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Liang Zhu City, the highest Conference Hall…

This was an enormous building, as magnificent as a palace of a god. Pan Gu world had nearly inexhaustible resources, and Yu Clan nobles had been spending lavishly. The base floor of the building was built with jade, paved by golden floor tiles, and the walls were built from crystals, silvers, corals, the shells of hawksbill sea turtles, and other rare materials.

The roof was pieced together by large crystal pieces and different colored gemstones with a special method. The glistening gemstones formed complicated patterns on the roof, which were also a part of the great defensive formation.

Under the base floor, the large underground space was filled with mountain-huge piles of top-grade crystals. Transformed by large-scale formations, the crystals released liquified natural power. Highly compressed liquefied natural powers spurted out from the well-designed tubes in the base floor, forming a dense, waist-deep layer of white mist.

A dense mist, transformed from completely pure natural powers!

This was a perfect cultivation ground. However, not a single Yu Clan noble would cultivate themselves in this place. They spent so many resources to build this place and created such a stunning scene, only because they were too rich! The resources in Pan Gu world were nearly inexhaustible. Therefore, they allowed themselves to squander.

"What a nice place! But, not imposing enough! Not good enough for my future supreme position!" Walking on the broad square of the Highest Conference Hall, Yemo Tian sneered and said, "When I become the owner of Pan Gu world and all the surrounding worlds, I will expand this hall by ten…no, a hundred times!"

He paused in the middle of a large square, turned around, and looked at those golden statues standing on over a hundred white silver pillars by the edge of the square. Those were the statues of ancient powerful Yu Clan people. They fought bravely with no pains spared. Because of them, the non-humankind based themselves upon Pan Gu world and built the tremendous Yu Dynasty.

"A bunch of old dudes! In the future, only one statue will stand in here, which will belong to me, Yemo Tian!" Yemo Tian snorted coldly, "One statue will be enough. Putting so many statues in here will block the line of sight!"

"But of course, my statue can't be so small. The base has to be at least three-thousand-meters-tall, or one-hundred-thousand-meters? At the very least, every Liang Zhu City person has to be able to see my glorious figure from every corner of the city!"

"My statue can't be vulgarly golden either. What material should we use? How about a giant natural gemstone? No, that sounds plain. But what should we use? I need it to be precious, dazzling, and unique!"

So hard to decide!

Standing beside Yemo Tian, Poto Feili, another leader of the Glorious Domination, slightly frowned and took out a fist-sized crystal ball. He carefully put his ear near the crystal ball, listened to the whispers from it, then smiled and said, "Boss, the Piji Family, Dishi Family, and Jialou Family have all been brought under control. Things are going well in the other areas as well…Now, it depends on us!"

"Hmm, it seems that our brothers have done a good job!" Yemo Tian patted heavily on Poto Feili's shoulder and said, "Trust me, I will give you a bright future! Now, in these old dudes' eyes, you're just a bunch of useless scums."

"But me, will make you the owners of worlds. Our Glorious Domination will rule everything. We, are going to become the true gods in the hearts of countless species! We will all become gods, and I, Yemo Tian, will be the king of gods!" Yemo Tian raised his eyebrows and excitedly looking at the Highest Conference Hall, which was surrounded by twelve tall divine towers, in the front.

Poto Feili grinned, puffed out his chest, and walked to the hall with large steps.

Keeping a low profile, Yemo Tian followed behind Poto Feili, mingling with his twenty guards. His family situation was obvious and clear, that no affection of brothers and sisters existed between Yemo Luoye and himself. The last thing he wanted was encountering Yemo Luoye's people in this place.

No accidents were allowed. At the moment, the most important thing was safely accessing the defense hub of Liang Zhu City. Like Piji Xing, Poto Feili had many titles ever since he was little kid. He too had access to the Highest Conference Hall, and the defense hub of the city.

As long as Yemo Tian successfully accessed the hall under Poto Feili's cover, everything would be under his control.

The base floor of the hall was nine-hundred-meters-tall, the stairs paved by jade and silver tiles that looked like a staircase leading to the heaven. On both sides of the three-hundred-meters-wide stairs, sturdy Jia Clan guards with golden armors looked like gods in heaven. Seeing Poto Feili walking over, every guard kneeled on one knee and saluted him silently.

"Poto Feili!" As Yemo Tian and the others were walking up to the stairs, a clear male voice could be heard abruptly from the Great Court aside.

Poto Feili's face twitched slightly as he hurriedly turned around.

The Highest Conference Hall was the place for Yu Clan leaders to discuss national affairs. By the east of the hall was the Great Court of Yu Dynasty. In the court, three chief judges controlled all legal proceedings of Yu Dynasty. The twelve emperors in power were selected by the highest council of elders, and the main duty of each emperor was mostly managing their people and family affairs. The three chief judges were nominated by the highest council of elders, and appointed by the twelve emperors. Their powers affected all families and people from the three suns and nine moons. In other words, the three chief judges were even more powerful than the twelve emperors.

Taking Dishi Yanluo as an example, he had the right to take away the life of any Blood Moon person, but he was not allowed to interfere with any Red Sun affairs. Unlike him, the three chief judges had the law enforcement power over any family and any person from the three suns and nine moons. They could even initiate investigations and impeachments of the twelve emperors.

At the moment, the one standing on a stair and calling Poto Feili's name was one of the three chief judges, named Polo Do, a member of the Flow Moon.

Flow Moon people were the keepers and spreaders of the non-humankind culture. They weren't good fighters, but many of them were scholars, and were wise. A big half of the officers serving in the administrative departments of Yu Dynasty Government were from Flow Moon.

Polo Do stood in the middle of a stairs, narrowing his eyes as he looked at Poto Feili and said, "Our emperors and elders have led the troops out of the city. Nothing is going on in the hall now. What are you here for?"

Poto Feili's eye corners twitched. He laughed embarrassedly and hollowly, "I'm just strolling."

Polo Do grinned warmly and said, "Strolling? How old are you? Still spending time strolling? There's nothing to see in the hall. I have a few interesting cases here. Why don't you judge cases? You should learn some useful things."

The eye corners of Yemo Tian and Poto Feili twitched simultaneously. In their heads, they cursed Polo Do over and over again.

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