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To a great extent, human beings valued and respected their ancestors. Even the smallest human clan located in a cave in the wilderness would build a small altar to enshrine and worship the souls of their ancestors. That was a faith, a belief, which had been giving people the strong will of fighting against the pressure from the non-humankind.

Therefore, these ‘guides’ collapsed sooner than he expected.

When tens of thousands of souls showed up before their faces, even the ones who refused to give a word when burning in fire started crying and struggling. Then, they suffered a mental breakdown.

In no time, Ji Hao attained the confessions that he wanted.

‘The Gong Sun Family and the other few large human families colluded with the non-humankind and attempted to occupy Yao Mountain territory, to seize the opportunity to launch a surprise attack on Pu Ban City and overturn the alliance of human clans, as the entire humankind was weakened by the flood.’

The oral confession made by these ‘guides’ was recorded in thousands of heavy jade boards, including images, voices, soul marks. These men of sacrifice from those large families told Ji Hao their names, family backgrounds, the names of their superiors, and everything else about themselves. They confessed the details of the fact that they colluded with non-humankind beings to attack Yao Mountain City; they even said out some things they did in the past.

Hearing their confession, Ji Hao couldn’t help but sneer.

Those large, powerful families and these men of sacrifice that they raised, these people did nothing good in the past either. As men of sacrifice, who were secretly raised by their families, and the things they had done were all unpresentable, including hurting each other, assassinating important members of other large families, even wiping out quite a number of small clans. They wiped out those small clans themselves for no other reason than a few core descendants of their families having their eyes on a couple of girls from those small clans.

They mentioned all kinds of dirty, nasty things that they had done. The confession of these, thousands of ‘guides’ made Ji Hao speechless. In the end, Ji Hao could only gaze at the sky, without being able to say a word.

In fact, Ji Hao wouldn’t be wronging them by accusing them of colluding with the non-humankind, because many of these large families had indeed done such things! For things that weren’t convenient to be done by them, they hired non-humankind beings to do for them. Many times, they even traded all kinds of secrets of the alliance of human clans for resources from the non-humankind.

Guided by Ji Hao, the leaders of those slave-hunting troops had made over a thousand solid written evidence with details regarding how exactly they colluded with those large families, where this strong force mass came from, who provided with the supplies, who guided them to this area, and how they sneaked into Yao Mountain territory. The information they provided was tightly connected and flawlessly matched.

Also, Dishi Tu swore as a commander of the Blood Moon army that he was the link between the Blood Moon army and those large human families. In his confession, the non-humankind had been preparing to launch an all-out attack to the humankind, and these large families decided to seize the opportunity to rise up; he made these vague things sound quite real.

The fire burning on the few ‘guides’ was put on. Healers applied ointments on their bodies, while the souls of their ancestors were locked in the heavily guarded core of a branch formation of the heaven and earth great formation. Afterward, Ji Hao took everyone’s confession and drove the nine dragons chariot to Pu Ban City, all by himself.

Fiery clouds rolled, while the chariot glowed blindingly.

It was late at night. Wherever the chariot flashed across, the world would be illuminated by a red light. One could see the golden-red light from the chariot from over a thousand miles away.

Thousands of miles away from the Town Hall, tens of people suddenly rose into the sky and blocked Ji Hao’s way in a straight line.

"Marquis Yao Ji Hao, under Gong Sun Leader’s order, you can’t…" said a strong voice.

Ji Hao didn’t want to waste any time on these people. He waved his hand and sent out tens of shreds of dark shadows from his sleeve. Those shadows drifted out of Ji Hao’s sleeve and hovered around these people. Immediately, shrill howls were let out from these people’s throats. Thin streams of blood mist sprayed from all over of their bodies, while they fell to the ground, desperately waving their hands.

Facing those blood pool ghosts Ji Hao released, these elite warriors from large human families failed to even strike back before they were injured so badly by those ghosts with faintly glowing blood-red weapons. The strong blood-pool poison lingered in their wounds. Without top-grade natural treasures to neutralize the poison, these warriors could never heal their own bodies. They could only lie on the ground, waiting for death.

"Stupid." Ji Hao sneered. The nine dragons flew straightaway without pausing. Within a blink of an eye, the chariot flashed across the air and stopped above the Town Hall.

Locking his fingers together, Ji Hao let out a breath towards his hands, then spread his fingers. Following his moves, forty-nine bolts of Yu Yu divine thunder were generated, which exploded above the Town Hall. They shattered the roof tiles and triggered layers of defensive screens. The ground around the Town Hall quaked intensively, raising clouds of dirt and sand. Countless human warriors rushed out in a panic.

"Ji Hao!" Gong Sun Bo flew out of the Town Hall in fury. Staring at Ji Hao with red eyes, he shouted, "How dare you come to this place?! We have already told you that you are not allowed to step into the Town Hall ever again!"

Ji Hao looked at Gong Sun Bo and asked with a bland tone, "What gives you the right to say that?"

Gong Sun Bo gave a twisted grin, pointed at the Town Hall, and growled, "We deprived your political rights on behalf of the most of marquises and earls!"

The power system of the alliance of human clans was similar to the parliamentary system, that Ji Hao learned about in his previous life. Tens of thousands of marquises and earls, the leaders of large human clans would all take parts in discussions regarding important affairs, in the Town Hall. Any decision supported by the majority would be the highest decision of the alliance.

Over sixty percent of all marquises, earls, and clan leaders supported Gong Sun Family and the other large families. Therefore, their decisions were the highest decisions of the entire humankind!

They expelled Ji Hao, which meant the humankind expelled Ji Hao.

"What’s give you the right to speak on because of all those marquises and earls?" Ji Hao laughed out loud. He boosted his power and let his laughter echo like thunder, nearly through the entire Pu Ban City. "You colluded with the non-humankind and attempted to overthrow the alliance of human clan. You chose to serve the non-humankind like dogs. What gives you the right to speak on behalf of all human beings?"

Gong Sun Bo was startled by Ji Hao’s words. He leaped into the sky, pointed at Ji Hao, and shouted in rage, "Nonsense! When did we collude with the non-humankind?"

Gong Sun Bo didn’t sound so confident when saying that. To be honest, they did collude with the non-humankind to attack Yao Mountain territory. Therefore, Ji Hao wasn’t exactly wronging them by accusing them of conspiring with the non-humankind. However, how could Gong Sun Bo ever admit such a thing? Neither did he believe that Ji Hao could find any evidence!

Those slave-hunting troops didn’t even know who paid for all those top-grade heavy weapons and hired them to attack Yao Mountain City!

"Emperor Shun, I have a written complaint here. We, all Yao Mountain people, are accusing these large human families of colluding with the non-humankind with evil intents. Will you take it or not?" Taking out a leather scroll, Ji Hao shouted, "If you refuse to take it, I will go straight to Emperor Fuxi, Emperor Shennong, and the other former emperors! I still have their emperor tokens!"

Emperor Shun walked out of the Town Hall with a large group of human leaders.

The faces of those large family leaders were all pale. How could this kid Ji Hao have emperor tokens?

What a disaster!

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