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A flower blooming on the head?

Ji Hao turned to Polo Do in confusion. Between Polo Do's eyebrows, a golden lotus had been spinning slowly, emitting a mysterious golden light that seemed to be sacred and miraculous.

"Priest Hua, your hand has reached so long!" murmured JI Hao.

Polo Do turned around with a faint, complicated smile, walking straight to the gate of the Highest Conference Hall.

A tremor went across Ji Hao's body. Hurriedly, he told Yu Mu, Feng Xing, and the others by using his spirit power about what had been happening over here. He reminded them to build teleporting formations to leave Liang Zhu City once anything unexpected happened.

The golden bridge flashed across the sky, then Ji Hao and his seventy-two clones disappeared simultaneously. As a quickly spinning swirl emerged on the defense screen of the Highest Conference Hall, Ji Hao and his clones had already broken into the hall following a cloth-tearing noise. Whatever Polo Do was doing, as long as it was Priest Hua and Priest Mu's plan, Ji Hao didn't need a good reason to ruin it.

Ji Hao's seventy-two clones were gone all of a sudden. The eighteen deputy elders, who had been suffering their savage beating, paused. They turned around and stared at the destructive weapon, much similar to a group of mice staring at a cat.

"Leave Polo Do alone! Save us! Save us first!" screamed the few power elders by the gate of the Netherworld. They were the only ones who still had the strength to shout. More dark chains reached out from the Netherworld and coiled around their bodies like snakes, dragging them in with an even stronger force.

The group of deputy elders burst into a roar. Instead of attacking Yemo Tian, they marched towards the bronze gate in giant steps, raised their weapons, and hacked down towards those dark chains.

Followed by a series of sizzling noise, the chains broke immediately and became a dark mist. But, when these deputy elders raised their weapon again, the dark mist instantly coiled back together and recondensed into dark chains.

"Hehe." A strong, frosty sneer could be heard from the Netherworld. All of a sudden, two extremely sharp, tens of thousands of meters long beams of sword light dazzled from the Netherworld, along with the shrill cries of millions of ghosts. The eighteen deputy elders weren't prepared for this. They couldn't dodge, and as a result, their chests were penetrated at once.

Warm blood splashed as the eighteen deputy elders growled, flying backward while vomiting blood. What a terrifying power! When the two beams of sword light penetrated their chests, they sensed a boundless blood sea and countless twisted faces that were struggling and crying in it. Some of those faces drifting in the blood sea were even familiar to them.

They sensed death. They even felt that the two beams of sword light were death, or the meaning, the origin of death.

Their spirit blood was withering, and bones and tendons were softening. Their souls were like dead pigs which were slaughtered by butchers. The pain drilled straight into their souls, such that not even these experienced deputy elders could bear it. They howled in pain and retreated at their highest speed. They gave up on those power elders who needed help, and fled as fast as they could.

"Come back!" said the cold voice in the bronze gate. Hundreds of dark chains swished out of the gate and drowned the eighteen deputy elders like a flood.

If Ji Hao were still here, he would know that it wasn't Netherworld Hierarch talking inside the gate. Instead, it was Netherworld Priest, the true ruler of the entire Netherworld. Thirty-three non-humankind power elders and eighteen deputy elders who sent themselves over, how could Netherworld Priest ever let such a large juicy piece of meat slip away from the corner of his mouth?

Ji Hao went through the defensive formation of the Highest Conference Hall, merging himself again into the air by using the extreme negative power. He followed closely behind Polo Do. Countless thoughts popped out in his mind, and the blueprints of a great number of formations he learned from Yu Yu emerged in his head, as he was pondering how to hinder Polo Do's action.

Killing him directly? But that would be the worst choice. The best way was controlling the core of the defense of Liang Zhu City through him, so that the entire city could be under Ji Hao's control. This would be much smarter than kidnapping the members of the twelve families in power and their appendant families.

With about ten secret guards, Polo Do hid his hands inside his sleeves as he slowly walked into the gate of the hall. Standing by the gate, he looked around, then smilingly waved his hand to Yemo Tian, who was still inside the destructive weapon.

The destructive weapon had been crazily attacking the defensive screen of the Highest conference hall, raising dazzling fire sparkles that seemed even like an eruption of a volcano. Clearly, based on the intensity of the weapon's attack, in a quarter of an hour tops, the defensive screen would be broken by the destructive weapon.

Nevertheless, deputy elders approached again and launched attacks on the destructive weapon. Blood had been flowing out of Yemo Tian's eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. To him, controlling the destructive weapon was indeed too demanding. This terrifying weapon could serve as his trump card at most, instead of his regular weapon.

Polo Do walked into the hall smilingly as he proceeded along the path in the middle for over three-hundred meters. In the middle of the hall, he stomped his foot loudly against the ground. In his hands, numerous erect eye marks glowed brightly. Next, a hundreds of meters wide part of the hall quaked slightly. Along with a series of creaking noise, this part of the hall sank down entirely.

Calmly standing in the middle of the hall, Polo Do abruptly asked the secret guard beside him, "Do you know why I 'betrayed' my own kind? I am a direct descendant of the Polo Family, one of the three chief judges of Yu Dynasty. I am in a high position. I possessed a great power, and I had a bright future. But, why did I betray?"

The group of guard glanced at each other and shook their heads.

What could they say? What did they dare to say?

"Because… I'm a wise man." Pointing at his head, Polo Do narrowed his head and continued, "All Polo Family people are wise, but without a doubt, I'm the wisest among them all. Therefore, I am deeply aware of the problems of Yu Dynasty, which is now at its golden age. I can see the possible destruction of Yu Dynasty. Many other people do too, but they pretend to see nothing.

"The destruction I mention won't be delivered by that powerful being descending from our world."

"The destruction I am foreseeing, is from Pan Gu world, from those people who led all living creatures and fought against us, back when we invaded this world. If our records are correct, Spirit Wa, Donggong, Ximu…As we know, they are the leaders of Pan Gu world living beings. But behind them, those mysterious beings are the truly terrifying ones, including the two Master Shifu."

"Back in that war, I can tell for sure that the two Master Shifu watched our people injure Spirit Wa, Donggong, and Ximu severely."

He frowned, then confirmedly nodded and continued, "Perhaps, the one who called himself Yu Yu, who killed countless of our people with a sword formation, he fought with no spare pains. But, all the rest watched the three leaders be injured seriously by our people."

"I've been simulating this scene in my head. What if these hidden, mysterious beings decide to fight us with all of their powers?"

Polo Do showed an obvious fear and despair on his face.

"I'd say we'd be doomed. Do you believe it?"

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