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Ji Hao's fingers twitched slightly as he stared straight at the destructive weapon. Back then, when he saw this oddly shaped destructive weapon for the very first time in White Dragon River, the sense of power from it was extremely terrifying. Powerful, violent, cruel, brutal, an aura of pure death coming at one's face. Merely this sense of power from the destructive weapon could make a living being collapse, both from the outside and the inside.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Within every span of a breath, a transparent dark circle of ripple would spread from the destructive weapon, spreading out faster than lightning bolts, even faster than light.

The dark ripples swept across the air, twisted the space, and paused the time immediately. Wherever the darkness reached, Ji Hao clearly sensed that even the natural laws in Pan Gu world were slightly twisted. Some basic natural laws that ordinary human beings believed in changed weirdly.

Every time the dark ripples passed by Ji Hao, he felt a sharp pain from his pores. His heart and internal organs twitched, and the embryo of Dao quivered uncontrollably, even though he was under the protection of the Taiji universe mirror. He had merged himself into the air by using the extreme negative power. However, the extreme negative power had been changed slightly. As a consequence, Ji Hao nearly exposed himself. But after all, Ji Hao had quite a few powerful treasures for his own defense. The dark ripples released from the destructive weapon were indeed fierce, but Ji Hao managed to endure them.

Those non-humankind elders were strong. They had been trembling slightly, with sweat streaming down their bodies. But meanwhile, different colored glows emitted from their bodies, as extremely powerful treasures were triggered to protect their bodies and souls, allowing them to withstand the overwhelming energy waves from the destructive weapon.

Poor Poto Feili and those Jia Clan warriors who followed Yemo Tian here through the teleporting formation! They didn't have those powerful treasures, that only high-grade elders could have. As the destructive weapon released the first wave of energy, Poto Feili and nearly ten-thousand warriors under Yemo Tian's command were sent flying to tens of miles away like drifting falling leaves, while vomiting blood.

Circles of dark ripples roared across, along with a destructive power. The bodies of Poto Feili and those warriors twitched intensively, while sticky blood gushed out of their eyes, mouths, noses, and ears.

Ji Hao clearly watched these poor things' skins chap, which made them look like broken porcelains glued back together. Some ruptures on their skins reached deep into their muscles, then into their bones and internal organs. Poto Feili's life-force was fading quickly. If Yemo Tian didn't deactivate the destructive weapon, in ten minutes at most, Poto Feili's body would turn into ashes and his soul would perish.

"Yemo Tian…Boss!" Poto Feili screamed with a dry, hoarse voice. Beams of light shone from his body as he triggered his life-saving magic treasures and tried to defend himself against the destructive weapon.

Buzz! Another dark ripple swept across and shattered the lights emitted from his body. Followed by a faintly audible cracking noise, his skin was shattered. Within a blink of an eye, Poto Feili's skin cracked into the finest bits, exposing his muscles.

"Ah, Poto Feili, my brother, for our goal, some sacrifices are inevitable." Yemo Tian smiled faintly and heartlessly, then said, "These old dudes aren't so easy to deal with!"

That was true through. These elders were not easy to deal with. Without the destructive weapon, Yemo Tian could never possibly rival these elders. In order to fully suppress these power elders, Yemo Tian had no other choice but to let his followers suffer.

"I am Yamo Di!" While Yemo Tian was 'comforting' his follower Poto Feili, the elder who was sent flying away by him earlier burst into a shrill scream. The elder's pale-yellow long hair stood straight up from his scalp, while he was 'inlaid' in the defensive screen, which had been dazzling with lightning. He cupped his hands before his chest, as if he were holding a ball. Blinding lightning bolts had been merging into his palms from all directions.

"Yamo Di?" Yemo Tian growled in anger. From the inside, he put his face tightly against the transparent crystal cockpit of the destructive weapon, even flattening his nose. Staring at Yamo Di, he yelled, "Are you the strongest supporter of that bitch Yemo Luoye? Damn you! Yamo, Yamo, the Yamo Family, you're only an appendant of the Yemo Family!"

Yamo Di slowly opened his erect eye. Within that purely dark eye, a dim light had been spinning. His body had been absorbing the lightning bolts merging into his palms from all directions. A waxy luster was gradually added to his skin and his hair. Slowly, his body turned translucent.

"The Yamo Family is a 'branch' of the great Yemo Family, instead of an 'appendant'!" Yamo Di slowly left the defensive screen and rose back into the sky. A wave of thunderbolts stuck to him, but were absorbed fully by his body. Yamo Di's body seemed to become a bottomless black hole, that even the space around him had been collapsing into his body.

Yamo Di looked at the destructive weapon vigilantly and said slowly, "Yemo Tian, you damned little kid…Back then, I suggested the former emperor to execute you while you were still an infant! The emperor loved your mother too much, so he couldn't bear to do it…Otherwise, how could today's trouble even happen?"

Yemo Tian gave a cold grin and said, "I knew you suggested him to execute me, an infant, younger than six-month of age! What did I do wrong? Eh? What did I do wrong? You old b*stard, you should die, just like that bloody old man!"

"You have always been a mistake!" Yamo Di said in a bland tone, "The emperor abdicated ahead of schedule because of you. Because of you, he returned to our hometown, and because of you, he was stuck in Holy Realm…for…"

Yamo Di abruptly shut his mouth.

Yemo Tian laughed wildly, "Go on? Finish it, will you? You old b*stard! Go on! For what? My mother? That b*tch Yemo Luoye's mother? And, the 'most beloved' woman of my nominal father? Say it, tell me, say it!"

Yamo Di breathed deeply and remained silent, but straightened his ten fingers, pointing at the destructive weapon.

A sky-shaking noise could be heard, while countless thin bolts of lightning struck on the destructive weapon like countless sharp swords. Followed by muffled booms, dazzling fire sparkles rose against the surface of the destructive weapon and exploded into giant fiery clouds.

But, the destructive weapon remained motionless. Not even a mark was left on it.

Yemo Tian smirked, as two long arms of the weapon suddenly moved. Yamo Di didn't manage to dodge and suffered a heavy strike. Vomiting blood, he was again sent flying away by the destructive weapon.

Yamo Di flew straight towards Ji Hao. Ji Hao narrowed his eyes and silently threw a heavy punch at Yamo Di's heart from the back.

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