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If one stood on the tall fence wall and looked down, one would see people as tiny as ants, walking around.

Looking afar, one would see countless frog-like non-humankind slaves a hundred miles away, yelling and shouting. Their skins were all covered in speckles. With all kinds of tools and weapons, they had already dug a three-hundred-meters-wide ditch around Yao Mountain City.

What puzzled those non-humankind beings was that no matter hard these slaves tried, their shovels couldn’t reach further down from about twenty-four meters and one foot deep underground, not even for an inch. They tried hard, and even broke their tools, but aside from a few dim fire sparkles, not even a fistful of earth could be dug out.

Twenty-four meters and one foot deep, such a ditch wasn’t deep enough to defend against human warriors. Strong Senior Magi could reach nearly a hundred meters high with one leap, and even an ordinary Junior Magus could jump tens of meters high easily. Therefore, without a one-thousand-meters-deep ditch, those human warriors from Yao Mountain City could never be stopped!

From a distance away, Ji Hao saw large groups of Jia Clan warriors joined in digging while complaining. Holding all kinds of glowing spell symbols weapons, they growled thunderously, and smashed violently on the bottom of the ditch.

Fire sparkles dazzled while resounding booms echoed, but nothing happened. Except for farmlands, the underlying soil layers around Yao Mountain City was even harder than diamond under the effect of the heaven and earth great formation, and was protected by other defensive formations. How could a few Jia Clan warriors easily break it?

After trying for half a day, those non-humankind beings failed to deepen the ditch. Helplessly, they broke a mountain in a distance away, borrowed some earth, and built a tall fence wall by the ditch. Xiu Clan people cast spells on the wall. Soon, the earth wall was turned into a wall of hard stones, then a thick layer of melted iron was poured on it.

"Wanna make us stay stuck in the city till death?" Ji Hao sneered. They seemed to be planning to catch a turtle in the jar. Apparently, they prepared to kill every last member of Gold Crow Clan. Gong Sun Bo said it clearly that all Ji Hao’s clansmen would die, and all the others who lived in his territory, who weren’t from the Gold Crow Clan, would become slaves.

"Tonight, I will kick their asses with my warriors!" Ji Xia punched on a battlement. Following a loud crack, a bright puff of fire burst from his fist. The moment Ji Xia smashed the battlement with his fist, Ji Hao clearly saw that his skin and bones had all turned glowing purple-red, transparent like a crystal condensed from a fire.

Ji Hao gave a grin. It seemed that Ji Xia was about to absorb the ancestor’s legacy completely, as his body already started to merge with the great Dao of fire. Once he cultivated his body to an extreme level and drew a natural star into his body, he would start his cultivation as a Supreme Magus. Then, Ji Hao would help with the methods of Dao that he learned from Yu Yu. With his help, Ji Xia would have a great chance to absorb the star, melt the spirit of the star, and successfully become a true Supreme Magus. And when Ji Xia became a true Supreme Magus, hehe, would Gong Sun Bo and his people still act so aggressively?

But that would be in the future. Right under his eyes, this slave-hunting army was large in number, which even made Ji Hao look at it seriously.

"Abba, you fight too brutally. They came all the way here the bring themselves to us. If you get them all killed, that would be such a waste!" Ji Hao calculated with his fingers and said, "Abba, you see, those slim Yu Clan nobles, each of them is worth a great sum of crystals. Those are all money!"

"If we don’t want crystals, we can trade them for armors, weapons, food, and all kinds of resources that we need! In the future, when you see a Yu Clan noble, don’t see him or her as a living creature. Instead, use your imagination. You should see them as a moving hill of magic crystals! The amount of crystals that a Yu Clan noble is worth is at least twice their volume!"

"Look at those Jia Clan warriors. Our Yao Mountain territory is just in need of strong cannon fodder. We can arm them, control their original souls, and let them fight for us…Or, I recently met an elder, who likes creatures with strong bodies especially. We can sell these Jia Clan warriors to him with a sweet price!"

"As for those Xiu Clan people, I think the production scale of our Yao Mountain territory is still a bit too small, and we have too few craftsmen. Things inside these Xiu Clan people’ heads are all treasures. In fact, they are even more valuable than those Yu Clan nobles!"

"And those dark-skinned slave warriors, they’re like Jia Clan warriors, the best cannon fodder ever!"

"These non-humankind slaves are not good fighters, and look so ugly. But, they are giant in number. They eat less than cats, but work harder than cattle. We are building more cities in Yao Mountain territory, and we are short of labor. Even though we don’t need them to build cities, we need them to work in our mines, ranches, fishing grounds, tree farms!"

Slapping Ji Xia’s arm, Ji Hao laughed excitedly and said, "Abba, uncles, grandpas, those creatures out there, who walk with two legs, you can see them as many many crystals, as a lot of money…They are all valuable!"

On the city wall, a group of elders and ministers looked at Ji Hao, stunned.

The enemy gathered over a thousand slave-hunting troops, including millions of elite warriors, added with a large number of great-scale weapons to attack Yao Mountain City. Obviously, they wanted to flatten this city.

But in Ji Hao’s eyes, why did these people end up as preys who brought themselves to the predators?

"Kid, you are making sense!" Ji Xia frowned, then scratched his scalp and said, "But, if we don’t fight and kill, they won’t just become our salves obediently, will they? This, since we have to fight, people will die for sure. No matter it’s our people or theirs who might die…this…"

"In some battles, no one needs to die." Ji Hao’s eyes shone with a sharp cold light as he said, "Yu Mu, you take care of them. I’ll let you control the core of the heaven and earth formation. Take a look and tell me how many more things we need to keep all those people in our city?"

Yu Mu smilingly patted his large fleshy belly, stirring up fat ripples that spread on his entire body.

Narrowing his eyes, Yu Mu glanced at those non-humankind warriors gathered outside the city, then seriously nodded and said, "I don’t need the heaven and earth great formation, they would be flattered. Look at their proud faces. Give me an hour."

Raising the Disease God streamer on the city wall, Yu Mu and over ten-thousand Maguspreists from Southern Wasteland, who were masters of magic poisons, started a dance around it, and cast a ‘Disease God Spell’. Oddly colored power streams surged into the streamer.

Clouds of invisible, highly poisonous mist were released from the streamer, swirling towards the non-humankind army along with countless locusts, which were even tinier than dust grains.

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