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"Damn you!" Yi Di flew up from the watchtower. His feather cloak dazzled while an enormous pair of wings burst from his back. They generated a strong climbing power, bringing him up into the sky.

Every single feather of the swan cloak worn by Yi Di had released a tens of meters long beam of light. On each feather, countless tiny spell symbols sparked with a blinding light. In the air, an especially strong power had been suppressing the swan cloak, trying its best to weaken its flying ability.

In the wooden city, hundreds of gigantic totem pillars glowed simultaneously. Tens of thousands of Maguspreists stood by those pillars, cut their wrists open, and sprayed fresh blood on them.

With a rumbling noise, hundred miles long light beams rose from the pillars. On top of each light beam, a tremendous light sphere spread out. Within the light, hundreds of hazy yet enormous legendary creatures were faintly visible. Their roars echoed through the clouds, while waves of light erupted from the hundreds of pillars.

A cracking noise could be heard without any end. The air-banning power released from the city of great calamity clashed against the purifying power from the totem pillar, neutralizing each other while generating fine fire sparkles and a long-lasting series of muffled explosive noise, that brought people a pain in the ears.

The archers who fell from the air shouted with bright voices. Clear light streams flew out of their feather cloaks, wrapped up their mounts, and restored their flying abilities. Then, they were seen vertically rising again to the sky.

"Beat them!" Yi Di growled. The twenty-four solar terms arrow intent was released, from the spring equinox to the June solstice. Along with muffled thunders, waves of arrows were sent out from the string of the thunder-running bow, with an indescribably magical power of creation which belonged to nature. Flickering with lightning, they flew straight towards the Jia Clan warriors standing on the metal plates.

Tens of Divine-Magus-level Jia Clan battle kings silently rushed up. They raised the heavy shields in their left hands while swinging down the long blades in their right hands towards Yi Di, bringing up frosty beams of light. Their blades were even taller than themselves.

Quick crashing noises started. Yi Di's arrows were all top-grade pieces made by Ji Hao with his round cauldron. Shields held in the hands of Jia Clan battle kings were penetrated by swiftly spinning arrows one after another. The arrows then tore apart their armors and sank deep into their bodies.

The thunder-running bow raised the penetration power of the arrows by a hundred times, along with the rotational speed. In addition to that, the bow gave each arrow a strong thunder power. The arrows exploded inside Jia Clan battle kings' bodies and generated deafening thunders. Blood and body pieces were sent flying all over the sky.

Before some of them could swing their blades down, the tens of Jia Clan battle kings were forced back together. Yu Yu's twenty-four solar terms arrows intent was complimented by the thunder-running bow as one of the ten legendary bows in Pan Gu world, added with the spell symbol arrows made by Ji Hao painstakingly, and Yi Di's supreme Eastern Wasteland art of archery. The results stunned even Yi Di himself. He couldn't help but burst into an excited howl in the midair!

Forcing back tens of Divine Magi at one time, how could Yi Di even dream about being so powerful before?

Seizing the opportunity, Yi Di transformed into a strong whirlwind. Tens of arrows swished across the sky. The tens of Jia Clan battle kings who had large holes on their bodies tried to cover each other while retreating. But suddenly, muffled moans were squeezed out from their throats, as twenty-three of them had their eyes penetrated by arrows. Blasting thunders could again be heard, while their heads and a large half of their bodies blew up in dazzling thunderbolts.

"Damn it! Who is that kid?" In the city of great calamity at the front, Alo To, the High Moon Emperor, angrily punched on the wall. The High Moon had the strongest fighting capacity among all twelve branches of the non-humankind. High Moon people had the best instincts of fighting. Based on the same power level, every single High Moon warrior was at least twice as good as the ones from the other eleven branches. When the non-humankind started wars, High Moon warriors would always fight at the front line.

Alo To watched an Eastern Wasteland archer kill twenty-three of his elite battle kings with one single move. His heart even missed a beat, and he almost vomited blood for this great loss. Before, in battles against human beings, no matter what, losing one Divine-Magus-level warrior would take at least three months. Through long periods of confrontation and all kinds of ambushes, traps, surprise strikes were how human beings killed battle kings.

But today, even before they formally declared war, twenty-three battle kings were killed directly. Other than a heartache, Alo To's face was also burning in shame — This was so shameful. Witnessing this, how would people from the other twelve branches think of High Moon warriors? Would it be that under Alo To's lead, all High Moon warriors had softened?

"Prepare a small-scale, limited strike!" With an extremely dark face, Alo To glanced at the wooden city and hesitated shortly. Finally, he remembered the decision made by the twelve emperors at the meeting. This time, their purpose wasn't causing severe damages to the humankind. Instead, they were here to show their irresistible, terrifying powers to the human beings.

Limited killing, instead of destroying humanity — They were still counting on the alliance of human clans to fight for them as cannon fodder against a scarily powerful being from their homeworld, who was coming for all profits that Pan Gu world could generate.

"Over there!" Pondering for a while, Alo To pointed at the defensive formation of tens of thousands of starry sky spirit turtles, located by the east of the wooden city.

On the High Moon's city of great calamity, from those well-spread, exquisite, and beautiful metal petals, natural powers had been vibrating. In every second, a great amount of natural power would be absorbed by the energy formation based on each petal.

Transformed by the formation, the natural powers turned into liquid energy, flowing into the weapon system of the city of calamity. On the city wall, a three-hundred-meters-tall golden statue slowly opened its erect eye and silently glanced at the defensive formation of spirit turtles pointed at by Alo To.

Sizzle! A water-tank-thick white beam of light was released from the erect eye, tearing apart the sky as it instantly struck on a spirit turtle.

Pop! This turtle directly disintegrated into the finest grains. Next, hundreds of spirit turtles around it disappeared in the dazzling light. The light then struck the ground, making it bulge slightly. Countless fist-thick beams of light erupted from the ground, leaving thousands of fist-sized holes on the bodies of thousands of spirit turtles.

Followed by a muffled boom, the ground exploded. This so-called 'small-scale limited strike' from Alo To left a tremendous pit with a diameter of three-hundred-miles in the defensive formation of spirit turtles.

Thousands of spirit turtles around the pit screamed in pain. Steaming hot blood streamed out of their bodies and flowed into the pit.

"A perfect strike! Alo To nodded in satisfaction. Looking at Yi Di, who floated in the midair, he said, "Stupid barbarian, have you now learned the great difference between your civilization and ours?"

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