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"What a show, what a show!" Ji Hao held his hands behind his body, with thousands of jade boards floating in a straight line beside him, playing the confessions of those 'guides' over and over again.

They were men of sacrifice. Decent things wouldn't be their jobs. Their tasks were mostly related to uprooting dissidents or family-exterminations, because their mouths would be shut tight, and they would never betray their masters.

Things that needed to be kept secret were surely not decent. Once these things were exposed, countless troubles could be caused. At the moment, for this very reason, large groups of marquises and earls gathered their armies in Pu Ban City and launched the craziest attack on the leaders of those large families. Some of them even risked their lives. Even if they might die, they wanted Gong Sun Bo and his people to suffer.

Panting deeply, over a thousand marquises and earls stood behind Ji Hao in silence, staring at those large family people with eyes filled with blood streaks. Back in the Kui Gate and here in Pu Ban City twice, Ji Hao madly slaughtered elders from these large families twice. Many elders died in his hands. For sure, those dead elders had also done lots of nasty things, and many of those things were related to these marquises and earls behind Ji Hao.

Those elders were dead already. Therefore, these marquises and earls stayed calm constrainedly. The enemies were dead, which meant they had no reason to start wars like the Xiong Family. They gathered behind Ji Hao and took a position. They would no longer serve those large families as their branches. Instead, they'd rather join hands with Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming.

"Not real! Those aren't real! I don't know those people! They are liars! Ji Hao hired them! Liars! They are lying!" While defending against the fierce attacks from tens of marquises and earls, Gong Sun Bo barked ragingly.

The leader of You Chao Family was also suffering the attacks from a few marquises and earls. While protecting himself, he had also been screaming, "Marquis Yao Ji Hao! You are holding an evil intention! You are sowing discord among us. You, you, you're killing our bloodlines!"

Suiren Family leader's stood in a distance away, under the protection of a large group of people. Holding a staff, which was glowing with a bright fiery light, he pointed at Ji Hao and yelled, "Marquis Yao Ji Hao, are you out of your mind? Are you possessed? Those are lies! Lies! People! Please don't listen to this crazy boy. Those things, those things…"

"Those things…" Ji Hao said blandly, "…if your men of sacrifice didn't confess to me themselves, how could I possibly know about those things? I didn't know that a son and a daughter of leader Xiong Ao has gone missing, neither did I know that the Mi Family had a branch in Mount Green Cloud. And for sure, I had no way to find out that the greatest treasure of the Moon Family was actually stolen from their ancestral temple…"

Counting these things, Ji Hao couldn't help but shake his head and sigh.

These large families…Many talented, righteous and powerful princes like Lie Mountain Kang and Huaxu Lie existed in these families. But these families never lacked dregs like Lie Mountain Xu, Yi Shen, and Gong Gong Wuyou.

As young people, those people were arrogant and unbridled. Because of their family background, no one could restrain them. When they get older, when their elderships became old or died, these people would gradually take over the power and resources of their families. They would become old scums like Wu Gu and Wu Thunder; they would become evil and sinister.

In the eyes of those people, all ordinary people were as insignificant as ants. They believed that they could do anything they wanted to ordinary human beings in this world. Even Xiong Ao's son and daughter were murdered by Gong Sun Bi. One could easily imagine how would they treat the other human beings.

Ji Hao activated the remaining hundreds of jade boards.

These were the confessions of the strongest, highest ranked batch of men of sacrifice that Ji Hao had captured. Same as the others, they confessed all dirty things they had done in their lives.

They gave Ji Hao everything they knew, to beg for a painless death. They begged Ji Hao to kill them, both their bodies and souls, because they didn't want to live anymore.

All of a sudden, marquises and earls and those large family people, who had been brawling in the hall, paused. They watched the light screens released from those jade boards, stunned. Gradually, some marquises and earls managed to calm slightly back down. They stopped fighting and drew back, while the faces of those large family leaders twisted like fierce ghosts.

Those men of sacrifice mentioned some cases related to several large families.

For example, thirty years ago, a prince of Gong Sun Family, who was excellent in both terms of morality and talent, was murdered by the Ghost Chariot Family and Chu Wu Clan. Back then, Gong Sun Family elders all agreed that he was the most promising one to occupy Emperor Shun's position. Joint-handedly, the Ghost Chariot Family and Chu Wu Clan murdered that prince for his marrow and bloodline. They transplanted his marrow and blood into a Gu bug raised by the Chu Wu Clan to improve its potential and strength.

Gong Sun Bo's face fumed in fury, with blood was streaming down his mouth corners.

That prince was his son, his most beloved son! Thirty years ago, that prince went on a trip, but never comes back. Gong Sun Bo searched for his son with no spare pain for entire thirty years, and found nothing!

"You!" Gong Sun Bo screamed in sorrow and coughed blood.

"It's not real! Not real! No! I…I don't know…This, thirty years ago, I don't know. I have nothing to do with it!"

"Yes, I gave the order! So what? Gong Sun Bo, do you have something to say? I just couldn't bear watching the proud face of that little b*stard of yours! He injured my precious boy with one single move! He deserved to die, didn't he?" The leader of Chu Wu Clan burst into a fierce roar.

Suddenly, You Chao Family leader leaped up hysterically, reached his hands straight out while flying towards the leader of Cloud Sun Family.

"You! It was you! You replaced a few herbs from my son's body-strengthening medicine! Because of you, he can never become a Divine Magus! It was you!" the You Chao Family leader growled.

It was messed up, all messed up. Abruptly, the leaders and elders from tens of large families found out that many unbearable pains they had been suffering actually came from the people they called 'brothers' every day!

They were confused or deceived before. But with these confessions that Ji Hao provided, everything was suddenly clear!

The deep hatred made them absolutely irreconcilable with each other!

The elders and leaders from tens of large families began fighting like a group of dogs, in a total mess.

All of a sudden, a golden sword light descended from the sky. People from the tens of large families shrieked, while deep slashes were left on their bodies, almost tearing their bodies apart. Blood splashed while they fell to the ground.

A man descended along with the golden sword light, wrapped in a dark-yellow mist.

"You bunch of…Die!" In a towering rage, he growled.

The sword light dazzled again and sent hundreds of heads up into the sky. Blood sprayed all over the air.

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