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Upon dense fiery clouds, the nine dragons chariot was glowing intensely. Tens of thousands of heavily armored Yao Mountain warriors stared at the old man in anger.

Ji Hao smiled and didn't say a word, but only looked at this old man in a black robe, who seemed to have 'justice' in every pore of his, from head to toe. But from behind him, Man Man had already rushed out, pointed at the old man and yelled angrily, "Why? Those are Ji Hao's treasures! Why can you take them like this?"

The old man smiled 'mildly', then 'amiably' nodded at Man Man and said, "Man Man, I have been friends with your father for years. Back then when I was young, I used to fish dragon-head crocodile flood dragons in Southern Wasteland Dark Wind Beach with Zhu Rong, the Great Libation."

The old man tried to cotton up with Man Man, but she never played such games. She popped out her large bright eyes, curved down her lip corners, and raised her head. Pointing at the old man, she sneered and said, "Ah, you know my father, so what? You want to steal Ji Hao's treasures! Ji Hao's treasures are my treasures! If you dare to steal my treasures, my Abba will beat you to death!"

Ji Hao smiled, while Shaosi chuckled. What a strong logic!

The old man paused briefly, then narrowed his eyes and looked at Man Man with a serious face, "Man Man, you're young, and you don't understand many things yet. I can forgive you, but this is about the future of the humankind. You don't understand these things. So, stay out of this. Otherwise, I will certainly teach you a lesson for your father!"

Before he finished, a raging fire rose into the sky, as Man Man let out the sixty-four fire beads. Releasing a strong heat, those beads swished towards the old man's vital body parts like sixty-four tiny suns.

Because of a slight disagreement, Man Man started the fight. She did have the spirit of wild Southern Wasteland warriors. She was like a human-shaped, violent dragon. Anyone who dared to offend her would be facing her crazy counterstrike at any time.

The old man was shocked. Those fire beads were pre-world treasures too, and were greatly powerful. Once Man Man let out those beads, the old man's hair was burned, and smoke puffed up from his head. He gave a bright shout, then starlight burst from his black robe, weaving into a small stellar map and surrounding him. Fist-sized starlight flashed in the air against the sixty-four fire beads, like countless nimble butterflies.

Boom! Man Man threw out her pair of hammers. From the two hammers, the powerful offensive formation created by Yu Yu himself burst out suddenly, and an explosive force momentarily crushed the starlight released from the old man's robe. Man Man laughed, while the two hammers struck directly on the old man's chest and lower abdomen.

With a muffled thud, water-like ripples were stirred up on the old man's dark robe. He was forced back for tens of steps by Man Man's hammers. With great efforts, he finally steadied his body in the midair.

"Such a great strength!" The old man's 'justice' was immediately gone. Instead, a dark power vibration could be sensed from his entire body as he stared at Man Man, then sneered and said, "Zhu Rong Man Man, how dare you attack me? Do you know who I am?"

All these years, Man Man had been traveling all over Midland with Ji Hao, fighting the flood, the storm, and the enemies. Warriors showered in blood on battlefields used foul languages every day, all of them. Man Man was a hot-tempered girl. Letting her learn how to embroider or draw? Never! But learning how to swear…She was so gifted!

Showing the whites of her eyes, Man Man smiled coldly and said, "You're an old b*stard who has outlived his usefulness. I don't care who you are! Eh? You're pretty strong! Take another strike!"

Swinging up the pair of hammers, Man Man shouted. Stomping her feet against the air, she caused thunderous air blast while marching rumblingly towards the old man.

The old man's eyes turned red in anger. He clenched his fists, looked at Man Man, and growled, "I am Suiren Ming, the current leader of the Suiren Family!"

"Does your name have anything to do with the fact that you're an old b*stard? Whatever your name is, you are an old b*stard!" The sixty-four fire beads hovered around Man Man while dragon-like fire streams pounced on Suiren Ming. Meanwhile, the pair of hammers smashed down from the sky, leaving two long streams of fiery light in the air.

Suiren Ming gave a shrill roar. Abruptly, his body glowed, from the inside to the outside. He looked like burning coal, releasing an inexhaustible light and heat. Long steaks of fire burst from his hands and condensed into a pair of three-hundred-meters long fire swords, clanging against Man Man's hammers.

Followed by a loud noise, Man Man's hammers struck on the pair of sword. The offensive formation in the hammers burst out. The pair of fire swords, which were condensed from Suiren Ming's spirit fire, were crushed. Suiren Ming took a glance at Man Man before he was shrouded by the raging flame of the sixty-four fire beads. He couldn't believe all this.

Dragon-like fire streams blasted and vibrated Suiren Ming's body. His long black robe ceaselessly released starlight to cover his body, strenuously defending against Man Man's natural-disaster-like violent attack.

Everyone who witnessed this exclaimed out loud.

That was Suiren Ming, the current leader of the Suiren Family. Ever since he was young, he had been nourished by all kinds of precious resources, while Suiren Family elders consumed their own spirit blood to strengthen his body and boost up his power. Before he was thirty years old, he had already reached to the level of Divine Magi, and by now, he was a top-grade powerful human being, only a breath away from the level of Supreme Magus.

However, at the moment, he was actually being beaten by a little girl who was hundreds of years younger than him!

Man Man's pair of hammers smashed down violently, over and over again. The starlight released from Suiren Ming's long black robe had been dimming under every strike from Man Man. Evidently, Man Man's hammers, which seemed to be nothing special, actually possessed a secret, super strong power!

Hundreds of miles away, an old Maguspreist with a black robe and a tall hat smirked coldly. He flicked his fingers and let out three green colored bone needles. Quietly, the three needles were shot to the back of Man Man's neck, her heart, and tailbone, leaving three hundreds of meters long stream of smoke in the air. Once the three bone needles were shot out, dense green mist immediately puffed out. Within the smoke, countless hazy silhouettes of centipedes, scorpions, and poisonous snakes were faintly visible. Clearly, those needles were not beneficial to anyone's health.

Ji Hao roared in anger. He flashed to behind Man Man and wielded his broad sleeve, casting Yu Yu divine thunder. A thunderbolt, which seemed to cut the sky, dazzled across the air and crushed the three bone needles. Conveniently, Ji Hao turned around and slapped on Suiren Ming's face with all of his strength.

"Suiren Ming, what the f*ck are you? How dare you steal my treasure?" Ji Hao had been on the edge all this time. The full-strength slap he launched easily shattered Suiren Ming's long robe and his tens of defensive jade talismans which activated themselves to protect Suiren Ming. Then, his palm landed on Suiren Ming's face heavily.

Followed a thunderous boom, a half of Suiren Ming's head was blown up, and right after that, his body exploded like an egg that suffered a heavy strike.

Hearing the series of shouts and screams, tens of thousands of people darted out of the Town Hall.

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