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Hao Tao stood in the wooden city with a steel whip held in his hands. He was looking at the city of calamity seriously, which had just launched a strike.

The destructive beam of light released from the erect eye of the three-hundred-meters-tall statue was so powerful that the starry sky spirit turtles in the defensive formation, which were especially strong and had activated all their powers, failed to take even a single strike.

"I've never seen this… I've never even heard of this." Hao Tao's heart was heavy.

As a military judge, Hao Tao had joined numerous wars against the non-humankind, but he never saw a real city of great calamity with his own eyes. Cities of great calamity could be counted as the strongest weapon of Yu Dynasty. A city of great calamity was once enabled on a battlefield in the era of Emperor Zhuanxu. But back then, the entire Yu Dynasty only possessed one city of great calamity.

At the moment, Hao Tao was looking at twelve cities of great calamity! These cities of great calamity were much larger than the one in the secret historical record. The strike launched by one of these cities was fiercer, even more unstoppable. Hundreds of starry sky spirit turtles with a great defensive power were evaporated with one single strike, and thousands were injured severely!

That strike shattered the earth within the area three-hundred miles in radius, along with everything in it. So terrifying! If the strike weren't aimed at those turtles but at the wooden city instead, what would happen?

Hao Tao's heart sank into a bottomless abyss. He even temporarily lost his eyesight.

Hao Tao was a man of justice and a master of law. He was also a powerful being, such that years ago, he had become a half-step Supreme Magus. However, his specialty was nothing else but the law, and he served as no more than a military judge. He was a good warrior indeed, but he was by no means a famous general.

Facing the twelve destructive cities of calamity, Hao Tao's forehead was covered in cold sweat. Fight? Retreat? Or what? Why hadn't Pu Ban City sent back any message? If Si Wen Ming or the other famous human commanders were here, what would they do?

All of a sudden, Hao Tao realized the biggest problem of this allied human army! During the flood, the enemies of this army were mostly water-kind creatures. Under the shared leadership of the commanders from all clans, this army fought against the water-kind for years, and had taken great advantages. But facing a tightly organized, powerful Yu Dynasty army, this elite human army became like a headless snake. Without a leader, many problems and difficulties couldn't be solved efficiently.

Commanders and elders from many clans gathered near Hao Tao. They all witnessed that terrifying strike just now, and they all had cold sweat oozing out of their foreheads. They didn't know what to do, as the enemies were way too strong. That shocking strike launched by the High Moon city of calamity evaporated so many starry sky spirit turtles at one time, so what if it were aimed at the camp area?

"Hao Tao, Hao Tao, what should we do? Should we fight them? Or…" A White Tiger Clan elder shouted in anxiety.

"Fully activate the defensive formation. How many crystals do we have left? How long can we last?" A Roc Clan elder rushed over while gasping quickly, eyes filled with nervousness.

"This was only a temporary-use wooden camp, and our warriors are too aggregated." A Zhu Wu Clan elder yelled, "We can't fight them here. We have to figure out a way to weaken their cities of calamity!"

Hao Tao's mind wasn't clear. Countless law regulations and rules hovered in his mind, but he could not make the wisest decision.

Fight? Retreat?

Fight, warriors of the army had no fear of death. They would roar like beasts and put up desperate fights against the non-humankind! But, as Zhu Wu elder said, this place wasn't the best battlefield for human warriors! If the non-humankind only sent out a regular field army, they should have no fear. But, they enabled twelve cities of great calamity. If all warriors remained gathered in the wooden city, they would become the most obvious target of the twelve cities!

The first strike launched by the non-humankind killed hundreds of turtles, but how enormous were they? If that strike landed on the camp area, hundreds of thousands of elite human warriors would be wiped out, and millions would be injured!

If the enemy launched a few more strikes like that, the whole camp area would be flattened, and not a single human being would survive.

'Damn it, damn it!' Hao Tao gave a bitter grin. This army really needed a commander. At present, Si Wen Ming was the best commander among human beings. But, if he couldn't be here, Ji Hao, that smart boy could also make a big difference! Ji Hao would never let himself fall into a disadvantage. Following his lead, warriors would not fall into a disadvantage either!

In the midair, mounting on giant birds, large groups of Eastern Wasteland archers had already started a battle against Jia Clan warriors.

Treading on metal plates, Jia Clan warriors' linear speed was extremely high. In the air, they were even twice as fast as the most common flying mounts used by Eastern Wasteland archers. But their skills of turning, sideways movement, and dodging were awful. Overall, Jia Clan warriors with metal plates were far less flexible than Eastern Wasteland archers on flying mounts.

Eastern Wasteland archers moved swiftly in the sky as they sent out countless arrows, which swished across the air and pierced into the bodies of Jia Clan warriors.

Some of Jia Clan warriors dashed like crazy bulls, trying their best to disarray Eastern Wasteland archers, while the others carried heavy shields and lined up orderly in the air, sweeping in like a fishing net. They attempted to encircle a part of Eastern Wasteland archers and get them stuck in a shield formation to slaughter them.

This was a battle between bulls and eagles. No severe casualty was caused yet. Both sides had been changing formations, preparing for the last strike.

On the High Moon city of calamity, Alo To crossed his arms before his chest, looking at Eastern Wasteland archers flying all over the sky. Conveniently pointing at the west side of the city, he said, "Over there, kill some more big turtles. Turn the power output down. B*stards, do you know how valuable these turtles are? When we conquer the humankind, these big guys would all be our treasures!"

"Be careful! Don't affect the human warrior camp area, just drive them to the south. Don't hurt them." Alo To said as he looked at all human warriors gathered in the camp area. "They will be our best shields. Killing them would be too wasteful."

The three-hundred-meters-tall golden statue opened its eyes again. A much thinner white light beam darted out and killed over a hundred starry sky spirit turtles in the west.

Hao Tao sighed and said in a deep voice, "They seem to be driving us away instead of starting a real war!"

Breathing deeply, Hao Tao continued in a harsh tone, "Retreat to the south, to Chi Ban Mountain! Over there, their cities of calamity will be useless."

The order spread out. Human warriors abandoned the wooden city and scattered, unhurriedly retreating to the south.

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