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Everything happened so fast! Within a short moment, a lot of things happened.

Yamo Di was the chief elder of the Yemo Family and the Highest Council of elders. He attended the series of great wars that happened back when the non-humankind invaded Pan Gu world. The word 'high' wasn't enough to describe Yamo Di's position and social status. He could even be counted as a symbol of Yu Dynasty, a flag, a 'living fossil'!

Without a doubt, Yamo Di was one of the most powerful beings in Yu Dynasty. Naturally, he possessed the best resources of Yu Dynasty. He had hundreds of powerful defensive treasures, all top-grade pieces.

When the destructive weapon attacked him again, Yamo Di's soft armor, long robe, and all unnoticeable pendents he wore triggered automatically. One-hundred and twenty-thousand silk-thin defensive screens with different natures of power wrapped him up and formed a large-scale defensive seal, which was as strong as the defensive formation of a large fort.

Nevertheless, the destructive weapon's power was beyond Yamo Di's imagination. Along with Yemo Tian's wild laughter, the energy wave released from the destructive weapon condensed into a nine-headed dragon and bumped into Yamo Di's body.

Layers of defensive screen blasted like bubbles. The tremendous impact force struck directly on Yamo Di's body, quaked his bones violently, and twitched his internal organs intensely. Yamo Di even felt like a well-cleaned piece of meat being thrown into a meat grinder.

"Hang in there!" The piercing pain cleared his mind. He gritted his teeth and forcibly triggered his strongest three defensive treasures.

Those were a dragon pearl, a phoenix feather, and one Qi Lin scale. The three treasures seemed to be ordinary, but in fact, each of them contained an immeasurably strong power. Back then, when the non-humankind invaded Pan Gu world and started a series of world-shaking wars, a dragon emperor, a phoenix emperor, and a Qi Lin emperor were killed by Yu Clan people. Their corpses were sent back to Pan Yu world by Yamo Di, turned into three supreme treasures by the powerful beings there, at a great cost.

A blue colored watery light, a red fire, and twelve golden light shields glowed simultaneously. While the one-hundred and twenty-thousand layers of defensive screen were crushed completely by the destructive weapon, the three supreme treasures emitted a blinding light and shielded Yamo Di.

Crack! A giant palm of the destructive weapon twisted the space. The twisted space pressed down Yamo Di's body like a dark cloud, pushing him flying backward. The three supreme treasures buzzed shrilly; their lights had been dimming, tearing apart. Soon, spider-web-like cracks appeared on the three supreme treasures.

"You can't stop me! Yamo Di, you old b*stard!" Yemo Tian shrieked as a thin stream of blood flowed down his nostrils. Under his control, another pair of arms of the destructive weapon were raised high and slapped down to Yamo Di.

"Yemo Tian, with your pathetic power, how long can you control this destructive weapon for?" Under the protection of the three supreme treasures, Yamo Di also burst into a hysterical scream, "It's such a powerful weapon! Only I can release its entire power! You're nothing but a stupid child. Your strength…can't even trigger one-millionth of its power!"

Yemo Tian roared in rage. The destructive weapon's arm smashed down fiercely, squeezing a creaking noise out of Yamo Di's three supreme treasures. Yamo Di vomited blood, being sent flying to Ji Hao by the pair of arms of the destructive weapon.

This was Yamo Di's weakest moment in his whole life.

All his defensive treasures and talismans were destroyed, his three supreme treasures were on the verge of collapse. At the moment, the three treasures, which were made from the corpses of top-grade, powerful ancient creatures, could only provide their owner with a Divine-Magus-level defensive power.

Seventy percent of Yamo Di's bones had been broken, and a big half of his internal organs were crushed. But his soul was burning ragingly. Tremendous waves of soul power flooded in all directions, burning wildly in the sky like a black fire.

"Yemo Tian, you can't kill me!" Yamo Di's throat was broken. Therefore, he couldn't make any sound with his physical body right now. However, the flood of his soul power delivered his raging voice and his fury to everywhere.

Every single living creature in Liang Zhu City heard Yamo Di's shrill voice from its head. The brains of some relatively weaker non-humankind warriors were even shattered by this scary soul power strike, having blood spurted out from their eyes, nose, ears, and mouth.

Because of Yamo Di's overwhelming soul power, centered at the Highest Conference Hall, the ground suddenly began sinking along with rumbling noises. Magnificent buildings collapsed thunderously in waves of dark soul power. Countless sharp pieces of these buildings darted shrilly out in all directions like arrows.

Circles of ripples were stirred up from the dark defensive screen on the surface of the destructive weapon. Earlier, the weapon remained perfectly motionless under Yamo Di's thunder attack. But now, it was pushed back for about a hundred meters.

In this very moment, Ji Hao threw a punch on Yao Mo Di's back.

Yamo Di was flying in the sky, but punched by Ji Hao, he paused abruptly. His limbs straightened backward, with his chest bulged.

Followed by a loud and clear series of cracking noise, Yamo Di's three supreme treasures shattered under the combination of the five moves launched by Ji Hao with full strength. Ji Hao's crystalline, transparent fist penetrated Yamo Di's almost-broken robe and soft armor, and sank deeply into his body, crushing his heart as it sent raging-dragon-like torrents of Chaos power into his internal organs.

The air was inundated with a terrifying energy wave released from the destructive weapon, mixed with the dark soul power of Yamo Di. The entire world was darkened, and the space was utterly disordered.

The eyesight and spirit powers were useless now. No one could see what Yamo Di had been through clearly.

Only Yamo Di himself managed to turn around his head with difficulty. Weirdly, his neck rotated one-hundred and eighty degrees backward, which allowed him to stare straight at where Ji Hao was.

Ji Hao had merged himself into the air by using the extremely negative power, and he didn't show his face even when launching this punch.

In confusion, Yamo Di looked at the 'empty' air and murmured, "You are… a human being? Your power… I…"

Ji Hao pulled out Pan Gu Dragon Mark with his left hand and penetrated Yamo Di's forehead.

Without giving him a chance to fight back, Ji Hao killed his body and Pan Gu Dragon Mark devoured his soul. From the five-colored cauldron, a streak of flame whooshed out and wrapped up Yamo Di's body, dragging him in.

Putting his face against the crystal cockpit, Yemo Tian raised his arms, laughing and shouting, "Old b*stard, you died! Finally! You insulted my mother and me, and I will give it back to your families… I will give it back!"

"Now, old b*stards, it's your turn to…Die!"

The breastplate of the destructive weapon was opened. On its chest, a dark light had been glistening.

Followed by an ear-piercing swishing noise, tens of thumb-thick dark light beams flashed across the sky and penetrated the chests of tens of elders.

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