Become a part of me! I am Great Liberty, I will give you an immortal…"

"Eh? The people that colluded with this guy are still waiting outside?" Great Liberty curved up his mouth corners and said, "Let them in then!"

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