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Suddenly, a complicated expression appeared on Emperor Shun's face, from which, one might find a trace of nervousness, a faint anticipation, a slight hesitation, and worry. But more obviously, he seemed to be at a loss. Subconsciously, he raised his right hand and slightly clenched his fingers towards Ji Hao, but soon, he dropped that hand.

He seemed to want to stop Ji Hao from activating those jade boards and keep the evidence secret. As a human emperor who had been trying to hard to maintain the balance of the overall situation and fight against the non-humankind, Emperor Shun never wanted too many internal conflicts.

However, as a man with a sense of morality, Emperor Shun was actually looking forward for Ji Hao to do some things. At the very least, Ji Hao might be able to change those large families a little bit, right?

Emperor Shun's face went a bit twisted as he closed his eyes painfully. He had been in anticipation. He always wanted to do something to these large families. But, in so many years that had passed, he failed to resolve to do what he wanted. After all, these large families were rooted deeply in the humankind, such that even touching them slightly could cause a severe damage to the entire humankind, especially under the current circumstances.

The flood had just sunk, and the non-humankind might be planning something.

But, Emperor Shun was truly struggling. Perhaps, this was also the best chance, wasn't it?

Xiong Ao raised Gong Sun Bi's corpse, roaring like a beast. He cursed those Gong Sun Family elders madly. Gong Sun Bi's grandfather had also been growling hysterically, attempting to pounce on Xiong Ao. A few Gong Sun family elders, who managed to keep their minds clear, held him tightly with all their strength. The war between Xiong Ao and Gong Sun Bi's grandfather could not happen.

Gong Sun Bi killed Xiong Ao's son and raped his daughter…The Xiong Family was the most important branch of You Xiong Family, and was exceptionally powerful. Over a hundred Marquises and earls were from the Xiong Family. Yet, Gong Sun Bi did such cruel things to the son and daughter of the current Xiong Family leader. He even sealed the soul of Xiong Ao's son, torturing it day and night!

It was a deathly hatred! This hatred was deep enough to put the Xiong Family and Gong Sun Family at daggers drawn!

Xiong Ao had to be comforted at the moment, at all costs. Once the Xiong Family was torn from the Gong Sun Family, the latter would become a joke of the humankind. Even worse, if the clone of Emperor Xuanyuan in Pan Gu world ever got to know about this, the Gong Sun Family would be gone.

The Gong Sun Family had done too many dirty things that could not bear a thorough investigation. Everyone knew how fierce Emperor Xuanyuan could be. Once Emperor Xuanyuan knew about the nasty history of the Gong Sun Family, many Gong Sun Family people would die! Gong Sun Family people were Emperor Xuanyuan's direct descendants indeed, but so were Xiong Family people!

Emperor Xuanyuan would never cover up for Gong Sun Bo and his people. If they did things wrong, they would die without a doubt!

"Haha, since you've already done those things, you shouldn't be afraid of being known!" Ji Hao chuckled, then picked another jade board and cast a spell on it. Immediately, a light screen was released, flickering to about a hundred meter high.

"Ji Hao! How dare you!" Gong Sun Bi's entire body was trembling, not because of anger, but because of fear. How on earth did Ji Hao get those confessions? How on earth did he know about these things?

In the light screen, a muscular man was howling with a pained expression. "I confess! I confess! The branch of Mi Family located in Mount Green Cloud… I took a non-humankind slave-hunting troop from the 'Shining Gold Chamber of Commerce' there and destroyed them!"

"You can't blame me for it… can't blame me! The leader of that branch was the most trusted man of the current Mi Family leader. But, he had been trying to persuade Mi Family leader to stay away from my master, and to get close to my master's enemies! So, they had to die, so there can be a peace!"

Behind Xiong Ao, a tremor ran through Mi Family leader's body. Suddenly, his eyes turned purely dark, scarily dark. Next, pasty electric bolts burst from those eyes, condensing into two fist-sized, dazzling spell symbols before his face.

"Damn you! You destroyed Mount Green Cloud! I, I, I…"

A stream of blood sprayed out from Mi Family leader's mouth and fell on a Gong Sun Family elder. The blood exploded and released blinding thunderbolts. That Gong Sun Family elder wasn't preparing for this. Consequently, a half of his body was blown up, with his head and half a chest remaining, screaming in pain.

"Gong Sun Cang! Damn you! Gong Sun Cang! I am Mi Xin, and the leader of Mount Green Cloud was my twin brother! He was my twin brother!" Mi Xin roared hoarsely. Thunderbolts dazzled all over his body while he rushed towards the remaining half of Gong Sun Cang.

Based on Mi Xin's experiences, he knew what truly happened once he heard the man's confession.

His twin brother, the leader of the Mount Green Cloud branch of Mi Family, was the man he trusted the most, who also had a chance to become the next Master Maguspreist of the Mi Family. His brother never liked Gong Sun Cang. He had been trying to tell Mi Xin that Gong Sun Cang was sinister and vicious, and was not worth being a friend of. He also encouraged Mi Xin to be friendly with the other few elders from Gong Sun Family, and draw a clear line between Gong Sun Cang and himself.

For this small thing, Gong Sun Cang had actually colluded with a non-humankind slave-hunting troop and slaughtered all of Mi Family people in Mount Green Cloud.

Mi Xin attacked Gong Sun Cang crazily. The group of Gong Sun Family elders was stirred. They shouted and yelled, without knowing what to do. Some tried to save Gong Sun Cang, some attempted to stop Mi Xin, but no one managed to ease the chaotic situation.

Ji Hao activated hundreds of jade boards in a row.

The confessions made by those men of sacrifice from large families could be heard one after another, exposing the dirty things they had done before.

Gong Sun Family, You Chao Family, Suiren Family, High Sun Family, Cloud Sun Family, Ghost Chariot Family, Chu Wu Clan, marquises and earls standing behind these large families had their expressions changed. Some pulled out their weapons in fury and marched towards some elders from these large families. Some gritted their teeth and drew back quickly with twisted smiles on their faces.

Over sixty percent of all marquises and earls were standing behind these large families. With the support of these marquises and earls, the large families could maintain their power and social status. These earls and marquises were also important components of the strong forces possessed by those large families.

Bluntly speaking, if these marquises and earls went against these large families, they would lose at least eighty percent of their powers!

Ji Hao had been activating more jade boards, exposing more and more confessions. Marquises and earls burst into raging growls one after another, raising their swords and blades. Some marquises and earls stood up with sunken hearts, dismayingly stepping away from the large family people with their clansmen.

Within a quarter of an hour, eighty percent of the tens of thousands of marquises and earls behind the tens of large families went away!

Some earls and marquises stood in a distance away from those large family people, in groups with their friends. Some glanced at each other and silently went to Emperor Shun, standing behind him.

Some utterly enraged Marquises and earls went to Ji Hao while cursing. They took their stands and lined up behind Ji Hao.

Soon, over ten-thousand marquises and earls stood behind Ji Hao, staring at Gong Sun Bo and the other large family people with red eyes.

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