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The Town Hall…

Emperor Shun sat in the middle, with two men wearing tall hats sitting on each side of him.

The four men were much taller than Emperor Shun, coiling in mist and releasing strong power vibrations. They were trembling slightly. Apparently, they were enraged.

Tens of thousands of jade boards that contained confessions of slave hunters and those 'guides' floated in the air while sparkling. All confessions had been played.

Ji Hao sat not far away from Emperor Shun calmly. Unlike before, he wasn't all alone anymore. Tens of superordinate elderly marquises and earls sat by his sides, and behind him, over ten-thousand marquises and earls sat in straight lines. Everyone's eyes were filled with blood streaks, as they gritted their teeth and looked at those jade boards.

Somethings were like pustules on the skin, that before one popped them, one could never know how bad the inside was. Once one popped these pustules, one might be shocked, scared, or enraged; one might even despair.

Tens of human families, the top-ranked and most powerful ones, were actually so rotten on the inside. Not to even mention they colluded with the non-humankind, attacked Yao Mountain City, and aimed at Pu Ban City, merely because of all nasty things confessed by those men of sacrifice, a bloody rupture had already been created between these large families and ordinary human clans.

Everyone on the scene clearly realized that from this day on, the branches that originated from large ancient families had cut off their relationships with these large families.

Some things were way too dark, cruel, unkind, and despairing, such as what happened to Xiong Ao's son and daughter, or the Mount Green Cloud branch of the Mi Clan. People who had done such things were insane and heartless. How could those large families do things like that? For their own interests, for power, those large family people had already become devils, from human beings!

Before, they had been keeping their dark histories perfectly secret. No now knew what they did, and non-humankind beings from the Yu Clan were their best shields. They took the blame for many bloody, dark sins.

No one ever thought, nor believed, that they could do such things. From Emperor Shun to all marquises and earls, from clan leaders to clansmen, who would believe that the descendants of ancient human emperors, glorious, god-like powerful Divine Magi, would do nasty things like these?

Divine Magi, powerful Divine Magi who stood high above the masses like gods, weren't they the guardians of human beings? Shouldn't they stand in battlefronts against the non-humankind, shielding human beings from enemies' arrows, swords, and blades with their chests?

Why would they do anything that was even worse than things done by the non-humankind monsters?

"They… How can they deserve the totem of You Xiong Family?" Coiling in dark-yellow mist, Emperor Xuanyuan growled in wrath. The power vibration released from his body was the fiercest. "They… How could they… How dare they…?"

A Gong Sun Family elder tremblingly crawled out of the crowed, reverently kneeled on the ground, and kowtowed to Emperor Xuanyuan as he said, "Great Ancestor, most of You Xiong Family people are good! These years, they have also been contributing to the humankind!"

Emperor Xuanyuan pointed out his finger and released a sharp sword intent, penetrating the elder's shoulder. Blood splashed while Emperor Xuanyuan continued growling, "Scums! Have they been contributing? Then, why didn't I see you send you one warrior to fight the flood?"

The elder lied on the ground, facing the floor and daring not to move. This time, the flood nearly destroyed humanity. Facing the flood, these large families merely protected their own territories and people, but didn't send out a single warrior to fight for the humankind. That was an unquestioned fact which could not be changed, no matter how they explained.

"Scums! Perhaps, you didn't do things wrong, but don't you really know anything about what they've done?" Out of anger, Emperor Xuanyuan had been shaking intensely, causing a deafening buzzing noise in the Town Hall. He generated yellow streaks of sword power which gradually descended towards all You Xiong Family people on the scene.

"Every year, when you worship ancestors, you would tell me that human beings are living in contentment, and the world is in peace. Why didn't anyone tell me one word that is true at a worshiping ceremony?" Emperor Xuanyuan could barely organize his language. His tongue even rolled abnormally when he was talking. After all, he was just a clone of Emperor Xuanyuan. His wits were limited, and his character was flawed. Obviously, he had more of Emperor Xuanyuan's fierceness and decisiveness, which made him a violent being. Just now, he cut hundreds of Gong Sun Family people once he showed up, which even startled Ji Hao.

"We, we…!" The elder tried to explain, but in the end, he failed to say a word. Indeed, they worshipped their ancestors every year. In the ancestral temple of You Xiong Family, they prayed to Emperor Xuanyuan.

But to be honest, praying to Emperor Xuanyuan…wouldn't bring any actual response from him anyway. Over time, this kind of worshipping ceremony had become a type of show about a family's cohesive affinity, power, and social status. Who would tell the truth at a ceremony like this?

This might be unpleasant to hear, but basically, worshipping ceremonies held in these large families had become 'ghost-cheating' activities!

"Alright, if a man has a tumor, he can simply resect it." Snorting heavily, Emperor Xuanyuan said, "Something seems to have happened in the area that I am responsible for, so I can't stay here for long. Emperor Shun, use the 'Great Mitiuo spell' to interrogate every scum from the You Xiong Family. Kill everyone who has done dirty things, then send them to our friend, Netherworld Priest, and trade for a batch of zombie warriors."

Emperor Xuanyuan sneered and continued in a cold and harsh tone, "As living beings, they're useless. But after death, they can indeed make some contribution to the humankind."

The other three former emperors nodded and applauded, praising Emperor Xuanyuan for his way of handling this. They unanimously decided to do the same to people from the other large families.

In the hall, the group of large family leader and elders were scared to death. Their faces paled, and they began wailing and howling. As for the guilty ones, some of them even shat their pants. The innocent ones were also freaked out.

The Great Mitiuo spell was the cruelest soul-torturing magic created by human beings. It would grind a soul into the finest grains to examine the behavior of its owner. It was an evil spell. There was about thirty percent chance that a Divine Magus would die right on the spot under the effect of this magic, seventy percent chance that this Divine Magus would go crazy, and about one percent chance of staying fine in the luckiest case.

If this spell were truly used, these strongest human families would certainly suffer great losses.

But, the four former emperors had already made the decision. It was a decision of Emperor Xuanyuan, so who dared to dissuade him?

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