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"Emperor tokens!" Gong Sun Bo and the other large family leaders’ eyes almost burned.

Ji Hao actually had emperor tokens! He could actually contact those former human emperors who were in the Chaos and doing god knew what! This, this, this was a disaster to Gong Sun Bo and the other leaders!

If they knew that Ji Hao had emperors tokens, they would never, ever go against Ji Hao so aggressively! If they knew this, they would even be happy to marry the most beautiful girls in their families to Ji Hao, to earn his support.

But they didn’t know, and they had already done those things!

Glancing at each other, Gong Sun Bo and the other leaders silently took a step forward. A strong intent of killing spread out from their bodies, that could make any ordinary human being quiver out of fear. They could not let Ji Hao go to those former emperors; such things could never happen!

They weren’t afraid of Emperor Shun, because Emperor Shun was a contemporary of theirs, and they were powerful enough to confront his majesty.

However, to an incomparable extent, they respected and feared those former emperors. Gong Sun Bo, for example, as the leader of You Xiong Gong Sun Family, had tens of thousands of differently scaled families and clans branched from his family following his words! However, once Emperor Xuanyuan showed up himself, with a single word, he could take away all the power that Gong Sun Bo possessed, and drop him straight to hell from the top of the society! Emperor Xuanyuan was the only reason for the Gong Sun Family to be so powerful and influential!

Gong Sun Bo could go against the world, but he could not withstand, not even a word from Emperor Xuanyuan!

The other large human families were all the same. Once Emperor Shennong, Emperor Suiren, Emperor You Chao, Emperor Fuxi, and the other former emperors showed up in person, one single word from those former emperors could take away everything they had. As Ji Hao was able to contact those former emperors, who had been staying out of worldly affairs for long, he had to die!

"This kid is a disaster, we should have killed him long ago!" Gong Sun Bo and the other leaders had their eye corners twitched. Throwing eye communications, they reached an agreement — They should have joined hands and killed Ji Hao long ago.

"Hehe!" Ji Hao gave a fake laugh. The intent of killing was so wrong. Didn’t those leaders know that he could sense it?

Chaos power streams rose from his head. The Pan Gu bell buzzed deeply and flew out. Strong streams of Chaos power poured down and shielded Ji Hao’s entire body. The Taiji cloak released two streams of light, as clear as water, with the colors of black and white as it wove into a diagram of Taiji, spinning slowly behind Ji Hao.

The Taiji creation cauldron suddenly appeared under Ji Hao’s feet, with the Pan Jia sun rising slowly from it, illuminating the sky with a dazzling red light and releasing heatwaves, which swept across the entire area. The Taiji universe mirror was hiding inside the Pan Gu bell, preparing to send away all attacks from the enemies.

"I have too many treasures. I don’t think you have enough time to silence me." Laughing out loud, Ji Hao abruptly pointed his finger at Xiong Ao, the leader of the Xiong Family, who looked as strong and sturdy as a giant bear, standing behind Gong Sun Bo. "Xiong Leader, I have someone’s confession here. Do you want to hear it?" shouted Ji Hao.

Turning around his palm, a small jade board appeared in Ji Hao’s hand, releasing a bright light screen as Ji Hao cast a spell on it.

"Kill this boy! He is a disaster for our humankind!" Gong Sun Bo growled.

Tens of thousands of strong power streams flooded to Ji Hao, but Gong Sun Bo and other leaders showed despair on their faces. They had tasted the Pan Gu bell’s defensive power days ago! Even though they wanted to kill Ji Hao so badly, they weren’t confident about their own capabilities.

Heavy thuds could be heard without an end, as the Pan Gu bell swayed slightly and blocked all attacks.

A slight part of the power flood drilled through the thick layer of Chaos power and struck on Ji Hao, but the Taiji diagram spinning behind him and completely naturalized it.

In the light screen released from the jade board, a scrawny, tall, middle-aged man with a pointy chin had been screaming, "I confess! I confess! Xiong Li, the third son of the current leader of Xiong Family, which is a branch of You Xiong Family, it was me and my people who killed Xiong Li…Xiong Li’s soul is still suffering inside a ghost fire lamp of Gong Sun Bi, the young leader of our Gong Sun Family! Gong Sun Bi carries that lamp everywhere!"

Gasping loudly, this middle-aged man continued loudly, "Gong Sun Bi raped Xiong Leader’s youngest daughter, and Xiong Li knew about it. He wouldn’t let go of Gong Sun Bi. Therefore, our young leader ordered us to kill him, then blame it on the non-humankind!"

Immediately, people on the scene stopped attacking Ji Hao. Gong Sun Bo turned around hurriedly, looked at Xiong Ao, as he said, "Xiong Ao leader, this…this nonsense, you won’t believe it, will you? You and me, we are not from the same family, but we shared an origin. We’re like brothers, you…"

On Xiong Ao’s face, dark stripes emerged one after another. Soon, a life-like bear tattoo appeared on Xiong Ao’s body. Gasping loudly and quickly, he suddenly dashed out, cracked the space, and broke into the group of Gong Sun Family people within a blink of an eye and gripping the neck of a handsome young man.

Tens of Gong Sun Family people growled out together, pulled out their swords, and pointed at Xiong Ao.

Hearing thunderous roars, hundreds of Xiong Family people activated their treasures and released an overwhelming power vibration against those Gong Sun Family people.

Beside those Xiong Family people, people from the Mi Family, which also originated from the You Xiong Family, stepped up, confronting the Gong Sun Family together with the Xiong Family.

Xiong Ao slapped on the face of that handsome young man, crushing half of his face and breaking all his teeth. From a finger of that young man, Xiong Ao took out a space ring. Carefully, he handed the ring to an old Maguspriest from Xiong Family.

The old Maguspriest pointed out his wand and let out a dark fire, burning the ring. As the handsome young man screamed, the soul seal left in the soul was destroyed. The old Maguspriest carefully searched in the ring for a while, then took out a ghost fire lamp made from cyan wolf bones.

A twisted figure had been struggling and wailing in the lamp. Abruptly seeing Xiong Ao, it paused. Staring at him, it desperately waved its arms towards him and shouted, with blood-red tears gushing out of its twisted eyes.

"My son! My daughter!" Xiong Ao’s eye corners suddenly ruptured, as blood mixed with tears, spurted from his eyes. Hysterically, he pointed at Gong Sun Bo and growled, "Gong Sun Leader…What Marquis Yao said is real! My son, my daughter, hah…They were on a trip when they encountered non-humankind monsters, and were unfortunately killed! Hah, they died at the hands of this non-humankind monster!"

A Gong Sun Family elder stood out, pointed at Xiong Ao, and yelled, "Xiong Ao, let go of my grandson! You dare not to kill him, do you?"

Xiong Ao tilted his head, looked at that elder from head to toe, and said slowly, "Gong Sun Bao, what are you? Why don’t I dare to kill him? Your grandson’s life is important, but weren’t my son and daughter important?"

Raising his arm, he threw out a punch, and smashed Gong Sun Bi’s head.

Ji Hao chuckled, then unhurriedly took out thousands of jade boards. In ordered lines, those jade boards floated before his face.

Gong Sun Bo gasped in shock. Around him, the countenances of quite a few large family leaders turned extremely weird.

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