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The Chi Family was the first to be occupied, followed by the Pi Family and the Ji Family right afterward.

Elite human warriors walked out form the teleporting formation. Covered by the defensive formations of the Chi Family, no one noticed anything strange in this area. Guided by the non-humankind moles under Ji Hao's control, human warriors easily controlled hundreds of non-humankind families, bringing all core members of these families under control.

Currently, the humankind already had enough strongholds in Liang Zhu City. As long as these human warriors figured out a way to control the great defensive formation of this city, the entire Liang Zhu City would fall under the control of the humankind. With so many Yu Clan nobles in the city as hostages, the twelve emperors would have to yield to the humankind, no matter what they wanted.

Nevertheless, the great defensive formation was controlled by the twelve families in power, and not even citizens of Liang Zhu City could approach the core of the formation. Except for the powerful core members of the twelve families in power, no living creature could reach within ten miles of the core alive.

"Piji Xing has access to the highest conference hall. The core of the great defensive formation is right beneath the hall, guarded by three-thousand great masters from the Full Moon in turns, all year around." It was a wonderful thing to have moles against the enemy during a war. The information given by Chi Li made Yu Mu and Feng Xing's eyes shine. They were responsible for this mission.

"That useless thing that extorted us on the street has access to the highest conference hall?" Feng Xing seriously doubted this.

"And, he is a leader of all guards in Liang Zhu City. He also has access to the defense hub under the hall." Chi Li spread his hands and gave a weird look, "After all, he is the younger brother of Red Sun Emperor, Piji Nu, and his father, who is also the father of Emperor Pii Nu, is one of the most powerful twelve elders in the highest council of elders."

With a strange smile, Chi Li continued with a low voice, "In fact, when Piji Xing was still a baby, he was already the highest commander of the three strongest main military forces of the Red Sun. The military power held in his hand is only slightly weaker than Emperor Piji Nu."

Feng Xing and Yu Mu widely opened their eyes and remained silent for a long while.

Chi Li's expression was indescribably complicated as he continued, "As a human being, even if you are born in a homeless clan, as long as you are strong enough, you can still become an official. Like Marquis Yao Ji Hao, we've studied all about him. He is a Southern Wasteland barbarian, so it was not very easy for him to become Marquis Yao. But, in Yu Dynasty, your family background decides many things for you."

"Like the glorious titles possessed by Lord Piji Xing, I can't possibly have any one of those, not even if I try all my life." Chi Li sighed and said, "My brightest future should be a commander of a regular troop, I guess. As for those main forces, I can make a middle-grade commander at most, because the highest commanders have to be members of the Piji Family."

Squatting aside, Feng Xing, Yu Mu, and Wuzhi Qi had been having a taste of a nicely scented tea. Hearing Chi Li, they curved down their lip corners together. They had no interest in knowing about non-humankind beings intriguing against each other. However, what Chi Li said about Piji Xing brought them lots of thoughts.

The whole night, guided by the moles under Ji Hao's control, human warriors occupied countless mansions that belonged to non-humankind families one after another. They thus built up all kinds of defensive and teleporting formations, and other powerful defensive seals.

As the dawn was breaking, everything was ready. Chi Li led three large carriages and tens of Yu Clan warriors, along with about a hundred Jia Clan warriors, and headed into the mansion of the Piji Family. It was easy to tell that the Piji Family was indeed different, as one of the twelve families in power. Even though all main forces in Liang Zhu City had been deployed to threaten the alliance of human clans, the mansion of Piji Family was still heavily guarded. Jia Clan warriors armed to the teeth could be seen in every corner of the mansion. Small-scale divine towers hiding in bushes were activated twenty-four hours each day, releasing red beams of light and scanning across the bodies of every guard. In the sky, metal plates hovered slowly.

In some important areas around some magnificent palaces, defensive screens had been sparkling visibly. The defensive screens of these palaces were also activated all day long. The crystals consumed by all defensive mechanisms was a giant number, but the Piji Family couldn't care less about it. Clearly, the Piji Family was wealthy.

In a three-story building not far from the side entrance, Chi Li saw Piji Xing.

In the bedroom, Piji Xing leaned against a soft bench, wearing a night-robe. Two beautiful young girls were giving him a foot massage, while the other two girls were serving him breakfast. It was early in the morning, but Piji Xing's meal was awfully greasy, including large pieces of grilled meat, fried eggs, large amount of milk and juice. His table manners were a disaster, as oil, milk, and juices splashed all over the ground.

Chi Li carefully bowed by the door of the bedroom and said politely, "Childe Piji Xin?"

Piji Xing raised his head and mumbled, "Ah, Chi Li, you brought my gifts? Come in, stand inside. Let me finish my breakfast, then I'll talk to you…Be careful, you just came back from wild human places, so I don't know how many germs you have brought back. Be careful, don't touch the treasures in my room. Otherwise, I have to throw them all away, and you would have to pay me a lot of money!"

Chi li's face twitched a little bit. Hurriedly, he squeezed a smile out of his face and said, "Yes, yes, I will, I will be careful!"

Tightening his robe, Chi Li carefully walked into the room and avoided stepping on the luxurious clothes dropped randomly on the ground, long benches placed in disorder, and some small things with unknown functions.

Finally, he found a place to stand. He stood there carefully and watched Piji Xing continue wolfing. From aside, a laughter could abruptly be heard, "Are you Chi Li? The leader of the Chi Family? People say that you're the most talented young man in the Chi Family, are you? Shame though, even in the Chi Family, you're not carrying a great weight. Otherwise, why would you serve as a slave-hunting troop leader? That kind of a lowly job…"

Chi Li hurriedly turned around and saw Yemo Tian stand by a stuffed four-winged flying snake with a weird smile. Yemo Tian was well-dressed. Holding his hands behind his body, Yemo Tian had been looking at Chi Li from head to toe. Chi Li's pupils shrank immediately. He hurriedly bowed to Yemo Tian deeply, then said, "Lord Yemo Tian, I didn't think that I could meet you here! It's been years!"

"Yeah, it's been years! I remember that you often fawned on Piij Xing since long ago." Yemo Tian slowly walked to Chi Li, then smiled and said, "You're an ambitious man. So, what about I offer you a chance to release your ambition?"

Chi Li looked at Yemo Tian, not knowing what to do. Last night, Feng Xing and Yu Mu created a 'screenplay' for him, and that did not include Yemo Tian.

This task today was to lure Piji Xing out of the mansion for fun. Out there, Feng Xing and Yu Mu would capture him alive, then force him to work for the humankind. But why would Yemo Tian show up so suddenly?

Chi Li had been flattering Piij Xing all year round, so he surely knew Yemo Tian. After all, Yemo Tian, Piji Xing, and the other few playboys used to hang around together every day years ago. Chi Li also knew that Yemo Tian was the leader of the small group of playboys!

"It's a great honor to work for you!" Without thinking for too long, Chi Li bowed deeply to Yemo Tian, then kneeled on one knee and touched Yemo Tian's shoe with his forehead.

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