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Ji Hao cast a complicated glance at 'Polo Do'.

No, he wasn't Polo, one of the three chief judges of Yu Dynasty anymore. Instead, he was Great Liberty, a powerful sky devil, a scary being who devoured the creator of Pan Jia world.

Great Liberty pressed his hands on the crystal ball. His ten fingers flicked quickly as they brought up extremely thin light beams inside the crystal ball. The hemispherical space quaked slightly, as strong natural powers flooded in. Through the light screens floating in the hemispherical space, one could see that Liang Zhu City was changing largely.

In streets and alleys, ground sank, while thousands of meters tall divine towers rose from the ground. Each tower was wrapped in a hundreds of meters thick defensive screen. In the screen, lightning bolts dazzled and twisted unbridledly like countless tentacles. Especially around the Highest Conference Hall, the density of divine towers had reached an amazing degree. Every other mile, a divine tower stood straight from ground. All these divine towers were of different sizes. On the bases of these towers, countless differently sized spell symbols had been sparkling.

"Come on, let me see how powerful this so-called final defense is!" Great Liberty laughed, then slapped heavily on the crystal ball with both his hands. A wave of purple light immediately spread out in torrents.

Tens of approaching souls let out shrieks in shock and fear. Struck by the purple light, their bodies began flashing as they staggered backward. Cracks appeared on many of them, which made them look like broken porcelains.

"Polo Do…No, unknown creature, what do you want?" The soul of a Yu Clan elderly man shouted harshly, "Do you know how powerful our Yu Clan is? Not a single species ever dared to go against us! Never!"

Great Liberty's eyes shone with a weird five-colored light. A refreshing aroma was released from his body, rising up through the air. Fist-sized white flowers bloomed in the air. He smilingly looked at this Yu Clan old man and chuckled, "What a coincidence! My kind has never found an opponent either."

Great Liberty laughingly shook his head and said, "It has been countless years. We destroyed so many cultures, devoured so many living beings. The origin of any world discovered by us will eventually be devoured, and the world would become nothing. Yu Clan? Pan Yu World? We will certainly take a chance to visit your world!"

Great Liberty grinned and scornfully glanced at these soul-state non-humankind beings, then said, "From the memory of this guy named Polo Do, I read your history. Did you conquer so many worlds? What a waste of time and strength. We never conquer, we only destroy."

He suddenly opened his three eyes, as thin beams of colorful light burst from Great Liberty's eye sockets, immediately penetrating these non-humankind souls. These strong souls screamed and twitched intensely, but were unable to defend themselves. Step by step, they were dragged towards Great Liberty.

Ji Hao narrowed his eyes. Sky devils were the destroyer of all souls. If these non-humankind souls still had their physical bodies, they wouldn't fail so easily. However, they were merely souls now. In Great Liberty's eyes, these souls were like a fresh piece of meat placed right in front of a starving wolf, a delicious meal served to him.

"Come on, come on, merge with me! Your souls are so strong, you have such a sweet aroma!" A large stream of saliva flowed down from Great Liberty's mouth corner, but he didn't care. He wiped his mouth with his sleeve, then laughed and said, "Come on, become a part of me… Make your strengths mine!"

Great Liberty laughed in excitement, then giggled tremblingly, "Come on, come on… As long as I kill you, I can earn natural reward power! Haha, Pan Gu world will reward me for killing your people!"

Great Liberty raised his head and looked at the ceiling of the hemispherical space, then murmured, "You are the invaders of this world, so by killing you, my people and I…will actually be rewarded by the great Dao of this world. How amazing!" He seemed to take a great pleasure in each word he said.

"With enough natural reward power, the great Dao of Pan Gu world will no longer suppress my power. Then, I will be able to release all my power in Pan Gu world!" Great Liberty trembled slightly, with a dangerous light sparkling in his eyes, "As long as I can release all my power, my people…Hehe, my old enemies will certainly be so surprised when I devour them!"

"Great Freedom, Great Bliss, Great Elation…They're hiding, but I can feel them. They are right here, in this world." Great Liberty laughed happily, "As long as I devour them, I will be able to evolve to a higher level. I will have a hundred, a thousand, even ten-thousand times greater power."

"Then, even if the great Dao of this world will keep suppressing me, I will still be able to devour all living creatures in this world! I will reach the top, equaling the Earliest Ancestor!"

Great Liberty's face twisted quickly as he murmured, "To a supreme being like that, all worlds in the Chaos are preys, and all living beings in the universe are foods."

Ji Hao suddenly had an idea. 'Great Liberty, you had such a good plan.' Thought Ji Hao. Meanwhile, his heart missed a beat. 'Damn you! If you succeed, Pan Gu world might really encounter an unprecedented crisis.'

Tens of non-humankind souls were dragged to Great Liberty, screaming in fear. Great Liberty smilingly twitched his nose. Like a food-seeking wild dog, he put his nose near those souls and carefully sniffed their smells.

In the meanwhile, a golden lotus gradually bloomed on Great Liberty's finger, then transformed into four extremely thin golden light beams, spreading towards the east, north, south, and west.

Great Liberty gently pointed his fingers on the purple crystal ball. From the light screens in the air, one could see that hundreds of divine towers near the Highest Conference Hall dazzle simultaneously with a blinding light. The light struck on the bodies of the deputy elders who had been attacking Yemo Tian.

Those nearly a hundred deputy elders didn't see this coming. Their armors exploded, and their bodies were almost torn apart by the fierce attack from divine towers. They fell from the sky, with dense black smoke puffing up from their bodies. They thudded on the ground and twisted, without being able to move for a long while.

"Come on, merge with me!" Great Liberty smilingly spread his arms, widely opened his mouth, and inhaled deeply towards the nearest soul.

Ji Hao silently showed up behind Great Liberty and raised the Pan Gu bell high, smashing violently on the back of his head.

"Holy sky devil, no one can have too much natural reward, right? So please, become a part of my natural reward!"

The bell rang resoundingly and resonantly, while Great Liberty's body collapsed.

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