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Infinite variety was Priest Hua's greatest magic. With Priest Hua's power and cultivation, he could truly create billions of clones to cover the whole world, within a single moment, and with a single thought.

Ji Hao was surely far weaker than Priest Hua. By draining himself, he created seventy-two clones with his long hair. Each clone was created from a trace of his soul and a wisp of his spirit power, based on which, the clone absorbed a giant amount of natural powers to grow a physical body under the effect of a special magic. Each clone had three-percent of Ji Hao's power.

At this stage, Ji Hao had basically attained a Pan Gu body, and had reached the seventh turn of the cultivation method with nine turns. With pure physical strength, he could now rival any Supreme-level powerful being without falling into any disadvantage. A clone of Ji Hao only had three percent of his power, but still, each clone had a basic-level Pan Gu body, and the strength equaled to the sixth turn of the cultivation method with nine turns.

Activating the sixth turn of the cultivation method with nine turns, the physical strength of a clone of Ji Hao could be improved by sixty-thousand and four-hundred percent. This meant that a clone of Ji Hao could still fight against an average-level Sun and Moon Stage powerful being with pure physical strength.

With a slight carelessness, the eighteen deputy commanders were surrounded by Ji Hao's clones within a blink of an eye. The seventy-two clones made a formation according to the seventy-two fierce natural stars with a nature of earth and incanted a secret spell in chorus. The spell was passed down from an ancient star king from the heaven, and was secretly taught by the Magi Palace. In the sky, natural stars dazzled one after another. The seventy-two fierce stars with a nature of earth released bright streams of starlight and merged into the bodies of Ji Hao's clones.

The hazy silhouettes of seventy-two ferocious-looking creatures emerged above the heads of Ji Hao's seventy-two clones. Within a twinkling of an eye, these creatures transformed into seventy-two ancient gods in golden armors as they floated in the air, swinging their sharp weapons towards the eighteen deputy elders.

Without paying attention to the fight happening between his clones and the eighteen deputy elders, Ji Hao stayed by the bronze gate of the Netherworld, violently kicking and punching those power elders, who had been struggling desperately with the last bit of their strengths. Ji Hao broke their bones and made them vomit blood and howl.

They were already wounded so severely. Their whole bodies were wrapped in Netherworld power streams, and they were being dragged inch by inch into that scary realm. This was already awful enough. Yet, Ji Hao beat them savagely and made them scream in pain. Once again, they were pulled much further towards the Netherworld.

Ji Hao beat them heavily. Watching these power elders vomit blood under Ji Hao's heavy punches and seeing Ji Hao break a big half of their bones, Netherworld Hierarch's let out his pressing voice from the bronze gate, "My little friend, little friend, show mercy! Leave some life-force inside their bodies! If you crush them all, how long would it take me to repair their bodies?"

Ji Hao laughed, then grabbed an unconscious power elder and threw him into the Netherworld.

Yemo Tian laughed as well. The destructive weapon raised its eight long arms, wielding the eight dark light swords as he fought fiercely against the tens of deputy elders. The eight dark light swords remained perfectly unharmed, while the sharp weapons held in the hands of the deputy elders buzzed shrilly. Large and deep cracks were left on those weapons.

Ji Hao's seventy-two clones laughed out loud as well. They constructed a 'fierce earth star devil-slaying sky formation', which was a powerful formation from the ancient heaven, as he surrounded the eighteen deputy elders and launched a savage wave of strikes. The starlight condensed into all kinds of weapons, leaving countless bone-deep slashes on the bodies of the eighteen deputy elders. Because of the formation, the eighteen deputy elders couldn't even release ten percent of their powers.

"Polo Do!" Shrieked a power elder who was still struggling, "What are you doing? Go! Activate the final defense! Eliminate all enemies of our kind…Only the final defense can save can rival this destructive weapon."

Standing on the last stair before the Highest Conference Hall, Polo Do bowed deeply to this power elder, who was stuck in a desperate situation, and said, "Dear elder, I can indeed access the core of the city defensive formation. But, to activate the final defense, I need the joint authorization of at least twelve power elders, added with my authority. That's the only way I can activate the final defense."

This power elder gave a resonant shout, opened his erect eye, and released a blood-red beam of light that flashed to Polo Do, leaving an arc in the sky.

The defensive screen of the Highest Conference Hall split open. The blood-red light beam accurately flew to Polo Do, who promptly seized it. Immediately, an erect blood-red eye emerged on the back of his hand.

The other thirty-two power elders who were still struggling before the bronze gate all shouted with bright and strong voices, opened their erect eyes, and released differently colored light beams to Polo Do, leaving beautiful arc traces in the sky.

"The final defense?" Yemo Tian yelled in both shock and rage, "What final defense? What final defense needs the authorization of twelve power elders and a chief judge to be activated?"

Yemo Tian leaped up in fury. As he leaped, the defensive treasure leaped up as well. Nearly tangible dark ripples spread out, crushing all buildings in the surroundings. The dark ripples drained the life-force and spirit power of countless secret guards and non-humankind beings, turning their bodies into ashes, dissipating in the air.

As Poto Feili was going to die under the dark ripples, Ji Hao turned around. The Taiji creation cauldron released an invisible stream of light and swept across his body, easily dragging and sealing him in.

Yemo Tian was still growling ferociously. He was truly enraged.

Before Dishi Cha contacted him, before he knew about the great plan of Dishi Cha and his biological father, he was the noblest descendant of Yemo Family. He had access to all secret places in Liang Zhu City. That was his special right, brought by his noble identity!

Nevertheless, right now, right under his eyes, right in Liang Zhu City, he found a secret that he didn't know!

Yemo Tian felt humiliated. It was like he had carefully raised a girl as his future wife, but before the wedding, the girl suddenly brought back a one-year-old son of hers; that was how humiliated he was.

Turning away from those deputy elders, Yemo Tian rushed towards the Highest Conference Hall in fury. The eight long arms of the destructive weapon wielded the hundreds of meters long dark light swords and hacked violently on the defensive screen wrapped outside the hall.

Buzz! The defensive screen burst into a dazzling light. The round-shaped defensive screen was squeezed oval, as large clouds of dust rose into the sky. Surrounding the Highest Conference Hall, the bases of all buildings collapsed, yet the hall itself remained perfectly undamaged.

Polo Do smilingly nodded to Yemo Tian, as a golden lotus slowly bloomed between his eyebrows.

With a weird, faint smile, Polo Do silently turned around and walked quickly to the front gate of the hall.

"Oi, what do you mean? Why is there a flower blooming on your head?" Yemo Tian screamed. By now, he couldn't even put together a sentence easily. Instinctively, he felt that the things were going out of control!

It seemed that other than his Glorious Domination and these old elders representing the Yu Dynasty Government, another force had stepped in?

What did they want?

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