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To the south of Liang Zhu City, on a broad highland which had just been exposed from the flood, the wooden water city built by Ji Hao years ago had gone aground.

Tens of thousands of starry sky spirit turtles dropped the ropes held in their mouths and leisurely strolled around the city. Their bodies were enormous and heavy. Gigantic footprints were left on the ground by them. Maguspreists from the army spread a large amount of fiddlehead seed, then cast a magic and grew acres of tender fiddleheads, letting those turtles happily gobble.

In the city, Yi Di, Hao Tao, and the other commanders ordered their warriors to stay ready.

They had been fighting for years, without a break. They had lost thirty percent warriors under their commands, but overall, this army had grown many times stronger than before. On battlefields, some Magus Kings became Divine Magi, and many Senior Magi stepped into the level of Magus Kings.

By now, the water-kind armies were gone. The army stopped in this area, waiting for the next order from Pu Ban City.

Would they head into Northern Wasteland and wipe out all remaining forces of the Gong Gong Family, when Northern Wasteland and Midland merged together? Or, would they seize the opportunity as the flood had just sunk, and the non-humankind was unprepared, to launch a sudden attack against Liang Zhu City?

So many strong human families and clans had gathered their elite forces, which wouldn't happen every year. Through years of showering blood, this army had become a metal-strong force with an amazingly high morale. Launching surprise strikes against Liang Zhu City and teaching non-humankind beings in that city a good lesson, human leaders did have such thoughts.

This day, Yi Di stood on a watchtower, holding a grass stem in his mouth and leisurely putting his hands behind his head. With narrowed eyes, he gazed at the north.

With his great eyesight, he saw a brightly glowing divine tower on a hill, a hundred miles away. This area was close to the southern border of Liang Zhu City. About a hundred miles away in the north were a series of mansions and territories that belonged to small non-humankind families in the outer city. With the current strength of this elite army, Yi Di believed that they could push the front line straight to the city.

"We can take out a million non-humankind beings at least." Yi Di clicked his lips and said, "Jia Clan girls and Xiu Clan girls are unable to be appreciated, but Yu Clan girls are quite something. Compared to human girls, what's that word again? Seductively charming? Yeah, this word it is!"

Human girls were simple and naive, unlike Yu Clan girls. As Yi Di said, Yu Clan girls were seductively charming. Female Yu Clan captives were always worth a lot in the markets.

"I'm gonna get a few strong Jia Clan men. I'm gonna suck their marrow!" Tao Sha puffed out his chest as he stood under the tower. He also narrowed his eyes and gazed at the divine tower.

As possessors of the Taotie bloodline, Taotie Clan warriors from Western Wasteland ate pretty much everything.

Yi Di knitted his eyebrows and glanced at Tao Sha, then subconsciously curved his mouth corners downwards. Tao Sha, if this old dude said that he ate human beings, he would mean it. The war lasted for years. During the past few years, Yi Di witnessed Tao Sha chewing water-kind creatures alive countless times, then swallowing them up directly on battlefields.

As Yi Di prepared to make a joke with Tao Sha, telling him to learn to cook things before he eats them, the ground quaked slightly.

Gazing far at the north, he saw twelve thin streams of white mist rising to the sky from the farthest north. Within every stream of mist, a sand-grain-like thing had been shining brilliantly. Before long, the twelve mist streams reached thousands of miles high, then suddenly turned in the air, swishing to the south.

Within the mist streams, the twelve shining sand grains dashed swiftly. They seemed to have some sort of space-jumping ability, that in every quarter of an hour, they would abruptly break the space and jump forward for a long distance.

Twenty-four hours later, the twelve shining things were clearly visible from Yi Di's position. Those were twelve metal spheres, with a diameter of over one hundred miles, perfectly round and differently colored. Anyone who knew the non-humankind well enough could tell that the colors of these metal spheres represented the three suns and nine moons.

These enormous metal spheres were thickly embossed with complicated patterns, covered in a palm-thick layer of light that gave them a hazy look, like the things one might only see in dreams.

Tens of thousands of starry sky spirit turtles roared loudly and sonorously. Following Tushan Family people's shouts, these turtles quickly gathered together and formed an especially strong defensive formation on both sides of the wooden city. Inside the city, countless human warriors were in their places, with all kinds of weapons well prepared.

The twelve metal spheres paused simultaneously less than a thousand miles away from the city, glowing, buzzing, and letting out grating noises. Dim light streams flew across the surfaces of these metal spheres, while they bloomed like twelve enormous flowers.

The shell of these metal spheres split up and released exquisite, nearly transparent, thin metal pieces, that looked like petals. Each petal was thickly covered in spell symbols. Under the sunshine, these spell symbols reflected a splendid, blinding light.

The petals spread, and the twelve metal spheres became twelve enormous flowers, with a diameter of over three-hundred miles. In the middle of each flower was a metal platform, hundred miles in diameter. Palaces, divine towers, and strong walls towered up on the platform. Clearly, it was a fortress standing on each metal platform.

Following a buzzing noise, spell symbols dazzled on countless metal petals. Because of the twelve water worlds, the air was suffused with water power. The pure water power condensed into white torrents and surged into these metal petals. Next, the divine towers standing on each metal platform dazzled blindingly and released defensive screens in all directions, like waves of water. Eventually, each defensive screen expanded into a tremendous glowing sphere and wrapped up every metal flower entirely.

Along with faintly audible swishing noises, countless metal plates silently rose into the sky, about three meters in diameter and wrapped in a dim light. Standing on each metal plate was a heavily armored, muscular Jia Clan warrior, releasing strong energy waves. At the first sight, one could see at least a million Jia Clan warriors rising to the sky.

"Prepare for the war!" Yi Di raised his right hand and wielded.

Hao Tao stood by the curtain of a tent as he shouted with a deep yet strong voice, "Give a warning to Pu Ban City, Chi Ban Mountain, and all human clans…The twelve 'cities of great calamity' have all been activated. This is a great war! All twelve families in power have joined the attack!"

Countless fierce, large birds rose from the wooden city and carried archers up to the sky.

A beam of light spread from the city of great calamity at the front and generated a strange power directly from the air. The group of large birds had just reached hundreds of meters high, but all of a sudden, they could no longer feel the air with their wings. Large groups of Eastern Wasteland archers and their mounts fell from the sky.

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