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Surely, Ji Hao wasn't crazy enough to detonate the Pan Jia sun in Pu Ban city.

Those people were the crazy ones, not him.

Facing the destructive strike launched by elites from tens of powerful human clans and families, Ji Hao let out the Pan Gu bell and shielded himself against the first wave of shockwaves, then unlocked the first layer of seal he cast on the Pan Jia sun and released a small part of its power.

In his spiritual space, his colorless embryo of Dao locked its fingers together and incanted the nine secret words. With a tremendous spirit power, the embryo of Dao forcibly triggered the Pan Jia sun, and the sun emitted a splendent glow while releasing a great heat. The Pan Jia sun didn't burn the earth of Pu Ban City. Instead, its light and heat condensed into golden, shining, and almost tangible, sharp flaming spears, darting towards those people.

Countless flaming spears swished across the sky and left clear traces in the air.

The hundreds of thousands of elites from those powerful human families and clans were instantly disarrayed. Their mounts were freaked out by the destructive power contained in those flaming spears. Giant, fierce birds desperately darted all over the sky, with their feathers drifting in the air. On the ground, strong beasts roared thunderously, running everywhere in panic. Some beasts and birds even had their bones softened by the fear, falling straight to the ground.

Those flaming spears swept across the disordered formation of those powerful human clans and families. The bodies of large numbers of warriors were penetrated, as the fire spread rampantly inside their bodies. Within a blink of an eye, golden flames burned from every pore of theirs.

Shrill screams could be heard without an end while human-shaped torches fell from the sky, one after another. Before they landed on the ground, they were already incinerated. On the ground, countless people struggled and roared, but they only managed to last a few seconds before they were burned into ashes too.

Beasts and birds howled in pain, as they were also penetrated by those flaming spears. Their enormous bodies were burning, looking much more spectacular than the burning bodies of their owners.

Even a few birds with the wingspans of over five-hundred meters fell from the sky, burning ragingly. Because of their bulk, they continued burning after thudding against the ground, until the earth around their bodies was burned into several large pits filled with boiling lava.

Bearing the brunt of Ji Hao's counterattack, those families, clan leaders, and elders had been trying their best to boost up their powers, injecting their powers into the magic treasures held in their hands. Those were hundreds of powerful magic treasures that existed since the prehistorical era, passed down through generations. They were nourished by the spirit blood of generations of Divine Magi, and were already as powerful as pre-world spirit treasures. These treasures buzzed and vented their endless fury towards Ji Hao; they seemed to be as raging as their owners.

Fire burned across the air, dense mist coiled, while boiling hot rain fell from the sky, and shooting stars descended. In broad daylight, countless sparkling stars emerged in the sky. They sent down blade-like beams of light which twisted the space, stopped the time, and created all kinds of bizarre and motley phenomenon.

The powers released from the hundreds of top-grade magic treasure almost turned the sky above Pu Ban City back into Chaos. People living in the city screamed in pain. The twisted natural powers surged violently like the flood, breaking their bones and internal organs. Large numbers of citizens were pressed down to the ground, screaming and vomiting blood.

Even the flood failed to kill or hurt a single human being inside Pu Ban City, but the strike launched joint-handedly by the leaders and elders of the tens of powerful human families and clans caused huge casualties in Pu Ban City. Hundreds of thousands of people died right on the spot, while tens of millions were injured.

"Stop! Stop! This is Pu Ban City, a territory of human beings! Living in this city are all human beings!" In the storm of power, Emperor Shun's raging but weak roars sounded so insignificant.

"Stop! Stop now!" Emperor Shun growled madly. He spread his arms and rushed towards Gong Sun Bo and the others, attempting to shield the city against the massive attacks launching by Gong Sun Bo and the others with his chest.

"Emperor Shun! By the Kui Gate, Ji Hao killed countless of our people! Today, he has to die!" A Chu Wu Clan old Maguspriest screamed, "All his treasures are ours… All his people must become slaves… All his families have to die! Even as the human emperor, you can't stop us!"

This old Maguspreist smiled twistedly while wielding a six-feet-long streamer towards Emperor Shun. Painted on the streamer were the faces of countless ghosts. A blue and green colored dim light condensed into a fist-sized sword, flew out, and pierced deep into Emperor Shun's chest.

A dim light shone from Emperor Shun's body, which blocked the sword and defended Emperor Shun against this fierce strike.

Sideway, tens of people moved simultaneously. They released tens of bright, colorful light streams, which covered Emperor Shun's body. Emperor Shun gave a muffled snort in pain. Blood spurted out from his nose, eyes, ears, and mouth, while he fell to the ground from the sky.

"Hehe, Emperor Shun!" Ji Hao laughed out loud, "Being an emperor like this is no fun! Hehe, these people, hehe, these people…"

Those sharp flaming spears almost wiped out all hundreds of thousands of elites from those powerful families and clans. More flaming spears had been darting out of the Pan Jia sun ceaselessly, merging into an ocean of fire and confronting those leaders and elders.

Around Ji Hao, the space had been crushed completely, and all natural powers were disturbed.

The Pan Gu bell floated above Ji Hao's head, releasing torrents of Chaos power. All of the Chaos power generated by the crushed space was absorbed by the bell. Simple, anciently styled spell symbols emerged on the bell. Gradually, a giant figure with spread arms turned clearer and clearer on the surface of the bell, seeming to embrace the sky.

"Haha!" Ji Hao laughed wildly out. Facing so many powerful beings, the great pressure seemed to squash Ji Hao's internal organs, even under the protection of the Pan Gu bell. His bones had been letting out a slight cracking noise.

He had to fight this battle with no efforts spared.

As for the consequences…Whatever!

Ji Hao pulled out Pan Gu Dragon Mark. A pair of dragons flashed across the sword edge, while deep, dry, yet resonant dragon roars echoed through the sky, along with a fierce intent of killing. Ji Hao looked at the sky and let his Yu Yu sword intent flow across his heart like a chilly stream of water. As he gently wielded the sword with his right hand, his power was drained by Pan Gu Dragon mark.

Four hazy swords flashed out of Pan Gu Dragon Mark, floating in the north, south, east and west.

Emperor Shun raised his head. Seeing the four flashing hazy swords, he seemed to think of something. While vomiting blood, he growled out rumblingly, "Ji Hao! No…Don't do this. They are human beings too. They're all…"

The Pan Gu Dragon Sword dazzled, and the four hazy swords flashed across the sky, instantly swallowing Gong Sun Bo and the others.

Puffing noises could be heard without an end, as human bodies were torn into pieces by the edges of swords. Metal clangs were started, as the greatest magic treasures belonging to those powerful human families and clans were cut open by Pan Gu Dragon Sword.

Amidst thunderous booms, those treasures were broken violently, their spell symbols exploded, and their powers erupted.

Shrill howls lingered in the city, while those leaders and elders were wounded severely by the explosions of their own treasures.

Suddenly, Gong Sun Bo darted out of a raging fire. An eye of his was blown up, and a half of his body was crushed. With a hoarse voice, he wailed, "Marquis Yao Ji Hao! You are a sworn enemy now!"

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