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Ji Hao stood on the city wall, opened his erect eye, and clearly saw everything happened in the campsite of the enemy. Countless non-humankind beings struggled and cried in pain, and eventually fell to the ground, fainting.

But some of them surprised Ji Hao

A quarter of an hour later, no sound could be heard from the campsite anymore. Ji Hao made a step forward, transformed into a beam of light, and flashed into a flying fort, which floated in the air.

The flying for was five-miles squared in area, entirely cast from a special alloy. Placed on the thick fence wall of the fort were a large number of divine towers and crossbows, along with other weapons. A fort like this was extremely expensive, and amazingly effective on battlefields. Using flying forts like this to attack Yao Mountain City must have cost some people a fortune.

"But, these are all mine now!" Ji Hao sneered, then broke into a luxurious hall built from crystal.

Thousands of Yu Clan nobles lied on the ground, covered in blood that they had vomited. A strong odor suffused the air. The two fire dragons coiled on Ji Hao’s arms and Mr. Crow, who stood on Ji Hao’s shoulder, screamed together angrily. This place stank.

In the mess, a few male human being tremblingly stood in the hall, wearing luxurious clothes.

They gripped white bone wands, with tens of dark and white jade medicine bottles scattered around their feet. A strong herbal aroma and some strange pungent smell had been spreading from those bottles.

Abruptly seeing Ji Hao, they shrieked despairingly. The wands in their hands had been releasing a dim blue light to cover their bodies, but their wrists quivered when they saw Ji Hao. From their wands, a blue fire condensed into arrows, silently darting towards Ji Hao.

Without a dim light, the few men immediately began vomiting blood after launching an attack. With softened bodies, they fell on the ground and cried weakly, twitching uncontrollably.

Waving his broad sleeve, Ji Hao raised a fierce gust of wind that shattered those fire arrows. Floating in the air, three-feet above the ground, he slowly approached the few men. Looking down at them, Ji Hao suddenly grinned and said, "Impressive! You lasted for such a long while under Yu Mu’s poison!"

The few men twitched intensely. They wanted to talk, but couldn’t.

Ji Hao crooked his finger. The wand held in a man’s hand flew up. The wand was as thick as a baby’s arm, made from bone, thickly embossed with poisonous bugs. On those embossments, countless tiny and twisted spell symbols were faintly visible, while a strange, strong power vibration was releasing from it. Ji Hao touched it with his fingers and felt a slight pain.

"So powerful. A divine-level treasure? It’s a shame though that you are only Magus Kings. You can’t release all of its power." As Ji Hao crooked his finger again, seven wands flew up together and floated before his face.

These wands were all made from the bones of an unknown creature. That creature had an extremely pure essence natural poison contained in its bones. Processed by special magic, that essence natural poison became a magical power, which could both attack and protect its owners.

All these wands were divine-level magic treasures, top-grade pieces, designed especially for masters of magic poisons. No wonder these people lasted so much longer than the others under Yu Mu’s poison. After all, they were protected by such powerful treasures.

Heavy footsteps could be heard. Like a moving flesh hill, Yu Mu walked into the hall, with fat waving all over his body. Gasping for air, he came to the few men, bent his waist with solid efforts, and picked up a few bottles on the ground.

Carefully sniffing those bottles, Yu Mu’s eyes suddenly shone as he said, "Life-taking perilla pills, thousand-snake powder, three-light white-bone ointment…All top-grade things, yet you have wasted so much! Back then, we had to work so hard for the Magi Palace for three to five years to earn a bottle like these!"

"All good?" Ji Hao asked.

"Top-level!" Yu Mu licked his lips. In the sphere of drugs and poisons, he was a master. "Not even the Magi Palace can produce these in large batches. After all, some raw materials are too rare. For example, the main material of life-taking perilla pills is red-striped perilla, which needs to grow naturally for ninety-nine years, nine months, and nine days. During this period, it has to suffer the frost nine times, and in the end, it can only be picked in a heavily snowing noon, with a cold jade knife!"

"Red-striped perilla is not rare, not even hundreds, thousands of years old ones. Ninety-nine-year-old red-striped perillas? You can find them everywhere. But who can make sure that those plants have been through exactly nine touches of frost? And you need to pick them on a heavily snowing day. That’s way too troublesome!"

Yu Mu explained to Ji Hao about why these medicines were so valuable.

Ji Hao nodded, then handed the seven wands to Yu Mu.

Yu Mu’s eyes shone again. His mung-sized eyes suddenly expanded to the size of soybean, fixed on the seven wands.

"This, the spirit bone of the Disease beast, right? In the legends, the Disease beast was the Disease God’s mount, and had disappeared from this world long ago. The disease beast only has one spirit bone, which can suppress all kinds of toxins, viruses, poisons…"

Carefully stroking the seven wands, Yu Mu reached out his tongue, licked a wand, then shook his head and said, "Not its bone… These should be the bones of his mix-blooded offspring. These can suppress all kinds of toxins, viruses, poisons indeed, but can never defeat the Disease God Steamer."

Ji Hao turned to the few men, who were twitching on the ground, and asked coldly, "With these good medicines and powerful treasures, you’re no one ordinary, are you? Eh? Your clothes are not bad either…Ah, these few space rings are all great pieces."

Using a fire dragon as a whip, Ji Hao lashed violently on a man’s body, then sneered and said, "Who are you?"

Yu Mu cast a spell and slightly eased their pain. While groaning, they finally restored some strength. The man lashed by Ji Hao with the fire dragon suddenly twitched again, as his clothes were set on fire, and a bone-deep slashed was left on his body, nearly tearing his body apart. The fire burned in his wound and blackened his skin.

Screaming in pain, this man raised his head with difficulty, looked at Ji Hao, and gave a twisted smile, "We are just guides. These slave hunters hire us to guide their way with a high price. Hehe, we take the money, and we do our jobs. What’s wrong with that?"

‘Just guides’? Which guide could carry divine-level treasures everywhere? Which guide could have these top-grade life-saving medicines, that not even elite Magi Palace apprentices could attain easily? Which guide could wear top-grade luxurious clothes like the highest Yu Clan nobles?

Ji Hao sneered, then nodded and said, "I hate guides the most." Turning to his warriors, Ji Hao shouted, "Drag them out, peel them, soak them in oil, then light the oil on them…Give them more life-saving drugs. I want them to be burned for seven days alive, before we incinerate them!"

Once Ji Hao gave his order, the faces of the seven men suddenly turned deathly pale.

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