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Fire, all over the sky, covered the ground. The golden-red fire looked like melted glass, burning wildly on the surface of everything. Bricks and tiles were melted, sands were turned into lava; magnificent buildings collapsed, becoming strands of smoke in the fire.

Countless non-humankind beings rushed out of their mansions, howling, crying, and shrieking. Yu Clan nobles shouted in pain and desperately ripped off their burning luxurious clothing. Jia Clan warriors howled and tried to take off their melting armors. Dark-kind slave warriors with lower positions and weak non-humankind slaves suddenly turned into drifting ashes after they struggled a few steps in the fire.

Fire, the essence sun fire from the Pan Jia sun, was the extreme of the fire in a world. Under Ji Hao's control, the destructive power released from Pan Jia sun was even a hundred times greater than it could ever be back in Pan Jia world.

If the great defensive formation of Liang Zhu City were activated, it wouldn't be so easy for Ji Hao to start such a great fire. Nevertheless, the defensive formation had been so quiet so far. As for the defensive formations based on the mansions in the city, which one of those could ever defend against the power of a natural sun?

Facing the raging fire, Yemo Tian, people from the Glorious Domination, and all other non-humankind beings, who were still enveloped in the mystery, panicked. Countless people were running on streets, wielding their weapons and shouting in confusion. They didn't know where the enemies were, or how they launched the attack.

Feng Xing, Yu Mu, Wuzhi Qi, and the others smiled. They heard Ji Hao and hurriedly drove all Yu Clan nobles they controlled out of the temporary prison, making them stand under the line of the Pan Jia sun.

The Taiji creation cauldron floated above Ji Hao's head. A stream of mist connected the cauldron and the sun.

Inside the sun, two faintly visible eyes looked down on the ground. Those were Ji Hao's eyes. Through the Pan Jia sun, he could see the whole city. Ji Hao's sight covered wherever the sunlight reached.

Seeing groups of Yu Clan nobles driven outside, Ji Hao smiled. From the Pan Jia sun, the golden light poured down light water streams. Showering under the sunlight, the bodies of the Yu Clan nobles from tens of large families suddenly began shrinking, then turned into strands of golden mist that rose towards the Pan Jia sun.

The Taiji creation cauldron buzzed loudly, as countless Yu Clan captives were sent into it.

Within a couple of breaths, people from the Piji Family, the Pi Family, Ji Family, and Chi Family as its three appendant families, Dishi Family and its four appendant families, which were the Di Family, Shi Family, Lo Family, Mo Family, the other four families in power, and about twenty appendant families, were all sent into the cauldron. Those Yu Clan people fell into the deepest sleep in the cauldron.

Afterward, Feng Xing, Yu Mu, and the others got busy in all mansions that belonged to these families. They opened all treasuries, broke all secret rooms, unsealed countless well hidden small spaces, and carried out all crystals, jade, magic herbs, precious plans, expensive metals, and all other kinds of natural treasures out, as fast as they could.

These Yu Clan nobles had been in Pan Gu world for countless years. They enslaved numerous human beings, exploited mines, plowing, sowing, and collecting; they dug through every inch of land they occupied, and accumulated an immeasurable wealth.

A big part of their harvests was sent back to Pan Yu world. With the resources from Pan Gu world, Yu Clan people built strong forces in Pan Yu world, and tremendous relational networks. But in Pan Gu world, these Yu Clan nobles still had a solid foundation. Even Ji Hao was shocked by their wealth.

Piles of crystals were as enormous as real mountains. All kinds of top-quality jade and incalculable precious natural treasures, magical herbs kept in exquisitely carved jade boxes, and billions of jade boxes releasing strong energy waves could be found. The quantity of the rare metals, which could be forged into great weapons, was immeasurable. The results of the efforts made by countless human slaves in the past centuries were all accumulated in here. Seeing all the rare resources carried out from small sealed spaces by Feng Xing and the others, Ji Hao even temporally lost his eyesight in shock.

"Damn, these all belong to us!" Gritting his teeth, Ji Hao said in anger, in sadness, and also in delight. Again, the golden light poured down from the Pan Jia sun and collected all the rare resources.

Ji Hao turned around his palm, conveniently took a thirty-thousand years old 'thousand-eye snake fruit' from a pile of herbs, and took a big bite. Immediately, he felt a coolness in his eyes. His eyes were relaxed, and his eyesight turned much better than before. Without casting any magic, he even had a slightly better vision.

Lowering his head, Ji Hao looked down at the ground without using any magic power. Surprisingly, he saw thirty-meter deep underground through the rocks. Within this depth, he saw everything clearly.

With a magic herb like this, added with some secret magic, a pair of greatly powerful eyes could be created, without a doubt. More than one-thousand and three-hundred 'thousand-eye snake fruits' like this were found in those mansions!

"You non-humankind beings wasted all the good stuff. Why don't you use these treasures to improve your powers but keep them all in treasuries?" Ji Hao sighed with a low voice, while the Pan Jia sun shone in the sky once again.

The golden light descended from the sky. Large groups of Yu Clan nobles screamed in the light, but they were turned into wisps of golden light uncontrollably and brought to the sky. Ji Hao especially targeted Yu Clan nobles that rushed out of mansions, surrounded by large numbers of guards, and were luxuriously dressed with elegant manners.

Within a quarter of an hour, including the members of the few families in power and their appendant families, Ji Hao had taken about ten-million Yu Clan nobles into the cauldron.

By the end, Ji Hao was too lazy to differentiate the nobles from the ordinary ones. He simply sent all three-eyed Yu Clan people into the cauldron. In the meanwhile, the Pan Jia sun's bright golden light spread in the city and captured countless Jia Clan and Xiu Clan people, who clearly had higher social statuses. He also captured a large number of dark-kind slave warriors and non-humankind slaves who rushed all over the city in panic. He had many dark-kind warriors and non-humankind slaves in his Yao Mountain territory. Therefore, he deeply understood that they were truly useful.

While Ji Hao and his people were emptying the city, a raging growl could be heard from the Highest Conference Hall.

"Enough! Yemo Tian! You stupid scum! Are you trying to destroy Liang Zhu City? Destroy our base in this world? Tell your gang to end all actions. Otherwise, today will be the day you die!"

Tens of especially strong energy waves rose from the hall. Within a blink of an eye, tens of figure showed up in the sky, above the hall.

Ji Hao's heart twitched suddenly — So many Sun and Moon stage beings!

Yu Dynasty was indeed powerful, indeed extraordinary. No wonder they had been suppressing the humankind all these years!

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