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The light shone as the heatwaves reached the sky. At first, the eyeballs of the thousands of Maguspreists were burned. As the fire burned in their eye sockets, their clothes and hair were set embalmed too. They shrieked, howled, buried their heads in their arms, and rolled on the ground.

The Pan Jia sun released a scorching heat that dried the earth, and melted the soil and sands into lava. The heat struck on the Town Hall, immediately triggering the defensive screens. Layers of light screens were released, covering the Town Hall.

That was a sun. The Pan Jia sun was far weaker than the Pan Gu sun, but still, it was a sun. Besides, the Pan Jia sun was right in front of these people. Therefore, its heat was destructive.

Beams of red light landed on the defensive screens of the Town Hall like countless sharp swords and blades, piercing into the Town Hall. With a series of muffled popping noise, the layers of strong defensive screens were shattered inch by inch. On the wall, the pillars, and the eaves of the Town Hall, dazzling fiery light began bursting, and from the underground, a rumbling noise could be heard, because the defensive formation buried under the Town Hall started to break under a strong counterforce as well.

Those Maguspreists struggled in the lava, which grew deeper and deeper. Their defensive talismans exploded one after another, releasing thin layers of light screens that wrapped their bodies. The lava boiled, as glowing red bubbles blasted, and so did their light screens.

Soon, some Maguspriests had their skin directly burned by the lava. Along with a sizzling noise, the smell of burnt meat started spreading in the air.

Everything happened so fast. Human warriors who were on patrol around the Town Hall, remained stunned for a long while, then finally burst into shouts and growls. Some nimble warriors trod on the air and rushed into the lava area to save people, while some others raised dragon horns and attempted to give an alarm.

"Useless things!" An old, strong voice came from a distance away. Following the voice, an old man suddenly showed up beside the Taiji creation cauldron. The old man was wearing a silver colored long robe, with his shiny black hair tied up perfectly with a hair band. In the middle of the hair band, an egg-sized ruby was glistening.

"Suppress!" The old man gave a resonant shout. Behind him, a dense red mist rolled up like an ocean, and within the mist, a few long flood dragon silhouettes were faintly visible. He was holding an oddly shaped, six-feet wide square cauldron, releasing rapidly flowing red light streams that poured on the Pan Jia sun, looking like a rain of stars.

The red light exploded, caused lingering, thunderous booms. The Pan Jia sun slightly quaked, while being pressed back into the Taiji creation cauldron inch by inch. The old man smiled, showing obvious pride in his eyes.

Far away, Ji Hao sneered. The Pan Jia sun was so 'soft and docile' because Ji Hao restrained its power. In addition to that, ninety percent of its power was sealed by the Taiji creation cauldron. Therefore, in the past few years, the Pan Jia sun had been very easy to control, while it provided Pu Ban City with warmth and light, and helped growling so many crops.

Nevertheless, no matter how gentle and easy to control it was, it was still a sun. An old, dying dragon, even with its horns fallen off, could still shake the sky with its anger when it was truly infuriated. And its claws, which were no longer sharp but still strong, could tear apart all enemies.

"Idiots!" Ji Hao chuckled and snapped his finger, freeing the Pan Jia sun from the Taiji creation cauldron.

From the cauldron, clear streams of mist were released and spread on the Pan Jia sun. The restraining spell Ji Hao cast on the Pan Jia sun was immediately deactivated. The Pan Jia sun started shaking slightly. The Pan Jia sun seemed to be dim and lifeless before this, but it dazzled now, all of a sudden.

Buzz! Stronger heatwaves erupted from the Pan Jia sun, and the temperature was a hundred times higher than before. Golden sunshine surged into every corner like the flood. The old man in a silver robe howled shrilly when the six-feet square cauldron held in his hands melted into liquid under the sunshine. In the next moment, it was gone, turning into a strand of ash within a blink of an eye.

The luxurious silver robe worn by the old man burst with a bright silver light and transformed into glowing snowflakes, hovering around the old man. The robe was a precious treasure. At first glance, Ji Hao knew that the technique of this robe had reached the current limit of the humankind, and its defensive power was even greater than the sum of ten Divine-Magus-level defensive treasures.

But still, it was useless.

The heatwave swirled around those silver snowflakes, easily igniting the silver robe along with a sizzling noise. Within the span of one single breath, the robe was burned into a strand of smoke. That beautiful ruby inlaid in the middle of the old man's hairband released beams of blinding fiery light which condensed into a circle of flame and shielded the old man. Nevertheless, as the light of the Pan Jia sun swept across, the ruby blasted into tiny pieces.

A fist-sized wound was left between the old man's eyebrows. With his face covered in blood, the old man screamed in pain. But by the time his voice was raised, the essence sun fire from the Pan Jia sun already started burning his body.

Followed the sizzling noise, the old man's skin and muscles were incinerated in an instant. Within a second, his silver, nearly transparent, shining bones were exposed. Those bones were covered in snowflake-shaped symbols, which were especially beautiful under the golden-red sunshine.

"Save him! Save the leader of Cloud Sun Family!" Tens of old Maguspreists darted straight out of the air. They were wearing long black robes, tall hats, and releasing strong power vibrations. With all kinds of powerful treasures and tools, they tried to put out the fire on the old man's body in a great bustle, while casting magic seals to the Pan Jia sun.

Ji Hao laughed out loud. Treading on the nine dragons chariot and wrapped in dense, rolling fiery clouds, he led tens of thousands of trusted warriors and directly showed up beside the Taiji creation cauldron.

He launched a punch without hesitation and crushed the magic seals cast by those Maguspreists. He widely opened his mouth and swallowed the Taiji creation cauldron, then clenched his left fingers towards the Pan Jia sun. The Pan Jia sun immediately shrank into a three-feet-wide golden fireball, quietly floating above Ji Hao's palm.

"What are you doing?" Looking at those Maguspriests, Ji Hao said in a cold voice, "Are you trying to take my treasure?"

After a long while of silence, an old man walked out of the crowd. He had a stately look, wearing a long black robe which was sparkling with faint starlight spots. Apparently, that black robe was also a powerful treasure. The old man held his hands behind his body and had a faint smile on his square, stately face. That smile made Ji Hao feel slightly uncomfortable.

"Marquis Yao Ji Hao, as long as you're back… This sun means a lot to our humankind. From the flood we have suffered, you can easily tell that when our humankind is facing an immeasurable danger. This sun is our last hope."

"Therefore, through our deliberation, the alliance and human clans decided to levy this sun. From now on, this sun is public-owned by the alliance of human clan."

"As this sun must be restrained by this cauldron, to be stored in a safe way, this cauldron of yours is also levied by the humankind."

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