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"Dong! Dong dong!"

Towards the evening, war drums could be heard from the tens of flying forts. A few Jia Clan warriors bared their upper bodies and lazily growled at the ground.

Countless non-humankind slaves, who had been digging ditches or building walls, dropped their weapons and tools, then yelled, shouted, and leaped towards the campsite. Smoke rose from kitchen chimneys, as the aroma of booze and meat spread out in all directions. Cooks in this slave-hunting army prepared the dinner, and large groups of slave hunters, slaves warriors, and slaves returned to the camp.

On the city wall, Ji Hao looked at those non-humankind slaves who had been scrambling for food in their campsite, then slightly knocked his fingers on a battlement and said, "Yu Mu, do it. They’re gonna throw everything up later anyway. If we wait until they have filled their stomachs, that would be a waste of food!"

Yu Mu laughed, then bit his right middle finger broken, and drew a spell symbol in the air with his blood, sending it onto the Disease God streamer.

A gray mist was released from the streamer. All of a sudden, an indescribable coldness made every living being in Yao Mountain City quiver. Tens of thousands of treemen who put their roots down by streets or alleys waved their branches and rustled their leaves.

Dishi Tu held a glass of wine and stood by the entrance of the tent, scornfully looking at those non-humankind slaves who had been fighting over food like dogs.

"Lowly, rude slaves. Look at their lowly faces! Can you imagine that their ancestors used to build star-sized forts, and even kill holy beings in the holy realm!"

Dishi Tu lowered his voice and whispered to his friends.

The few Yu Clan warriors popped out their eyes in shock, then looked at him and asked, "Commander, how that possible? These lowly slaves, they can’t even read. They…"

"They used to have a glorious civilization. They used to be strong." Dishi Tu proudly raised his head and sneered, "But no civilization can stop us, the great Yu Clan, from conquering. The destroyed the civilization of these slaves, and that, is also the fate of the humankind."

"Star-sized forts?" In shock, the few Yu Clan warriors murmured to themselves, "And, holy beings!"

"Some precious fragments are collected in the secret library of the Dishi Family." Dishi Tu said proudly, showing off the history of the Dishi Family and his own great family ground. "I was luckily allowed to study in there for seven days. In there, I learned many powerful secret magic, and a lot of intentionally erased histories."

Slightly shaking the glass in his hands, he continued with a low voice, "We need to know that the death of a holy being can never be recorded in a history book. After all, holy beings are immortal, aren’t they?"

The few Yu Clan warriors smiled knowingly and happily like a group of weasels which had just filled their stomachs with chicken, sensing pleasure from both their bodies and their souls. Talking about these top secrets that no other people could know made them feel so special, like standing high up above clouds, looking down at the masses.

"Eh?" One of them abruptly covered his lower belly with his hand. Slightly frowning, he said, "It’s strange, I am a bit…

Dishi Tu’s face twitched as he buried his belly in his hands too. Knitting his eyebrows, he stuttered, "I’m having a stomachache. I sensed a weird, burning pain. It can’t be! We’ve been eating solid foods prepared for regular armies these days. No such things can happen."

As their stomachs grumbled, they twisted their faces. Their faces turned slightly pale.

Dishi Cha hurriedly took out his amulet that hung on his neck and cast a spell. The amulet released a green light, which spread on the bodies of his and his friends. This was one great function of this amulet, that once it was triggered, it would emit a green light to sterilize everything under the coverage of the light. The green light was highly effective on all weird kinds of toxins and poisonous bugs.

Things weren’t that bad before Dishi Tu triggered the amulet. The moment the green light poured on their bodies, the pain in their bellies began growing like wild grasses nourished by the strongest fertilizer. Their gastrointestinal motilities were promoted so largely, and their stomachs rumbled loudly.

Soon, large amounts of gas were generated inside their bellies. They began farting and burping, one after another, without an end. Gradually, they felt their internal organs were even about to be pushed out of their mouths.

"Medicine!" Dishi Tu barely took out a golden medicine sealed in a transparent crystal tube. This was a secretly concocted medicine for military use, which could effectively help with all kinds of negative situations and quickly replenish energies, allowing the users to be energetic and high-spirited in a few days after a dose of it.

Only high-grade commanders in regular armies of Yu Dynasty could have great medicines like this. The few Yu Clan warriors took out the same medicines and poured into their mouths, but afterward, their faces twisted even worse, like evil ghosts.

The medicine flew into their stomachs, but they sensed no effect of it, as if the medicine was devoured by something else inside them before the effects showed.

A greater pain erupted like a volcano. The medicine failed to weaken any pain. On the contrary, it triggered a hundred times sharper pain. Like pouring a bucket of oil on a fire, the pain triggered by the medicine momentarily struck Dishi Tu and these Yu Clan warriors down.

Following a ghost-cry-like shrill howl, Dishi Tu and the others fell to the ground, with their bellies buried in their hands. Their internal organs had been twitching intensely, while cold sweat streamed down their backs. Their sweat was ice-cold and sticky, covering their deathly pale skin and looking like a layer of rotten egg white, emitting a stinky smell.

"I, I, I…" A Yu Clan warrior tremblingly murmured a few words, then passed out because of the unbearable pain.

Dishi Tu opened his mouth and let out a mouthful of sticky gastric juice, then began vomiting blood. After each mouthful of blood was squeezed out of his body, he would be weakened a bit. Letting out seven to eight mouthfuls of blood, he fell on the ground, limp and feeble, without any strength left in him.

Like a dead fish, Dishi Tu looked at the campsite in a distance away. In there, countless slaves, dark-kind warriors, and Jia Clan warriors had been rolling on the ground, covering their bellies with their hands, howling and twitching in pain. Those non-humankind slaves were relatively weaker. Therefore, after a short series of cries, they ‘luckily’ fainted.

Poor Jia Clan warriors. They were all strong and sturdy, especially energetic, with thriving life-forces. Their bodies could endure the pain that was a thousand times worse than what put those slaves into unconsciousness. They screamed hoarsely and twitched on the ground, with their eyes bulged from the sockets, thickly covered in blood streaks.

"Thud!" Two flying forts, which were pretty close to each other, bumped together. On the walls of the two forts, tens of Jia Clan warriors fell down while howling. The same screeches could be heard from inside the two flying forts as well, but soon, all noises started fading.

"All down. We’re dead!" Dishi Tu cried in despair.

Before he fell unconscious, he murmured, "How much ransom money do I need to pay for myself? Damn it, I’m gonna be broke!"

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