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"You should set a limit for your stupidity." Standing on the chariot and looking at those people from tens of homeless clans, Ji Hao helplessly shook his head.

These homeless people lived an unsettled life, with nothing to eat or wear, neither did they have a mature cultivation system. If a homeless clan had three to five senior-level warriors, it would be considered as a strong clan.

Ji Hao searched among these homeless people for a long while by using his spirit power. He found thirteen Magus Kings and about three-hundred Senior Magi. And yet, these weak people were actually daring enough to gather together and attempt to kill Si Wen Ming, the chief commander of the flood-control army!

In the army under Si Wen Ming's command were thousands of Divine Magi, along with countless Magus Kings and Senior Magi. Relatively weaker Senior Magi could only serve as logistics. As the weakest part in this army, even the group of cooks could easily wipe out these homeless people.

Ji Hao didn't do anything at all. He simply burned the armors and weapons of these people with essence sun fire from the nine dragons chariot. As a result, these people cried and howled, dropped all weapons and took off all armors, giving up on fighting.

Were these people here to die or to amuse the others?

"So weak, not even I want to beat them!" Man Man carried her pair of hammers while looking at these homeless people who had their skins burned by those glowing-red armors. Man Man then yawned lazily.

"Eh, are they hungry? Maybe they came to get some food." Taisi was suddenly woken up from his dream, curiously popped out his eyes, and looked at these homeless people. Taisi shook his head kindly and sighed, "Being starved never feels good. We have so much meat that they didn't finish last night. Why don't we give them some?"

Before Taisi's voice faded, tens of millions of homeless people twitched instantly. With twisted faced, they raised their heads. The thirteen Magus-king-level leaders burst into heartbreaking howls simultaneously. In a panic, they reached out their hands to seek help from Ji Hao.

Once they burst with the first shout, these homeless people stopped breathing and fell to the ground. Even the thirteen Magus Kings only managed to let out the second howl before they thudded on the ground and died. Dark, sticky blood flew out from their eyes, noses, mouths, and ears, spurting ink fountains and releasing an evil power. Meanwhile, their bodies withered quickly.

Within a couple of breath, all of these homeless people became sticky puddles of poisonous, dark blood.

Puffing noises could be heard without an end as those blood puddles detonated. Dark blood splashed everywhere, melting the rocks and the soils and generating sharp sizzling noises. Soon, meters deep holes were left on the ground.

Ji Hao looked at the ground in shock, which looked like the blood pool in hell. So cruel! If Ji Hao didn't discover these homeless people and let them break into the campsite, how many warriors would be killed by this massive poisonous blood explosion?

Along with a buzzing noise, the ten floating forts dazzled blindingly, diving down to the campsite while leaving long streams of light in the air. A destructive power was brewing in those flying forts. Obviously, once the ten flying forts broke into the campsite, another massive explosion would start.

Ji Hao gave a raging shout and let out the Pan Gu bell, releasing streams of Chaos power that wrapped up the ten flying forts. Countless metal puppets dazzled as well, marching towards the campsite, with stains of dark blood on their bodies. The dark blood had still been exploding. Once these metal puppets rushed into the campsite, a severe damage would definitely be caused.

Ji Hao cursed out loud in anger. These suicidal metal puppets could truly cause headaches.

The nine dragons chariot shone with a golden light. Fist-thick streams of fiery light were released from the chariot, accurately penetrating the heads of these metal puppets and damaging their cores under the control of Ji Hao's spirit power.

These metal puppets fell on the ground one after another, turned scorching hot. Some of them even exploded, quaking the earth slightly and sending the dark blood on their bodies in all directions.

People in the campsite were woken up. Those warriors who were lying on the ground in a deep sleep suddenly leaped up. In the past few years, these warriors had been fighting so hard without a rest, and now, following countless commanders' thunderous voices, they formed battle formations in the timespan of merely one breath.

Battle formations lined up, releasing strong power vibrations. Countless human warriors gripped their weapons, growling rumblingly and waiting for any possible enemy.

Countless green, purple, and blue fires rose into the sky, illuminating the area a hundred miles in radius around the campsite like stars. Tens of thousands of winged dragons flew up and angrily glanced around with their large eyes, which were covered in blood streaks. Their deep roars echoed through the sky.

"Found the enemy, tear them into pieces!" A deep voice resounded across the entire campsite. That was the king of these winged dragon.

Winged dragons roared thunderously, slapped their enormous wings and tore the dark clouds in the sky. Stars sparkled, as bright starlight streams poured down like a splendid waterfall, giving the campsite a multicolored glow.

Si Wen Ming heard the explosive sounds from the outside and the heartbreaking howls from those homeless people before they died. He wanted to walk out of the tent to see what was happening, but suddenly, he heard ghost cries and screams, while a dense dark shadow surrounded him.

From the shadow, he saw the twisted faces of countless human beings covered in blood, shrieking in sadness and hatred. These were the souls of those homeless people who died just now. They died so miserably, as their souls were turned into evil ghosts by a dark magic. At this point in time, their evil power had reached the peak.

The strong evil power released by ten of millions of evil ghosts, which suffered unwanted, sudden death, was nearly tangible. Si Wen Ming was a powerful human being, but he still was almost suffocated by this evil power. He felt like being stuck in a nightmare, unable to move while dreadfully cold strands of power had been drilling into his body, freezing his internal organs and even his mind.

A Yu Clan man walked out of the darkness slowly. This man was wearing a long dark robe. A half of his face was that of a good-looking young man, while the other half was a pale skull. Ordinary people would be terrified by the sight of this Yu Clan man.

Which his broken face, he chuckled towards Si Wen Ming in a high-pitched voice, then slowly pulled out a black dagger from his sleeve. The dagger was shaped like scorpion tail, and was covered in thorns.

"I am Fan Gui…Some people said that I am too ugly, and I look like a ghost. The great Nether Moon, in order to pursue the eternal power of death, is appearance really so important?" Fan Gui laughed with a hissing voice. His entire body was shaking because of the excitement. Slowly putting the dagger against Si Wen Ming's chest, he continued with a gentle voice, "The hero who beat the flood, hehe, I will pull out your entire soul, then turn your body into the most beautiful zombie!"

With a shrill sword buzz, the Xuanyuan sword rose beside Si Wen Ming's magic sandbox and released dragon-like golden sword power streams as it lunged towards Fan Gui.

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