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No one clearly witnessed Ji Hao kill Yamo Di, but when he sold tens of power elders directly to the Netherworld right in front of the others, countless people saw it.

Yemo Tian paused for quite a while, then began laughing, even dancing in the crystal cockpit, seeming to be insane. He failed to see Ji Hao's face. No one did. But still, Yemo Tian hysterically applauded for what Ji Hao did.

"Nicely done! Who is it? Who? Who is dealing with these old dudes? Carry on! Work harder! Kill them all! I will award you! I will award you a lot! When I become the divine ruler of Pan Gu world and all surrounding worlds, you will receive my sweet rewards!"

Yemo Tian laughed so hard that his eyes and nose were even twisted.

Earlier, Yemo Tian controlled the destructive weapon with all of his power and launched a wave of strike. That was the best he could do at the stage. But still, thirty-three power elders were only badly injured, not killed.

Severely injured, almost killed, it was nothing to these old non-humankind beings who had been plundering Pan Gu world for countless years. No one knew how many powerful magic drugs they had, that could heal them perfectly at any time.

The tens of power elders didn't frighten him, neither did nearly a hundred deputy elders. However, all non-humankind beings were deeply aware of one fact — The strongest fighting capacity could only be released when the powers of Yu Clan and Jia Clan were combined. The battle effectiveness delivered by the perfect cooperation between a Yu Clan noble and a Jia Clan warrior would be at least three times, even five times better than their individual combat effectiveness.

If the tens of surviving power elders successfully joined hands with those deputy elders, Yemo Tian wouldn't be able to endure their attacks anymore, no matter how arrogant he was. Therefore, seeing an invisible person sneakily attacking these badly wounded power elders, Yemo Tian burst into wild laughter, even though he was still vomiting blood.

Eighteen deputy elders immediately gave up on attacking Yemo Tian. Instead, they roared thunderously and marched towards Ji Hao, bringing eighteen hurricanes.

They still failed to locate Ji Hao. But based on the widely opened bronze gate in the midair and their rich fighting experiences, they found the most possible location of his. Eighteen brightly shining sharp weapons shrilly swished across the air and accurately lunged towards Ji Hao.

"Impressive!" Ji Hao raised his eyebrows and praised sincerely.

These Jia Clan elders couldn't even see him, yet, they managed to launch such accurate attacks. Indeed, these deputy elders were extraordinary.

Countless chains tied up the thirty-three violently struggling power elders. They screamed and howled, but the tremendous power from the Netherworld world dragged them inch by inch into that dark realm.

Ji Hao sensed Netherworld Hierarch's excitement. Same as Yemo Tian, he was insanely excited — Thirty-three badly wounded powerful non-humankind elders, thirty-three Sun and Moon stage powerful beings! This might be his greatest harvest in all these years.

Safely, Ji Hao sensed the vibration of Netherworld Hierarch's soul power. After all, those were thirty-three powerful non-humankind elders. When they combined their powers to fight back, it wasn't easy for Netherworld Hierarch to forcibly drag them into the Netherworld.

Those power elders were badly wounded indeed. But, their injuries made them the most dangerous beings. At the moment, Netherworld Hierarch could easily kill these power elders, but in comparison, dragging them into Netherworld alive was far more difficult.

Netherworld Hierarch anxiously told Ji Hao that no one should interrupt him right now.

The attacks launched by the eighteen deputy elders were aimed at Ji Hao's body. He made himself invisible with the extreme negative power. Therefore, only five-percent of the powers released by these deputy elders could actually land on Ji Hao at most. But without a doubt, the rest ninety-five would strike on the gate behind Ji Hao, which led to the Netherworld.

Ji Hao smiled and shook his head. Eighteen long hair fell off his scalp. He sent a strand of spirit power into each hair, then let a strong wave of energy out of his mouth into the eighteen hairs. Countless tiny spell symbols flashed across on the hair as the surrounding natural powers began surging into them like a flood.


With a resonant growl, eighteen brightly glowing clones of Ji Hao burst from the eighteen hair. They flashed across the sky, as swiftly as ghosts, and instantly dashed to the eighteen deputy elders, launching heavy palm strikes straight to their faces.

The eighteen deputy elders shouted out in shock.

The felt that the things coming at their faces weren't palms but enormous sharp axes, swishing shrilly and hacking down along mysterious tracks, seeming even to cut the world into pieces.

What made these deputy elders with extra rich fighting experiences despair, even terrified, was that they realized that the fingertips of these palms descending towards their heads were pointing at their weakest body parts, the weaknesses that they would never expose during any battle!

Their every move was well-designed and practiced. Through countless cruel, bloody fights, they created the fighting styles that suited themselves the most. They dared to swear with their lives that their moves did not have weaknesses…Even if the weaknesses did exist, no one would be able to discover them on constantly changing battlefields, because the time would never be enough for their enemies.

Nevertheless, the weaknesses of all eighteen of them were discovered by the enemy simultaneously. The enormous axe-like palms came fiercely at their weaknesses, along with a world-destroying power.

The rich fighting experiences of these deputy elders had now become their largest burden. After they realized that Ji Hao had discovered their weaknesses, they were immediately shocked and frightened by the dreadful power delivered by the eighteen palms.

'We're dead!' Their heads were smashed, their bodies were torn apart, and their souls were crushed; based on their experiences, their brains automatically pictured these scary results.

They dropped their weapons while their heavy armors automatically disintegrated, flying away from their bodies. The eighteen deputy elders gave up on attacking. Instead, they drew back and ran away from Ji Hao at their highest speed.

The strongest, most experienced two deputy elders sank deeply into the imagination generated by Ji Hao's attack. Based on their current powers and former experiences, they simulated tens of thousands of ways to defend themselves against this strike in their heads within a moment. But, the results were all the same, that they failed and were crushed.

Suddenly, blood spurted out of their mouths. Their eyes dimmed down, as their souls were trapped by the great power of Dao delivered by Ji Hao's attack, and were badly injured.

Ji Hao laughed out loud as his long hair fluttered in the sky. Tens of more hair fell off from his head and became tens of clones that roared and dashed out.

That was a shape-shifting magic he learned from Priest Hua's embryo of evolvement that he had been casting.

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