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The roof of the Town Hall was gone.

The square before the Town Hall was turned into a thousands of meters deep lava pit by the heat of the Pan Jia sun.

Badly injured elders and leaders soaked in the lava dragged their broken bodies, howling with strong voices and cursing Ji Hao's ancestors with the worst languages they knew.

Holding the dazzling Pan Jia sun, Ji Hao looked just like Taiyi, the ancient East Emperor. Quietly floating in the air, he was looking down at those people. The Pan Gu bell floated above his head, coiling in heatwaves and letting out a deep buzz.

Pan Gu Dragon Mark had been shaking agitatedly. It vibrated so intensively that it almost crushed Ji Hao's finger bones, and had been giving him an unbearable pain. Pan Gu Dragon Mark was eager to taste more blood. It madly wanted to tear all top-grade treasures on the scene, which belonged to those powerful human clans and families. The successive killing done by Ji Hao triggered the wildness and ferocity of Pan Gu Dragon mark. Inside the sword, a soul was forming, filled with a strong will of killing.

Gong Sun Bo was also floating in the air, stunned. He was covered in blood. Half of his body was fragmented, and even a half of his spine was exposed in the air. He looked at the others, who were either dead or seriously injured. He couldn't believe his eyes.

Hundreds of thousands of elite warriors had all been incinerated. But this loss didn't bother Gong Sun Bo. Those elite warriors were from tens of families and clans, which meant that each clan only lost about ten-thousand warriors on an average. These powerful families and clans each had tens of millions of elite warriors. Therefore, this slight loss was not even worth mentioning to them.

What shriveled Gong Sun Bo, what made him regret, was the death of those elders!

Were those elders especially strong? Not likely. Were they capable? Not likely. Had they made major contributions to their families and clans? Not likely. Were they extra important to the humankind? No. Nevertheless, every single one of these elders had a strong background. They were all pure-blood, direct descendants of ancient human emperors. In their families and clans, their powers were tightly connected and ineradicable. Sometimes, these incapable, contribution-less, almost useless elders could bring family and clan leaders headaches.

By the Kui Gate, Ji Hao had already taken out hundreds of elders from these families and clans. But those elders were not as important as these ones he killed in front of the Town Hall. After all, the ones who could be sent out to the field were never truly important, even though they also had backgrounds.

However, these elders who came to Pu Ban City this time were different. They came to punish Ji Hao, and in the meantime, they came to pressure Emperor Shun by taking advantage of their seniorities. These elders were the truly powerful ones in their families and clans; in their families and clans, they were able to rally multitudes at their calls.

The death of any one of them could shake a strong family or clan. But what happened now? Over a hundred of these 'treasures', 'important family members', were directly killed by Ji Hao. Hundreds were left soaking and yelling in the lava, and about a thousand lucky ones were not injured too badly. But at the moment, they were all standing aside in a daze. Clearly, these people were all scared out of their wits.

Those were the absolute elites of tens of top-grade human families and clans. With their powers combined, how on earth did they end up like this?

Gong Sun Bo stared at Ji Hao and trembled intensely. The completely undecorated bell floating above Ji Hao's head, what kind of treasure was it? Just now, Ji Hao took a strike launched by so many powerful people together. He seemed to be slightly injured, but still, he looked so energetic and healthy. Even if he were truly wounded, that could only be flesh wounds!

"Ji Hao! You, you, you…" Gong Sun Bo'd mind wasn't clear. He wanted to say something, but failed to do so.

Ever since the alliance of human clans was founded, nothing like this had ever happened!

An insignificant marquis, who was born as a Southern Wasteland barbarian, actually dared to challenge all these top-grade human families, including You Xiong Family, Suiren Family, You Chao Family, Cloud Sun Family, High Sun Family, Wu Chang Family, Ghost Chariot Family, and Chu Wu Clan!

Not only challenge, he killed so many people from those families!

Gong Sun Bo's eyes were unfocused. Finally, he had some vague ideas in his head. "You, you, you killed so many people, so many people! How dare you?! How dare you?!" He stuttered.

Ji Hao held the Pan Jia sun, calmly looked at him, and responded, "Why don't I dare? Tell me, why don't I?"

Gong Sun Bo barely raised his arm, which had only half a forearm bone remaining, then pointed at Ji Hao and screamed, "I am the ruler of You Xiong City… the current leader of Gong Sun Family… an elder of Mi Family and other large human clans! You…"

Before he finished, a dark stream of blood spurted out of his mouth. With difficulty, he coughed a piece of yellow-colored, crystal-like bone out of his mouth.

Ji Hao laughed teasingly and said, "I thought you're Emperor Xuanyuan himself! Since you dared to bully the others, you should know that you might have your heads smashed one day. You're the ruler of You Xiong City, and you're the leader of Gong Sun Family, but so what? You attempted to steal my treasures and tried to kill me. So, I do dare to kill you!"

Gong Sun Bo was infuriated by Ji Hao's words, that he even showed the whites of his eyes. Coughing intensely and letting out mouthfuls of blood, he finally caught his breath. Pointing at Ji Hao again, he shouted, "Kill me? How dare you?! You, you…"

Pan Gu Dragon Mark flashed across the air while Ji Hao dashed to Gong Sun Bo's face with one single step. Shining with a sharp frigid light, the sword lunged fiercely towards the spot between Gong Sun Bo's eyebrows.

He had killed so many already, so why didn't he dare to kill one more?

Ji Hao gritted his teeth. Indeed, he had killed so many people. But he was powerful being now, so why would he be afraid? His cultivation was still at the level of half-step Supreme Magus, but with his basic level Pan Gu body, he could absolutely confront a Supreme Magus!

As for his cultivation of Dao, after what the mysterious man did to him, he had already transformed his red sun primordial spirit into an embryo of Dao. This meant that he was currently at the grade of embryo of Dao, which equaled the level of Supreme Magus!

As a Magus, as a Cultivator of Dao, he was stunningly powerful. Added with Yu Yu, someone legendarily strong to depend on, why would Ji Hao be afraid of anything now?

Gong Sun Bo watched the blinding sword light dazzling at his face. In fright, he screamed with a hoarse voice — Ji Hao truly dared to kill him… he truly dared to! He was not pretending! He seriously dared to kill him!

Holy ancestors' souls, how dare he do that? Didn't he know that a clone of Emperor Xuanyuan was still in Pan Gu world? That was the ancestor of the entire You Xiong Family!

A silhouette flashed over. While vomiting blood, Emperor Shun showed up right before Ji Hao's sword edge, with his arms widely spread.

Ji Hao hurriedly took back the sword. The sword edge brushed across Emperor Shun's temple and cut off a wisp of hair.

With a bitter grin, Emperor Shun looked at Ji Hao and said with a deep voice, "Marquis Yao, restrain your anger! You've been doing nothing but killing, but how many can you kill?"

Turning around, Emperor Shun looked at Gong Sun Bo, and continued, "Gong Sun Leader, if you insist on solving this with violence, I will stay out of this, even if you die right here!"

Gong Sun Bo paused for a long while, then abruptly burst into a shriek, "Emperor Shun, which side you're on?"

Emperor Shun remained silent for quite long, then slowly nodded and responded, "I'm on the side of the humankind! For all I did, I did for the humankind!"

Giving a bitter smile, Emperor Shun's face gradually twisted as he said, "You, you better not push me!"

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