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One strike, one simple slap. Without using any spirit star power, casting any magic, or using any other secret power of his, Ji Hao broke all of Suiren Ming's defenses with pure physical strength and crushed his well-cultivated, strong body.

Flesh and blood squirmed quickly. A strong suction force emerged in the air, gathering Suiren Ming's blood and flesh. Within a second, Suiren Ming's body was rebuilt.

He was naked now. In both shock and anger, he gave a high-pitched scream while pointing out his finger. A new black robe appeared and wrapped his body tightly. Gasping loudly for air, with cold sweat streaming down his back, Suiren Ming drew back with big steps, moving away from Ji Hao.

Smart people could tell that the slap launched by Ji Hao had frightened Suiren Ming. He was freaked out already, and he dared not even to approach Ji Hao and confront him now. At this moment, Suiren Ming still managed to force himself to act calmly, to not scream and cry; this was already not easy for him.

If he weren't a peak-level Divine Magus, and if hadn't touched the secrets of Supreme Magus, Suiren Ming would have died already.

Divine Magi could regrow their bodies from drops of blood. Siren Ming's body exploded, but soon recovered. However, he must have consumed a large amount of spirit blood. Instantly, his spirit blood was weakened by thirty percent. Added with the fact that he was freaked out by Ji Hao, the power vibration released from his body declined to an extreme point.

Holding the Pan Jia sun with one hand and with another hand behind his body, Ji Hao turned away from Suiren Ming, then glanced at every one of the tens of thousands of people that rushed out of the Town Hall.

Ji Hao knew most of those people. They were Emperor Shun's ministers, the leaders of large human clans, Senior Magi from the Magi Palace, or influential Maguspriests.

A small number of those people were strangers to Ji Hao. Ji Hao had never met them before, but judging by the pride on their faces and sensing the familiar power vibrations from them, Ji Hao easily recognized these people. They were all from those powerful families which suffered great losses back in the Kui Gate.

The leader of Cloud Sun Family, who was almost burned to cinder by the essence sun fire, was saved by his people. The current master Maguspriest of Cloud Sun Family brought a bottle of liquid condensed from the extremely negative power and put out the essence sun fire burning on his body. Without being continuously burned by the essence sun fire, the Cloud Sun Family leader took a deep gasp, and his incinerated skin and flesh started regrowing speedily. Within a couple of breaths, he recovered completely.

Same as Suiren Ming, the Cloud Sun Family leader now looked at Ji Hao with fear in his eyes. Obviously, the essence sun fire which almost burned him out had left a psychological shadow in his heart that might never be erased.

Standing in midair, Ji Hao remained silent. Gradually, among those people rushed out of the Town Hall, the ones familiar with Ji Hao stepped back and lined up orderly in midair above the Town Hall. Clearly, they wouldn't get involved in this.

From a distance away, some earls and marquises who were friends with Ji Hao, smiled bitterly and nodded at Ji Hao, seeming to be reluctant. Apparently, they wanted to do something for Ji Hao, but under the pressure from those powerful families, they could do nothing.

Those powerful families could be considered as the 'origin' of the humankind. Among those marquises and earls on the scene, ninety-nine percent of their clans were branches of those powerful, ancient families, and were connected tightly with them. Some elders and leaders from those powerful families were these earls and marquises' direct elderships.

They couldn't help Ji Hao, neither did they dare to help him. Ji Hao understood them. Therefore, he gave them friendly smiles and nodded to them, hinting that even though they couldn't help him, they were till his friends.

The elders and leaders from those powerful families, and the large groups of people behind them, had been slowly approaching Ji Hao. Gradually, the leaders of those families walked to the front, while those elders and people lined up orderly behind their leaders.

Deep wing-flapping noises could be heard from all directions as large numbers of fierce birds rose into the air and carried heavily armored warriors from these families and clans, coming close to Ji Hao. Dust rose in clouds from the ground while countless strong beasts carried warriors, who were armed to the teeth, and encircled Ji Hao from a distance away.

"Hah!" Thunderous growls came from the nine dragons chariot. Tens of thousands of Yao Mountain warriors trod on fiery clouds and centered on the enormous chariot, quickly forming a strong battle formation. Over ten-thousand Jia Clan warriors, who were much taller than human warriors, seemed to be even more combative. As their blood boiled, their bodies expanded suddenly, and within a blink of an eye, they reached nine meters in height.

Followed a series of bone creaking noise, Taisi put out his white bone altar that he carried with him everywhere. Placing the Nailhead Seven Arrows Book on the altar, he gripped his bone wand, popped out his eyes, and glared at the leaders of those powerful families.

A few elders with wrinkled faces narrowed their eyes as they glanced at the Nailhead Seven Arrows Book on Taisi's altar. Their faces twisted instantly, as they hurriedly and silently sent their voices to the ears of their people by using special magic.

Those people, who had been approaching Ji Hao step by step, paused immediately, while the faces of the tens of leaders turned extremely dark.

Clearly, these knowledgeable people recognized the Nailhead Seven Arrows Book. One had to mention that the Nailhead Seven Arrows Book was a terrifyingly powerful, an evil and cruel treasure for magic curses. No one was willing to stand out and take a strike from the Nailhead Seven Arrows Book for no reason.

Some cautious people even secretly activated their magic treasures and talismans, designed to defend against dark curses. As differently colored light sparkled behind their bodies, the hazy silhouettes of all kinds of puppets made from plants and woods emerged behind their bodies. These puppets could die for their owners.

"Ah, you're all pretty careful, aren't you? Are you afraid of death?" Looking at these people who seemed to be facing formidable enemies, Ji Hao abruptly laughed out loud.

"Marquis Yao Ji Hao!" A strong voice shouted. Following the voice, a middle-aged man walked out of the crowd of Gong Sun Family people with big steps. This man was wearing a yellow robe, with a six-feet-long yellow dragon coiled on each of his arms. He had a square, angular face, and the power vibration released from his body was as sharp as a sword.

"The…Leader of the Gong Sun family?" Ji Hao squinted at this man. Since he walked out of the crowd of Gong Sun Family people under the current circumstances and voiced as a representative of the family, he must be the family leader.

The former leader of Gong Sun Family was Gong Sun Meng. His soul was devoured when he was possessed by a sky devil. He created Gong Sun Tianming, and insisted on pushing Gong Sun Tianming onto the throne of the human emperor. Ji Hao was a part of this whole ridiculous thing, from the beginning to the end. Gong Sun Meng was gone, and Gong Sun Family would certainly elect a new leader after he died.

"I am Gong Sun Bo." said the man with a deep voice, "Marquis Yao Ji Hao, how dare you go against your superiors? The leaders of Suiren Family and Cloud Sun Family are honorable elders. How dare you hurt them?"

Ji Hao grinningly looked at Gong Sun Bo, then narrowed his eyes and remained silent for a while. Only then did he respond slowly, "Not even honorable elders can steal my things. Those treasures are mine, and will always be mine. Whoever dares to try to steal from me, I will chop off his hands. If he tries again, I will cut off his head. Honorable elders or not, my things can only be mine. No one can take anything from me without my permission!"

Gong Sun Bo remained silent for a while, raised his head, and drew a circle in the air. He then pointed at every leader or elder from those powerful families behind him and said, "What if we combine our powers?"

Ji Hao smiled, then pointed at the Pan Jia sun held in his left hand, and said, "You guess, do I dare to detonate this thing in Pu Ban City? Boom! Make it explode?"

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