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"We will all die."

The floor sank slowly as Polo Do continued with a deep voice, "If we don't make any changes, and stay so proud and arrogant, we will all die."

The group of secret guards remained silent, looking at Polo Do in confusion.

Polo Do was a wise man. He had the wisdom, and a wide range of knowledge. Therefore, he became one of the three chief judges of Yu Dynasty. Through the records kept in the Yu Dynasty, he could look back into the history and see the unknown facts through the mist.

But, these secret guards were different. They served the Highest Court; they scouted in darkness. They were trusted by Polo Do, and followed him to under Priest Hua and Priest Mu' guidance. But, they weren't capable of understanding the hidden worry in Polo To's heart.

"Never mind, you won't understand anyway." Polo Do waved his hands and said blandly, "Anyway, you can simply believe that I am on the right path. Under my lead, you are now on the most right path. That's all you need to know."

The ground quaked slightly, as the floor had already sunken down for about ten-thousand meters. In the surroundings, the wall was thick, cast from an alloy and embossed with complicated, beautiful patterns. Strong power streams speedily flowing in thin, curved grooves on the wall. All patterns on the wall glowed dazzlingly, looking like countless fireflies dancing happily.

Ji Hao floated in the air, less than three meters away from Polo Do. His foot tips were three-inches above the ground. He restrained all of his powers, as he worried that Polo Do might have some unknown abilities to discover him. His focus wasn't all on Polo Do. Instead, he fixed his eyes on Polo Do's boots, and a dark-golden peal inlaid in one boot of his.

Polo Do raised his hands. Those erect eye marks he gained from the power elders shone blindingly. Before his face, the air rippled like water, while he said something with a low voice.

Ji Hao's ear twitched slightly. What Polo Do spoke out was in the original language of Yu Clan. It should be an ancient type of language from Pan Yu world. Ji Hao had learned some of the modern language of the Yu Clan back in the Magi Palace, but he failed to understand what Polo Do said just now. He recognized a few syllables, but still, he didn't understand a word.

A door of light emerged before Polo Do. He carefully stood outside the shining door, reaching his hands into it. Along with a series of creaking noise, Polo Do dragged a strange machine out of the door. The machine was covered in gears and pull rods. He quickly moved a few gears, then pulled a few rods.

Crack! The ground before Polo Do's feet suddenly split up, exposing stairs leading down while glowing dimly. Polo Do pushed the complicated machine back into the gate of light, then the door closed silently.

On the stairs, fist-sized spell symbols sparkled one after another. He turned around and said something to the group of secret guards. Under his order, the group of secret guards pulled out their weapons and guarded around the entrance of the stairs as Polo Do walked downstairs alone.

Ji Hao followed behind Polo Do, with the seventy-two clones transformed into wisps of smoke, coiling around his long hair as he silently walked down as well.

Walking down the stairs for a while, a broad space appeared in the front. Soon, Ji Hao saw a giant door, which was purely golden, inlaid with hundreds of thousands of gemstones, shining splendidly and luxuriously. Thirty-six brilliantly glowing, translucent, nearly ten-meters-tall man-shaped puppets guarded by the door in a straight line. Judging by the power vibration released from these puppets, they were even stronger than Sun and Moon powerful beings. Seeing Polo Do walking over, the eyes of these puppets shone simultaneously.

Buzz! Strong energy waves were released from these puppets, which twisted the sky and disordered the natural powers. Under the effect of the energy waves, Polo Do quivered, even having his eyes bulge out of his eye sockets.

He hurriedly reached out his hands and let the erect marks on his hands glow. The lights in the eyes of these puppets dimmed, then they moved away towards both sides and created a path for him.

Polo Do walked to the golden door and pressed his hands on a pair of three-inches-deep handprints on the door, then slightly pushed. Next, the hundreds of meters tall, tens of meters thick golden door silently slid open, exposing the tremendous hemisphere-shaped space behind it.

One-hundred and twenty-four, ten-miles-long, colorful light spheres floated in the air, rotating along certain tracks, sometimes slow and sometimes fast like stars that never changed.

Inlaid in the wall of this hemisphere space were over one-hundred thousand statues of legendary creatures, such as dragons, phoenixes, Qilins, Yaci, and Chaos beasts. These statues must be connected with the immense earth meridians under the city, as each statue had a widely opened mouth, from which, dense and pure streams of natural powers had been flowing into the one-hundred and twenty-four light spheres

Inside the hemispherical space, countless different sized light screens were faintly visible. From the screens, one could clearly see the real-time images of every street, every alley, even every corner of the city.

Without a doubt, this place was not only the core of the defense of Liang Zhu City, but it was also a monitoring center for the Highest Conference Hall to watch over the whole city.

Ji Hao opened his erect eye and saw countless light beams that were thinner than hair connecting these one hundred and twenty four light spheres. The light beams twisted in the air, forming countless complicated patterns and spell symbols that seemed to be parts of a formation.

A large number of translucent figures wearing translucent grey robes had been drifting airily in this hemispherical space, which was over five-hundred-miles in diameter. When Polo Do pushed the door open and walked in, these figures only cast a glance at him, without greeting him or saying a word to him.

"Eh? Judge Polo Do…This place doesn't seem to under the control of the Great Court."

A strong, deep voice came from the air, sounding like two iron blocks clanging against each other.

Ji Hao raised his head and saw tens of transparent figures descending from the air. Each of them were over fifteen meters tall, and had been releasing a surprisingly strong soul energy vibration. Some of them were Yu Clan people, but a big half of them were Xiu Clan people.

They weren't living beings.

They were the souls of dead non-humankind beings, preserved with some sort of magic!

No one knew what kind of magic did they cast on themselves. They were all in a state of spirit, which was supposed to be their weakest state. However, their souls were so powerful that they even stunned Ji Hao. They were weak souls, but the original soul power of each of them was at least ten times greater than that of those power elders outside!

If one could build them suitable new physical bodies, they physically would also be ten times more powerful than those power elders!

Suddenly, Ji Hao understood why the Westin Family people and the representatives from the other Yu Clan families were so eager for the blood sea ganodarma back in the Kui Gate.

In his lower belly, the five-colored cauldron quaked slightly. Ji Hao clearly sensed the cauldron's appetite for these souls.

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