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In a luxuriously and exquisitely decorated great hall, which was built with colorful crystals, Dishi Tu stood in a corner, fiddling with a beautiful crystal glass. From time to time, he lowered his head and sniffed the complicated and constantly changing aroma of the wine contained in the glass.

Above the giant magic sandbox in the middle of the hall, images had been changing, showing everything happening one-hundred-thousand miles around Yao Mountain City. Nearly a hundred Yu Clan nobles with luxurious outfits stood by the sandbox, with their heads held high in pride. They tried their bests to act elegantly while they were loudly talking about their attacking plans.

Nearly a hundreds leaders of strong slave-hunting troops, nearly a hundred attacking plans…

Yu Clan people were proud and peacockish. Every single one of these leaders believed that his or her plan was the best, while the plans of all the others were bullsh*t. No one could convince the others, and everyone had been sparing no effort to advocate their own plans.

The leaders of about a thousand smaller scaled slave-hunting troops were scattered in the hall, not paying any attention to the intense arguments of those people by the sandbox. They each held a glass of wine. While tasting the fine wine, they were all delightfully talking about the great life in Liang Zhu City.

Relaxed laughter could be heard from the hall every now and them. These people didn’t seem to be nervous at all.

"Idiots." Dishi Tu raised his head, emptied his glass, then conveniently threw it into the large clay jar aside, which was filled with clean water. Tightening his cloak, he walked out of the hall with big steps.

An enormous, beautiful eagle with silver feathers had been lying quietly outside the hall. Seeing Dishi Tu, the eagle stood up and cawed excitedly. Dishi Tu hopped onto the eagle’s back and gave a deep growl. Hearing his voice, the eagle rose into the sky and hovered around the hall, then flew to a campsite not far away.

"Low-grade nobles, all idiots. They can only do some sneaky things like this! Hunt slaves, sell slaves, dirty deals…" Dishi Tu snorted scornfully, with his head held high proudly, while glancing back at the hall.

The eagle hovered, then dove down swiftly, and landed in the middle of the campsite. A few strangely muscular Yu Clan warriors immediately walked over, then politely bowed to Dishi Tu and said, "Commander!"

Dishi Tu shook his head, patted on the head of the eagle, and walked into a tent beside him with a dark face, sitting on a luxurious large armchair in the tent. A warrior served a bronze cup of water. Dishi Tu picked up the cup, gulped a few mouthfuls of water, then sighed in satisfaction, placing the cup heavily on the table by the chair.

"Those damn things! Back in Liang Zhu City, I will make them suffer." With a sulky face, Dishi Cha pointed at the direction of the hall and said, "Dilatory, completely inefficient…What’s worst, those people thought we are really a slave-hunting troop, and they threatened us to join this stupid war!"

A few Yu Clan warriors stood in front of him, shaking their heads silently.

They weren’t from a slave-hunting troop. Instead, they were the scouts of the Blood Moon army, true warriors. Once the flood started to ebb, Dishi Yanluo sent them to sneak into the human land in the disguise of a slave-hunting troop to pry for information.

Earlier, they were moving in the north side of Yao Mountain territory. Suddenly, tens of slave-hunting troops surrounded them. After negotiation, Dishi Tu and his warriors joined this army of a rabble of slave hunters.

"What a waste of time, of life. Being with those idiots, even I feel stupid." Dishi Tu gritted his teeth in anger and snorted, "The only thing that surprises me, my dear friends, which family’s slave-hunting troops do you think have such a strong arm?"

Nearly a hundred flying forts, over a thousand divine towers, with considerable powers of both defense and offense… Furthermore, for those Jia Clan warriors and the main force of this army, their armors were as good as Blood Moon warriors’ armors.

Slave-hunting troops were privately-owned. Usually, their equipment was two to there grades lower than the regular armies in Yu Dynasty. But these slave-hunting troops were not like that. They had more weapons, especially heavy weapons, even more than the core elite force of Blood Moon.

Slave-hunting troops pursued nothing more than profits. They bullied the weak and feared the strong. Usually, they would only sneakily attack small human clans, but never would spend a giant sum of money to purchase such great equipment. Obviously, someone had been sponsoring these slave hunting troops with huge investments.

"Yao Mountain territory! Marquis Yao! What a trouble! They offered a whopping price for him, right?" Wagging his pair of legs, he said to his people with a relaxed tone, "But this time, it seems that human leaders want him dead. Poor guy, I think he’s doomed this time."

A few Yu Clan nobles laughed. They all knew about the conditions brought up by those human beings who served as ‘guides’ — All relatives of Marquis Yao Ji Hao must be killed, every last one of them; all other residents of Yao Mountain territory will become slaves!

"Lowly barbarians." A Yu Clan warrior laughed, "They have no idea that Emperor Dishi Yanluo is going to launch a new wave of attack. We have already reached the center of their territory while they are still busy at killing each other."

"Not only Emperor Dishi Yanluo, a few other emperors as well..." Dishi Tu said with a deep voice, "…They seem to have combined their powers. The flood didn’t cause too many losses to us, but the humankind…This is a great opportunity to weaken, and even conquer the humankind!"

While chatting, Dishi Tu suddenly leaped up and burst with a scream. Hurriedly, he took out an amulet from his inner pocket.

The amulet was shaped like a leaf, hollow, and glowing dimly. A weak warmth had been spreading from it. Dishi Tu frowned and cast a spell on it.

The amulet made no response.

"Ah, I was nearly scared to death." Dishi Tu murmured, "This is a top-grade amulet against magic poison. Once human Maguspreists release magic poisons, it will give an alarm, and trigger the defensive screen to dispel and neutralize all magic poisons."

"Hmm, the flood is still ebbing, so I think it’s the gas from decomposed bodies that triggered this amulet slightly, instead of a real magic poison released by a Maguspreist on purpose. Otherwise, it wouldn’t stay so quiet!"

The other few Yu Clan warriors took out their own tools against magic poisons and carefully searched through the tent.

They found nothing.

This was a false alarm. Dishi Tu laughed loudly, then took out a fine bottle of wine that had been cherished by him, inviting his friends to enjoy it together.

Invisibly, Yu Mu’s locusts easily drilled into their bodies.

None of their amulets and defensive talismans was triggered.

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