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Over the Lang Zhu City, the sky was cloudless.

All clouds were dispelled by the strong power vibration released from tens of thousands of divine towers, exposing the surpassingly beautiful starry sky.

The Yu Clan nobles endured the flood for years. But now, they had been trying their best to have fun. They crazily burned their energies and powers to lead a life of pleasure, as if they were making up for what they missed in the past few years.

The nights in Liang Zhu City had become erotic. A moist, sticky, weird smell could be sensed from every street and alley. In the shades of trees, in flower shrubs, one could find entangled bodies, and hear the strange moans without an end.

In a magnificent great hall which was decorated with blood-red gemstones, Dishi Yanluo, the Emperor in power of the Blood Moon, lied lazily in a soft and large chair, surrounded by hundreds of beautiful Yu Clan girls.

The wine, the fresh flowers, the aphrodisiac incense, the floating, soft voile dresses, the fluffy feathers of bird-of-paradise... The floor was paved with a thick layer of blood-red rose petals. Behind gauze curtains fluttering in the wind, one could see strong Yu Clan warriors putting their arms around the waists of young girls.

A group of musicians sat in a corner of the hall, nearly drunk. They put no rein to their imaginations, performing a weird melody that had been composing in their heads. The roving melody was like the hearts of all Yu Clan beings on the scene, shaking, swaying, full of sexual passion.

Tens of carefully selected female human slaves with soft armors and short swords were divided into two groups, pretending to fight in the hall. Because of the soft melody, the movements of these female slaves had become slow and powerless. They looked like airily dancing snakes, flirty and without a sense of strength.

"Ah, hehe, I hate the rainy season!" Dishi Yanluo raised a human-head-sized wine cup, which was carved out of an entire piece of ruby. He shouted aloud and slightly swayed the cup, then poured the wine on an exceptionally coquettish Yu Clan girl.

The girl was chuckling. Wetted by the wine, her extremely thin voile dress was almost transparent, exposing her beautiful body.

Dishi Yanluo put his fingers around her neck, preparing to press her down on that large, soft chair, which was enough for three bulls to roll on. But suddenly, a short Xiu Clan old man rushed into the hall.

"Your Majesty!" From a distance away, the Xiu Clan old man shouted, "I am very sorry, but there's one thing that you need to see yourself. Dishi Cha, what on earth has he done? Something about that portal-base teleporting formation is wrong."

Dishi Yanluo was almost drunk. Hearing that Xiu Clan old man, he took a deep breath. Dense mist rose from his head, spreading a strong scent of alcohol. In the next moment, his mind was clear again. With three flickering eyes, he pushed away the girl, stood up, and looked at the Xiu Clan old man.

"Master Q, what's wrong? It's just a portal connecting Pan Gu world and a small world, isn't it?" Walking to the Xiu Clan old man with quick steps, Dishi Yanluo said, "Those small worlds were already caught by Pan Gu world, and this great world has been devouring them. The portal is useless now, so I told you to send your disciples to demolish it!"

"It can't be demolished!" Master Q looked at Dishi Yanluo with a strange expression. "Dishi Cha…We don't know what he changed, but something is wrong about these portals. And, I have a bad feeling!"

Dishi Yanlou frowned slightly.

Dishi Cha, that damnable man! He broke the portal that led to the hometown of all Yu Clan beings, and made the plan for the twelve families in power to conquer the twelve new worlds. But in the meantime, he did a series of queer things.

When the endless water-kind armies abruptly started marching out of the twelve portals, and were all under Gong Gong's control, Dishi Yanluo and the other emperors realized that something about Dishi Cha was very wrong.

Reasonably, the twelve emperors should be gathering their armies by now and hunting Dishi Cha all over the world. They should be forcing Dishi Cha to give the twelve families an explanation. However, the 'romantic' nature of Yu Clan nobles allowed them to start enjoying life once the flood was gone. These days, all administrative machineries of Yu Dynasty had shut down, and all military camps were empty!

Even Dishi Yanluo himself had been spending time with alcohol and girls, so who could he count on?

Master Q followed his order and went to demolish that useless portal, which was already…Dishi Yanluo quickly glanced at the middle area of Master Q's body. 'Perhaps, he's too old to have sex, so he can still focus on that portal at such a beautiful and romantic night, right?' thought Dishi Yanluo.

"Let's go take a look." Anyhow, Master Q was the best Xiu Clan master recognized by the entire Blood Moon. Therefore, Dishi Yanluo had to show enough respect to him. Dishi Yanluo clearly understood that the Blood Moon wouldn't be affected too much, even if he was replaced by another emperor. But without Master Qi, the annual profit of the Blood Moon would drop by at least fifty percent!

As a matter of fact, Master Q was even more valuable than Dishi Yanluo, the Emperor of Blood Moon.

Wrapping himself with a blood-red cloak, Dishi Yanluo followed behind Master Qi through a winding corridor, and walked to the mansion where the portal was located. On the way, more and more warriors with blood-red armors followed up. Gradually, a strong army emerged behind Dishi Yanluo.

In the large courtyard, the portal-base formation that once released a blinding light stream to connect with the small world, had now been dazzling. A thirty-meters thick, almost tangible light screen wrapped up the entire formation. Dishi Yanluo was by no means a master of magic formation, but at first sight, he realized that this formation wasn't the same one that had generated the portal back then.

The formation lying before Dishi Yanluo's eyes was a proper eighteen-pointed star formation. Floating around every star point were thousands of differently sized supportive formations and spell symbols.

Every one hundred breaths, a white light would suddenly shine from the formation.

Followed a thunderous, muffled bang, the white light spread in all directions like a giant, beating heart. It reached to the sky for over a hundred miles high and then disappeared.

"What is this?" Dishi Yanluo scratched his head.

"This is like a space navigational light!" Master Q raised his head and looked at the twelve enormous holes in the sky, which were created by the twelve water worlds. "This former portal-base teleporting formation is now supported by the power of an entire world. Twelve formations like this, connected with each other, form a tremendous…space navigational light!"

"Space navigational light? Who is Dishi Cha guiding?" Cold sweat immediately oozed from Dishi Yanluo's forehead as he said, "That son of a b*tch, he…Who has he been guiding?"

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