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In the Chi Family's reception room, Piji Xing was whipping his knees with his gloves, seeming to be a bit upset.

Pi Feng stood in front of him, extra politely. From time to time, he glanced at Chi Family elders standing in the hall. A few Chi Family elders were gathered together, and had been checking the batch of jade talismans Pi Feng brought back to Liang Zhu City. The jade talismans were made from top-grade jade and crystals. They were especially exquisite, perfectly in line with Yu Clan people's sense of aesthetics. The artistic lines carved on the jade talismans were smooth as water, reaching the peak of perfection. Clearly, these were all masterpieces.

"Good stuff." A Chi Family elder finally put down the talisman held in his hand, politely bowed to Piji Xing, and said, "Childe Piji Xing, these are the best defensive and offensive jade talismans. A defensive talisman can protect its owner from a full strike launched by a general warrior for a quarter of an hour, while an offensive talisman can momentarily release a peak-general-level power to attack the enemy."

So-called non-humankind general warriors were as strong as Magus Kings.

These jade talismans which could defend against full strikes from general warriors for a quarter of an hour, or momentarily release a peak-general-level power to attack the enemies, were indeed good pieces. More importantly, this was a huge batch.

"One jade talisman like this can make over ten-thousand jade coins in an auction house in Liang Zhu City." Piji Xing took over a talisman from a Chi Family elder, then looked at Pi Feng, seeming to think of something. "I haven't heard that the Pi Family made such a huge income these days."

Po Feng licked his dried lips, smiled embarrassedly, and said, "There are…legal surpluses from Tusk Basin. This…"

Piji Xing narrowed his eyes and grinned. 'Legal surpluses' were off-the-books incomes allowed by some hidden rules. Every Yu Clan noble understood it.

"Dishi Jin is the manager of Tusk Basin, right?" Piji Xing smilingly crossed his legs and fiddled with the exquisite jade talismans in his hand as he said blandly, "We helped him become the manager, didn't we…? Alright, these jade talismans are a gift to me from him, so I'll take them, all of them. Actually, I might use these treasures soon.

Piji Xing put the talisman inside his pocket with a bright grin on his face. Standing aside, Pi Feng smiled embarrassedly, without saying a word.

Piji Xing clapped his hands and laughed loudly, "Alright, send these things to my place. My people will take over from there. Hehe, Tusk Basin? Dishi Jin? I'll remember his name."

Buzz! In the reception hall of the Chi Family, strong magic seals were silently triggered. Layers of defensive screens enveloped the hall, while a dreadfully strong pressure descended.

Piji Xing, Pi Feng, and tens of guards who followed Piji Xing in trembled slightly, then were disabled from moving by a powerful magnetic magic seal. They couldn't move even a finger anymore. Piji Xing was shocked. He immediately turned to Chi Li and yelled, "Chi Li! What's going on? You, don't you forget, neck, your neck!"

Touching the chaplet on his neck which would blow him up at any moment, Chi Li gave a bitter grin. He shook his head, then spread his hands and said, "Childe Piji Xing, I don't know what's going on either. You see, I haven't left your side all this long. I truly don't know what happened."

Piji Xing's eye corners twitched intensely. This wasn't right!

In their plan, they should control the defensive formations of the Chi Family, Pi Family, and Ji Family one after another, then bring all members of the three families under control with their defensive formations. Afterward, they would reverse the defensive formations; in cooperation with the defensive formation that belonged to the Piji Family, they would control all Piji Family people.

In other areas of the city, Glorious Domination people would be doing the same things. Together, they would control all the twelve families in power and their appendant families, then head to the highest conference hall, and control the defensive formation of the entire Liang Zhu City.

With the members of all these families as hostages, with the defensive formation of Liang Zhu City, those old elders from the highest council of elder would definitely not dare to take any reckless action. Yemo Tian was confident too. He believed that he could forcibly control all old people staying in the city, and let them work for the Glorious Domination.

But how come the thing wasn't going well?

"Who is it? Who is it?" Piji Xing shouted through gritted teeth, "Who is going against us?"

Pi Feng's eyes sparkled with a cold light as he glanced around, without knowing what to do — This wasn't going according to their plan either. They sent this batch of jade talisman to Piji Xing on purpose, to strengthen the Glorious Domination and allow Piji Xing and his people to successfully take over Liang Zhu City. After that, they would destroy the Glorious Domination!

But now, it seemed that a third party had stepped into this? Who? Those old ones from the highest council of elders?

Alright, if it were truly those old people, those playboys from the Glorious Domination would be the only ones to suffer!

Pi Feng slightly curved up his mouth corners. The people Master Shifu sent over indeed had wonderful foresight, that they pushed the Glorious Domination forward to be the cannon fodder. In this way, no matter how it went, the White Lotus Altar, Cyan Lotus Altar, Gold Lotus Altar, and the Red Lotus Altar would always gain a good harvest, and the credit would eventually belong to the dragon man, the tiger man, the lion man, and the mammoth man!

A door in another corner of the hall opened. Carrying a giant teacup, Yu Mu walked out with an honest smile.

Inside the water-tank-sized 'teacup', mist coiled in streams. The 'teacup' was filled with a colorful steaming liquid which was still boiling. In the mist, hazy silhouettes of centipedes, scorpions, poisonous snakes, and worms had been darting around, letting out shrill peeping noises.

"This soup is very nourishing." Yu Mu walked to Piji Xing grinningly and said, "Childe Piji Xing? Take a sip if you want to live! From now on, we're all families. Yesterday, we had been thinking about how we should invite you here as a guest. But today, you brought yourself to us!"

Piji Xing looked at Chi Li suspiciously.

Chi Li ripped his collar open and screamed, "Lord Yu Mu! Please be careful! Piji Xing and his people have an organization called Glorious Domination. They also want to take over Liang Zhu City. Look at this on my neck. They worried that I might betray them, so they put this thing on my neck. They said that once it's triggered, all living creatures within a mile radius will die!"

Yu Mu paused for a second, blinking his small beady eyes quickly.

As a shred of shadow flashed across the air, Wuzhi Qi suddenly showed up, squatting on the table beside Piji Xing. He gripped Piji Xing's chin with his fingers and clenched his five fingers slightly. Piji Xing howled, opened his mouth, then Yu Mu raised the giant 'teacup' and poured some 'nourishing soup' into his mouth.

"What is this? What is this? Chi Li, your life is in my hands! What're you doing? What do you want?" Piji Xin struggled and shrieked hysterically.

"Tie Chi Li and this one together. If that thing on his neck goes off, they can die together!" Wuzhi Qi said carelessly, "Some other people have the same purpose as we do? Interesting! Let's talk about how we should do this."

Feng Xing frowningly while walked out, then said in a deep voice, "Why don't we cooperate with them? Just help them control Liang Zhu City."

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