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Ji Hao counted carefully. Not including Yamo Di, sixty-seven elders floated above the Highest Conference Hall!

Sixty-seven Sun and Moon stage powerful beings, who were as strong as Supreme Magi… They were a part of Yu Clan's top-grade force, a part of the heavy mountain laid upon the alliance of human clans by the non-humankind for the past countless years. They were also the strongest tentacle for the non-humankind to crazily plunder resources from Pan Gu world, and drain the blood of human beings.

On the back of the destructive weapon, twenty-four pairs of wings spread out, as a dark mist spread all over the sky.

Sixty-seven thumb-sized dark beams of light fiercely penetrated the chests of these elders, leaving beautiful arcs in the sky along with a world-destroying power vibration. The sixty-seven elders, the strongest, top-grade force of Yu Dynasty, screamed in pain. Like butterflies in a storm, they weakly fell from the sky.

Yemo Tian gasped quickly for air, with blood flowing out of his nose and ears and mouth.

As Yamo Di said, the consumption of this strike had gone beyond Yemo Tian's limit. For attacking sixty-seven Sun and Moon stage powerful being at one time, Yemo Tian had to take a part of the counterforce from the destructive weapon with his body. His soul was connected with the weapon because he had to help the weapon's to target the weaknesses of those elders, and to design the tracings of the dark light beams.

A white stream rose from Yemo Tian's head. As the wave of dark light beam flashed across the sky, even his brain boiled because of the massive calculation. His brain was nearly cooked.

"You will all die!" Yemo Tian laughed with a twisted voice. He took out a bottle of purple liquid with quite some effort and poured it into his mouth. A purple mist immediately rose from his body and transformed into nine faint dragon silhouettes, hovering slowly around him.

Ji Hao raised his head and took a glance at Yemo Tian. He clearly saw Yemo Tian take the drug.

'Damn you, damn you!' Ji Hao narrowed his eyes and clenched his fists — The drug Yemo Tian took was the 'soul-retrieving dew' produced by the dragon-kind, one of the most famous few life-saving drugs created by the dragon-kind.

Perhaps, because dragons were too stupid, they never learned a thing about treasure-forging, talismans-drawing, medicine-concoction, or formation-creation. However, they were wealthy enough to produce life-saving drugs like the 'soul-retrieving dew'. Simply speaking, the cost of concocting one tiny bottle of 'soul-retrieving dew' was as high as the cost of forging thirty Divine-Magus-level magic treasures!

The dragon-kind produce these top-grade life-saving magic drugs regardless of the cost!

The 'soul-retrieving dew' was even rare to royal dragons. However, Yemo Tian took out a bottle so easily to replenish himself. The dragon leaders had been colluding with the non-humankind. Other than this, Ji Hao couldn't come up with another reasonable explanation.

"Scums! They forgot who their ancestor was!" Cursing with a low voice, Ji Hao transformed into a clear gust of wind and flew forward.

The sixty-seven power elders screamed while falling from the sky. Each of them had a human-head-sized hole in their chest. Thirty-four of them died right on the spot; both their bodies and souls collapsed rapidly. Their bodies turned into ashes, while their souls shrank into tiny light spots, drifting away along the wind.

The other thirty-three elders who were relatively stronger had been trying their best to boost up their powers, defending against the destructive power from the destructive weapon. While falling from the sky, they desperately took out the best life-saving drugs they had, pouring them in their mouths.

Meanwhile, nearly a hundred light streams rose into the sky from the Great Court and the Administrative Center on both sides of the Highest Conference Hall. Strong power streams generated dense clouds with twelve different colors, representing the natures of the original powers, of the three suns and nine moons, spreading out.

Nearly a hundred Sun and Moon stage Jia Clan warriors with heavy armors and shiny weapons flew into the sky. Roaring deeply, they marched towards the destructive weapon.

In the social structure of Pan Yu world, Yu Clan possessed the highest power, and Yu Clan people were power-holders. Sun and Moon stage Yu Clan beings had the chance to join the Highest council of elders and become a power elder in the Highest Conference Hall. Jia Clan people were military nobles in Pan Yu world. They controlled elite military forces; they were fierce commanders on battlefields. Jia Clan people were the core of the military strength of Pan Yu world. Sun and Moon stage Jia Clan beings also had the chance to earn an access to the Highest Conference Hall. However, they wouldn't become power elders. Instead, they could only serve as deputy elders in the Highest Headquarters, which was at the same level as the Highest Conference Hall.

Yemo Tian's Glorious Domination rebelled, which was an internal conflict between Yu Clan people. Yemo Di and other power elders came out to suppress the rebellion, but surely, deputy Jia Clan elders wouldn't take part in this. They even gloated a slight little bit. Silently, these deputy Jia Clan elders watched from the sides to see how it went; they even paid no attention to the chaos that happened in Liang Zhu City. Instead, they all focused on the battle between Yemo Tian and Yamo Di.

When Yamo Di was killed, these deputy elders didn't move. They were 'glad' to witness Yamo Di's death.

However, the moment the sixty-seven elders were killed and wounded severely, these deputy commanders could no longer remain silent. Yu Clan, Jia Clan, and Xiu Clan were an organic wholeness. Without the direction of these wise power elders, the deputy commanders clearly understood that they weren't capable enough to lead the Yu Dynasty to another prosperous era.

They had nothing but violence.

Therefore, nearly a hundred deputy elders rushed out while growling, as they launched full strikes towards the destructive weapon.

Yemo Tian took the soul-retrieving dew and laughed wildly as he looked at these deputy elders in excitement and shouted, "So scary, truly scary! The powers I sensed from you are really scary. But, would they be useful? As long as I still have this destructive weapon, I will be invincible! In the whole Pan Gu world, I am the most powerful being!"

With blood flowing out of his ears, Yemo Tian growled hysterically. His erect eye suddenly grew wider as he merged his soul and spirit completely with the destructive weapon.

On the destructive weapon's back, wings slowly spread. The air collapsed, being ceaselessly devoured by the destructive weapon. The eight arms of the weapon grew longer and longer. In every palm of it, a dark light condensed into a sharp, intensely shaking sword light.

Yemo Tian's skin split, exposing his muscles. He screamed with a hoarse voice while the eight sword lights wove into a dark light web and descended on those deputy elders.

Ji Hao didn't get involved in the fight between Yemo Tian and those deputy elders. He rushed to those falling power elders and wielded a small flag held in his hands. Beside these elders, a gate thickly embossed with ghost portraits suddenly emerged, wide open.

Streams of Netherworld power condensed into chains, flying out of the gate as they coiled around the severely wounded power elders, forcibly dragging them into the dark, scary gate.

These elders could still move. They struggled desperately and howled hoarsely, burning their spirit blood as they generated terrifying powers to fight against the gate.

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