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"Chi Li, you're a b*stard!" Piji Xing sent away the maids around him, then slowly straightened his body from the soft bench, and said, "Look at you now. You're one of our Piji Family. How can you be so soft?"

Yemo Tian grinned delightfully, then patted Chi Li's shoulder, turned around, and said to Piji Xing, "Alright, alright! Piji Xing, we're friends, friends. Chi Li did the right thing. He is willing to follow my lead. Following me, following you, what's the difference? This is a smart guy, which why I say that he's very capable!"

A door in a corner of the room opened abruptly. A Xiu Clan old man wearing a black robe silently walked out while smirking, then came to Chi Li like an old bat which had its eyes on a prey. Crack! The Xiu Clan old man put a golden chaplet on Chi Li's neck.

The three-inch-wide chaplet was exquisitely crafted and embossed with delicate floral patterns. It was of a suitable size, fitting right next to Chi Li's skin, but without affecting his breathing.

"Lord Yemo Tian!" Chi Li raised his head in shock and looked at Yemo Tian in fright.

"Ah, ah, just in case, just in case!" Yemo Tian dragged Chi Li to his side, patted his shoulders with both hands, and said, "Let me introduce myself to you. I am Yemo Tian, the great leader of the Glorious Domination, the owner of Pan Gu world and all surrounding worlds, the highest ruler of all species in these worlds!"

"It's your glory to become my follower, and also your opportunity. Now, right now, right at this moment, we are doing something world-shaking! You ran into an opportunity, which means you are clearly lucky!" Gripping Chi Li's face with both hands, Yemo Tuan rubbed his face as if it were a dough.

"But, how can I trust you? Chi Li? How do I know that you won't betray me for your family? How do I know that you will try your best to accomplish your mission?" Patting the chaplet around Chi Li's neck, Yemo Tian smiled and said, "It's indeed a bit humiliating, but don't worry! With this, I can completely trust you!"

Chi Li didn't have a happy look. Clearly, this chaplet wasn't going to make him healthier.

"Follow my words, and you will be safe. Don't follow my words... Boom!" Yemo Tian gave a bright grin and continued, "Not only you, everything inside your body, boom… will all disappear! Don't worry, you will die immediately, and won't feel any pain. Your soul won't even have a chance to return to the Red Moon. You will die, both your body and soul. DO you understand?"

Chi Li's face twitched intensely. With a dry voice, he looked at Yemo Tian and stuttered, "Lord…Lord Yemo Tian, what, what do you want me to-to do?"

Glancing at Piji Xing, Yemo Tian said in a deep voice, "You know more about the Chi Family. Tell me, what can Chi Li do?"

"The Chi Family, Pi Family, Ji Family, the mansions of these three families are the cores of our Piji Family's perimeter defense. We can control their defensive formations and reserve our great defensive formation. Added with the defense hub of our Piji Family, we can isolate the Piji Family completely from the rest of the world." Piji Xing said with a serious look. His cheekily grinning, playboy-face was suddenly solemn. "Boss, we should control all Piji Family people first."

Yemo Tian seriously nodded and said, "Alright, let's do it right now. Chi Li will lead the way. I think it will go well, won't it?"

Piji Xing smilingly patted his own chest with a fist and said, "Don't worry, boss! You give directions, and we will do the rest. In fact, we can still do this without Chi Li. But with him, we can make it slightly easier…And, he is indeed capable. In the future, he will be a good helper of us."

A quarter of an hour later, Piji Xing, who was gorgeously dressed, much similar to a male peacock, rushed out of the side gate of the Piji Family mansion with a large group of guards. He was laughing happily, while Chi Li smilingly guided the way aside. Chi Li led Piji Xing and his guards through a land of woods, straight to the front gate of the Chi Family.

A few Chi Family elders had been expecting them by the gate politely. Seeing Piji Xing walking over, they immediately showed a complicated expression. The eldest elder took a deep breath and seemed to say something. But suddenly, his heart missed a beat. He sensed an indescribably, soul-deep pain, that made cold sweat stream down his back. He hurriedly shut his mouth.

"Childe Piji Xing, it's a great honor to have you as a guest." Another elder bowed to Piji Xing, then curiously looked at the thousands of elite Jia Clan warriors behind him and asked, "You are…"

"I prepare to go hunting, I heard that the city is not safe these days, so I brought a few more guards." Piji Xing said, "But, I heard from Chi Li that your Chi Family made a fortune this time, eh? Yesterday, he gave me a little bit of profit that I deserved, but I suspect that you hide things which also belong to me in your treasury."

Spreading his hands, Piji Xing sighed, "I truly don't want to doubt your loyalty, but you should at least open your treasury, and let me see if you have hidden things or not, right?"

The few Chi Family elders' faces turned darker and darker. Did Piji Xing want to die?

Chi Li's expressions had constantly been changing as well. Somehow, he felt that Piji Xing, and the Glorious Domination had the same intention as Feng Xing and Yu Mu. They all wanted to control the entire Liang Zhu City!

Was this a coincidence?

Piji Xing yelled loudly and attempted to lead his people to break into the Chi Family. But at that moment, heavy sounds of wheels could abruptly be heard from the street. People turned to the source of the sound and saw a large troop of warriors escorting hundreds of large carriages and approaching.

"Pi Feng! What're you doing here? You should be in Tusk Basin!" Piji Xing rolled his eyes and shouted at the Yu Clan man at the front of the troop, "Eh? What did you bring? Is it good? Did you find treasures in Tusk Basin? Haha, are you secretly sending the treasure into Pi Family treasury? No, you can't go. I'm telling you, follow me with your carriage. Otherwise, you will suffer."

Piji Xing yelled at Pi Feng with dazzling eyes.

Pi Feng blinked and looked at Piji Xing and Chi Li, not knowing what to do.

Piji Xing narrowed his eyes, then slightly waved his hands. A large group of Jia Clan warriors rushed up and surrounded Pi Feng and his carriages. One Jia Clan warrior violently ripped off the waterproof cloth on a carriage, exposing heavy metal boxes covered under it.

A random box was opened. Contained in the box were neatly piled magic talismans, releasing strong energy waves.

"Ah! Nice!" Piji Xing gave a complicated glance at the talismans, then walked into the Chi Family mansion in big steps. The group of Jia Clan warriors pushed Pi Feng, forcing him and his troop into the Chi Family mansion as well.

Chi Li glanced at Pi Feng, who merely shrugged. But deep in Pi Feng's pupils, hazy lotuses sparkled faintly, then disappeared.

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