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The heaven and earth great formation was activated, as starlight poured down from the heaven like waterfalls. On the city wall, hazy legendary creatures had been sparkling, while countless golden and silver, beautiful spell symbols emerged on the ground around the city.

The great formation triggered the earth power. Earth and rock moved like flowing water. Within a quarter of an hour, a city rose three hundred miles away from Yao Mountain City, large enough to accommodate ten million people.

Melting pots were heated until red. Countless searing irons glowed with a bright red light in the pots. Slave warriors from Yao Mountain City had been growling, dragging slave-hunting troop warriors to those melting pots. Following shrill howls, spell symbols sparkled dimly on those searing iron, while the irons were pressed heavily on the faces of those warriors.

'Slave', this blood-red character was burned on the faces of those slave-hunting troop warriors, looking extremely dazzling. Through their skins and muscles, the sears were also burned on their bones, releasing fierce power streams which flowed swiftly inside these warriors' bodies like drills. The power streams drilled into their marrow, their internal organs, and their souls.

Managing each melting pot were a few Yao Mountain Maguspriests. They were holding their wands, casting spells, and replenishing the searing irons in the pots with power. These sears were like countless chains, locking the bodies and souls of these warriors, burying the eternal loyalty deep in their souls. Once a thought of betrayal emerged in their heads, or a Yao Mountain Maguspreists triggered the sear, these captives would die immediately. Their bodies would become powerful bombs, destroying all living creatures around them.

Ordinary captives could be enslaved by these magic sears for all their lives, but surely, one couldn't treat those powerful warriors and Yu Clan nobles in such a simple and violent way.

Strong Jia Clan warriors had been raring in rage. They were pressed down on the ground by Yao Mountain warriors, who were even stronger. Their armors were ripped off, and so were their clothes. Powerful elderly Maguspreists picked up long needles made from the bones or teeth of spirit beasts, dipped into a magic blood ink concocted according to a special formula, and tattooed complicated, weird patterns on these Jia Clan warriors' bodies.

These scary tattoos squirmed on the skins of these Jia Clan warriors, gradually becoming strands of colorful mist that seeped into their bodies and merged with their spirits and souls.

Following a deep spell incanting voice, these Jia Clan warriors stood up like walking corpses and lined up orderly, walking to a campsite aside, uncontrollably. They roared in anger and despair. Some of them with high-self-esteem even started crying hoarsely and heartbreakingly.

With these tattoos, they clearly understood that Yao Mountain City people would never release them. They would serve Yao Mountain City all their lives. Their children, and the children of their children, would all become Yao Mountain City's slaves.

They were from slave-hunting troops. Therefore, they clearly knew how miserable could their lives be as slaves. Human beings would never treat slaves better than the non-humankind beings treated human slaves. They could only be crueler, without any warmth.

Nearly ten-thousand Yu Clan people stood aside with relaxed looks. Quietly, they watched their warriors being turned into slaves by Yao Mountain City people. They were also clearly aware of the fact that the owner of Yao Mountain City would use them to extort a great sum of money from their families. Yu Clan nobles were valuable. Each of them was worth a lot of money. Therefore, unless they fell in battles, they would normally always be treated kindly by human beings, when they were captured.

They didn't need to worry about their lives, but they would have to pay a big sum of money.

Some heartless Yu Clan young men were talking about the slave-control methods of Yao Mountain people. With low voices, they said that the searing irons used by Yao Mountain people seemed to be too simple and crude, and lacked an aesthetic feeling. They believed that if they could design those searing irons, the 'slave' sears on those warriors' faces would be prettier.

The leaders of these slave-hunting troops had sulky faces at the moment, as they had been calculating the losses that they had suffered this time. Aside from their own ransom money, so many Jia Clan warriors, Xiu Clan craftsmen, dark-kind slave warriors, and non-humankind salves were captured, all becoming Yao Mountain City's slaves. The losses of dark-kind slave warriors and non-humankind slaves were negligible, but those Jia Clan warriors and Xiu Clan craftsmen weren't the same…The pension would cost a fortune!

"But of course, if we give their families to Yao Mountain City, we can save that pension. Besides, their families can be converted into ransom money!" A long while ago, the leader of the largest slave-hunting troop bit his lips and gave his suggestion with a low voice.

Hearing him, the eyes of the other leaders shone as they applauded this smart leader smilingly.

What a perfect idea! These Jia Clan warriors and Xiu Clan craftsmen were captured in Yao Mountain City. Therefore, their leaders had to give their families a generous pension back home. However, if those families could be given to Yao Mountain City also as slaves, that pension would be saved! And each one of their families could be converted into a sum of money!

"But, we have to be careful doing it." said a cautious Yu Clan man, "After all, Jia Clan and Xiu Clan people are our own kind. Hmm…We all understand that we can't treat them like slaves."

The group of Yu Clan people pulled their faces and chuckled.

Jia Clan warriors and Xiu Clan craftsmen serving in slave-hunting troops were all from small families, without anyone powerful to depend on. Otherwise, they wouldn't have chosen to become slave hunters. As long as these leaders stayed careful, sending all their families to Yao Mountain City wouldn't cause a big trouble.

"Greedy, stupid slave dealers!" Standing in a distance away, Dishi Tu disgustedly looked at these leaders.

He then turned to those Yao Mountain warriors and Maguspreists. A large part of Yao Mountain warriors were Jia Clan warriors, dark-kind warriors, and non-humankind slaves, all well-equipped. "It's gonna be a tough opponent…No, in fact, he has already become the most difficult commander among all barbarians in this world! Marquis Yao Ji Hao, so shameless, he captured us all with magic poison!"

As Dishi Tu murmured to himself, he saw those 'human guides' were stripped and pushed to before the crowd of slave-hunting troops leaders.

With a series of shrill cries, a 'human guide' was peeled with a magic and soaked in a tank of oil.

"Who are you? Who sent you to assault Yao Mountain City?"

A tall and strong Yao Mountain commander shouted at him.

Soaking in oil, that 'guide' burst into hysterical laughter while enduring the pain, "Burn me! I am only an ordinary guide! Hahaha! Burn me! Soon enough, you will all die too!"

The human commander nodded, then mercilessly threw a torch onto the 'guide'.

"My supreme Blood Moon! So cruel!" Dishi Tu made a few steps backward and exclaimed.

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