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The Xiu Clan old man stood up quickly, but fell even faster.

Feng Xing didn't pull out his longbow. Instead, he pointed at that Xiu Clan old man and released a sharp stream of arrow power, causing a shrill swishing noise. The arrow power stream struck into the widely opened mouth of the Xiu Clan man, penetrated his neck, and sent his short and scrawny body a long distance away.

The other Xiu Clan old men attempted to scream, but a faint shadow flashed across the air. Carrying a large club, Yuan Li gave each of them a heavy strike. Yuan Li hit them too hard, that quite a few of them were smashed into meat pies, stuck on the ground.

The expressions of the rest of the small number of guards left in the castle changed immediately. Before they pulled the alarm, tens of elite Eastern Wasteland archers in the crowd pulled open their bows and released their arrows, nailing the guards on the wall.

"Go down, wipe out all guards. Kill them all whether they fight back or not." Wuzhi Qi walked out of the crowd and murmured in a low voice, "We don't have time for captives now. Let's make it quick, and clean this place up as soon as we can."

Dense watery mist spread from his body, which gushed into the underground passage, leading to the dungeon. Yu Mu incanted a spell. Following his voice, the Disease God Streamer emerged behind him and released a poisonous mist which merged with Wuzhi Qi's watery mist and quickly flew down to the dungeon.

"Chi Li, that little b*stard!"

Sitting in a carriage, a Yu Clan old man was complaining. The carriage was speeding to the castle of the Glowing Gold Chamber of Commerce with a troop of guards. This Yu Clan old man narrowed his eyes and murmured, "Why did he tell everyone about this? B*stard. A Marquis's territory? Which one? You can't get too many profits from those young marquises and earls, not even if you peel them. But if it's one of those, whose families had hundred of centuries of history…"

The Yu Clan old man trembled in excitement as he continued mumbling to himself, "Ah, let's have a look now. See if we can, secretly, hide something, yeah? They transported those slaves and treasures all the way to Liang Zhu City from the human territory, so some losses during transportation are completely reasonable."

Suddenly, this Yu Clan old man seemed to have thought of something. He burst into hysterical screams, kicked the carriage heavily, and yelled, "Damn you, b*stard! Go faster! Ah, the few bloody clerks! Two of them are from the Pi Family and Ji Family!"

The dark-kind warrior who had been driving the carriage hurriedly wielded his whip. Lashed by the whip, the four fire-horn bulls were infuriated. They roared and breathed out scorching hot air, then began running as fast as they could. The tiny carriage was quaking while darting towards the castle, raising clouds of dust. The poor guards following behind the carriage inhaled all the dust in the air.

"Hurry up, hurry up! I have to arrive not only earlier than people from the Pi Family and Ji Family, but also quicker than those old bastards from our family too! Hmm, fortunately, Chi Li is my nephew…Secretly hiding something will be okay, and no one will disagree, right? This is for the family anyway!"

More and more carriages rushed towards the castle of the Glowing Gold Chamber of Commerce. Large groups of human warriors had still been walking into the dungeon. From the carriage, elders from the Chi Family, the Pi Family, and the Ji Family walked out, greedily looking at these strong human warriors. Some of them even drooled from their mouth corners.

Tall, strong warriors, with thriving spirit blood. All elites!

In Liang Zhu City, these warriors could get great prices, but their value was much higher than this. High-grade warriors like these should be sent back to Pan Yu world through portals, because their prices could be sky-high in there!

Back in the Pan Yu world, all large families had been trying to conquer newly discovered worlds. Every family had an especially strong thirst for powerful warriors. These high-grade elite human warriors would become best-selling goods in that world!

"Damn it! Why was it a joint action? Why can't our Glowing Gold Chamber of Commerce have all the spoils?" A group of elders from the three families had already arrived in the manager office in the castle. They angrily queried Chi Li before even taking a glance around.

"My dear elders, calm down, calm down! I sure want to have all the spoils too!" Chi Li helplessly spread his hands and said, "But, please understand, that human marquis was very strong. He had billions of people, and with a single word, he could immediately raise an army of tens of millions of warriors! Compared to Yu Clan people, many more human beings would like to fight."

He shrugged and continued mildly, "Therefore, over a thousand slave-hunting troops joined hands. With the help of a human enemy of our poor marquis, we finally destroyed his army and swept across his territory."

Clickings his tongue loudly, he laughed, "You will soon find out that it's a great deal. It's a great deal. He only lost a half of his army, and the residents in his territory are barely harmed. We have only brought the best warriors and commanders in his army, and a large batch of ordinary warriors and residents are still coming behind us."

Narrowing his eyes, Chi Li sighed and said, "Too many of our military forces are gathered in the Chi Ban Mountain area. It was not that easy for us to bring back all the slaves we captured."

The group of elders had their faces blushed because of the excitement. They destroyed such a powerful marquis? Damn it! Billions of people, tens of millions of warriors? How much were these people worth? These elders felt that they had been watching a new mine open up, from which mountain-huge piles of precious metal ores and crystals were to be carried out.

Yu Clan people had an endless need for resources. To them, any slave meant wealth!

"Damn it! Over a thousand slave-hunting troops? Then, how less can we share?" A Pi Family elder murmured, "If all the other slave-hunting troops and all their family members die, things would be so perfect!"

"Hmm, like our families, their family leaders took out all their warriors to join the war. Less than a thousand warriors are left guarding each family." A Ji Family elder mentioned an aphorism of the Yu Clan people, "Any crime without a witness never happened."

"The fewer shareholders we have, the higher can our shares be, right?" A Chi Family elder narrowed his eyes and looked at his friends, then said, "We are representing the Piji Family, so we can't let those small families take advantage of us."

Chi Li smiled mildly. A few beautiful human girls served hot tea as Chi Li persuaded the group of elders attentively, "Elders, try the tea, just try the tea. This is the best tea I found from the marquis's territory."

Those elders picked up teacups with dazzling eyes and poured the tea into their mouths.

A few minutes later, all these elders fell to the ground, foaming at the mouth.

A Pi Family elder barely raised his hand and tried to activate a spell symbol ring worn on his finger. But Yu Mu smilingly walked in and stomped on his hand, then said, "Hmm, you better don't move. Now, the poison you have taken is only softening your bodies, making you powerless. If you show any undesired attempts, we will give you the strongest poison."

These elders moaned in despair, helplessly falling to the ground.

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