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Gong Sun Bo's square and angular face twisted instantly. Instinctively, he took three steps backward in a row.

The facial expressions of all leaders, elders, and people from those powerful families and clans changed. They stared at Ji Hao as if he were a ghost. With twitching eye corners, many of them couldn't help but fix their eyes on the Pan Jia sun.

The Pan Jia sun was thousands of times weaker than the Pan Gu Sun, but still, it was a real sun that contained immeasurable power and energy, and could lead to destruction.

When it floated above Pu Ban City, providing the city with light and warmth during the dark days brought by the flood, this Pan Jia sun was so nice and adorable…But, if Ji Hao truly detonated it, and once its power erupted…No one could tell exactly how much damage it would cause to Midland, but Pu Ban City would be flattened for sure, even if it were ten times larger!

Not even Divine Magi could survive an explosion like that, right?

Could they survive? Probably not. A natural star could create a Supreme Magus, but the power possessed by this Pan Jia sun was more than a hundred times greater than the power of any natural star in Pan Gu world.

"You…How dare you?" Gong Sun Bo realized his gaffe, as he was actually frightened back for three steps by something Ji Hao said. Even worse, all Gong Sun Family people on the scene witnessed this. Gong Sun Bo's face blushed in anger. "You dare not to do this!" Staring at Ji Hao like a mad wolf, he said through gritted teeth.

"Wanna bet?" Ji Hao looked at Gong Sun Bo expressionlessly and said, "Wanna make a bet about if I dare to detonate it here in Pu Ban City? Ahyaya!"

Abruptly, Ji Hao gave a high-pitched shout. Slapping on his own forehead, he bared his teeth, gave an ugly fake grin, and said, "I'm so stupid! Why would I detonate it in Pu Ban City? People living in this city never offended me…I should do it in You Xiong City. Emperor Xuanyuan, I suppose he wouldn't blame me for blowing up his ancestral temple, would he?"

Shrugging innocently, Ji Hao sighed and continued, "What can I do? His descendants are all bullies. They even want to sh*t on my head. Even though many good people existed among his descendants…In order to vent my anger, I can only go down with the ship…"

Gong Sun Bo widely opened his mouth, and so did the group of Gong Sun Family elders behind him, and all Gong Sun Family people. They felt being choked by Ji Hao's words, that even caused them a pain in the heart and disabled them from talking for a long while.

Detonating the Pan Jia sun in You Xiong City? Even blowing up Emperor Xuanyuan's temple? Ji Hao, how dare he? But, but, was he really daring enough to do that?

Looked at those dumbfounded Gong Sun Family people, Ji Hao smiled and said, "Ah, 'go down with the ship', you may not understand its meaning. After all…this idiom is way ahead of you. But, there is another saying that you must understand, 'fight desperately like a cornered wild beast'… You get it, don't you?"

Gently patting the Pan Jia sun, which had taken back all of its warmth and light because of the restraining spell Ji Hao cast, turning into a dim ball, Ji Hao continued word by word, "Don't push this too far. If you provoke me beyond my endurance, I may truly do something that even I can't understand, regardless of everything else."

After a long while of silence, Gong Sun Bo puffed out his chest. Once again, he released that sharp-sword-like power vibration and took three large steps towards Ji Hao. Looking at Ji Hao coldly with his head held high, he said, "Ji Hao, how can Gong Sun Family people lower our heads because of some threatening words said by a young man like you? The Pan Jia sun is related to the future of the humankind. You have to give it to the alliance."

An especially sharp, mountain-heaven sword intent burst from Gong Sun Bo's body and locked on Ji Hao.

Tens of exceptionally fierce power streams with different natures erupted from the other leaders and elders and landed on Ji Hao's body like a giant mountain. In the next moment, hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of power streams were released, all aimed at Ji Hao! In the surroundings, all warriors from those powerful families and clans boosted up their powers as much as they could. Thinking of Ji Hao as a deadly enemy, they turned their intent of killing into boiling lava and poured straight on Ji Hao's body.

If Ji Hao moved, the hundreds of thousands of warriors would immediately launch a full strike.

The powers of the leaders and elders and core members of the noblest tens of human families and clans, and the greatest magic treasures that belonged to these families, were combined. The combined force was great enough to crush stars and even slaughter Supreme Magi.

"This is the official result of our discussion. The Pan Jia sun has important value to our humankind, it should belong to all human beings." Gong Sun Bo said righteously, "Marquis Yao Ji Hao, for your selfishness, you hid the important treasure that belongs to all human beings. What you did is almost a betrayal to the humankind! If you don't hand out the Pan Jia sun, the alliance of human clans will hunt you down with no spare effort! Your entire family will be executed!"

In Ji Hao's hand, the Pan Jia sun dazzled with a blinding light.

Emperor Shun's voice could suddenly be heard. With a slightly embarrassed look, Emperor Shun darted straight out from the air in front of Ji Hao. Looking at Ji Hao in a complicated way, he growled, "Stop! Ji Hao, stay calm! Stop!"

Looking at Emperor Shun coldly, Ji Hao started talking with a deep voice, "Emperor Shun, Marquis Chong Si Wen Ming is injured severely outside the Huai Gate by an assassin. By now, he is still in coma. I came back to deliver the news…Hehe, but I didn't think that I would encounter something so disgusting once I arrived in Pu Ban City."

Breathing deeply, Ji Hao continued in a harsh tone, "When facing the flood, we were short of food. I dedicated my treasures and helped people through the difficult time. I made a contribution, and did nothing wrong! This Pan Jia sun is my personal belonging. These people, these people…"

"Emperor Shun," Ji Hao pointed heavily at Gong Sun Bo and the others and continued,

"Tell me, what should I do under this situation."

Emperor Shun's face instantly turned pale. "Si Wen Ming in a coma? Who did it?!" Emperor Shun growled.

The faces of Gong Sun Bo and the other elders slightly twitched when they heard Ji Hao. They seemed to give a sigh of relief together, but soon, their mouth corners curved down and showed dissatisfaction — Si Wen Ming was only injured to a coma? Why wasn't he dead already? It was such a perfect plan, as they had counted in all defensive treasured Si Wen Ming had. Si Wen Ming shouldn't have a chance to survive at all!

Only injured to a coma…This wasn't enough!

Ji Hao frowned and yelled out, "Emperor Shun, Uncle Wen Ming is only injured and in a coma, he's not dead! Let's solve the problem under our eyes first. They attempted to steal my treasures. Tell me, what should I do?"

Emperor Shun frowned. All of sudden, Gong Sun Bo burst with a shout, "Kill! Don't give this kid any chance!"

From all directions, strong power streams surged like tidewater. Hundreds of fierce power vibrations rose straight into the sky. The greatest treasures that belonged to the tens of powerful families were activated simultaneously to an extreme level. The space around Ji Hao suddenly collapsed and was crushed, becoming a bottomless black hole.

Tens of giant hands condensed from fire and mist reached down towards the Pan Jia sun.

Amidst the chaos, Ji Hao's laughter echoed through the clouds. All of a sudden, the Pan Jia sun released a splendid light and a scorching heat.

"No! Stop!" Emperor Shun roared in both shock and rage.

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