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The Xuanyuan sword shone with a blinding golden light and released a mighty sense of power, which forced back countless evil ghosts.

Seeing the golden sword power streams descend, Fan Gui laughed and twisted his wrist. A blood-red jade talisman flashed across his fingertips, then a strange power vibration could be sensed from his entire body.

Powers streams released from the Xuanyuan sword paused instantly, then slantingly brushed across Fan Gui's body. Not a single stream of sword power landed on his body.

Fan Gui curved up his lip corners, then grinned and said, "Eh, they didn't lie. The soul of this Xuanyuan sword belonged to Emperor Xuanyuan, and went along with Emperor Xuanyuan. Now, this sword has its power, but no soul to control it!"

He chuckled and continued, "Marquis Chong, do you know what this jade talisman is?"

Si Wen Ming looked at Fan Gui and paused in shock. He wanted to talk, but failed to say a word. He clearly saw the weird behavior of the Xuanyuan sword. The Xuanyuan sword attempted to protect its owner, but somehow, it gave up on attacking Fan Gui!

"I don't know what this jade talisman is either. But according to the man who gave it to me, it's made from the spirit blood of pure-blood descendants of Emperor Xuanyuan. Under the protection of this magic talisman, the Xuanyaun sword won't hurt even a hair of mine!"

Fan Gui bared his teeth and gave a large grin. The skull-half of his face quaked intensely, and his bones knocked against each other as he continued, "I didn't believe it. I thought this was a risky mission. But surprisingly, the Xuanyuan sword is truly stupid enough to not attack me!"

Si Wen Ming tried his best to struggle, but the strong evil power from the ghosts surrounding him disabled him from moving. Even his soul was freezing, and the mere idea of 'struggling', had started to fade from his mind.

He watched the Xuanyuan sword float in the air, seeming to be confused. It was still glowing with the bright golden light, but never attacked Fan Gui again. The strange blood-red jade talisman turned the Xuanyuan sword into a useless piece.

The soul of the Xuanyuan sword had left the humankind along with Emperor Xuanyuan, which was a top secret. With his last strength, Si Wen Ming screamed inside his mind, 'Who leaked out the secret? Disabling the Xuanyuan sword with a talisman made from the spirit blood of Emperor Xuanyuan's descendants? Not even Si Wen had ever heard about this. Who on earth knew how to make a talisman like this?'

The scorpion-tail-shaped dagger easily broke Si Wen Ming's shirt. Buzz! A dark-yellow-colored seal flew out of Si Wen Ming's chest and released a thick, dark-yellow light screen, which shielded Si Wen Ming.

The dagger held in Fan Gui's hand vibrated due to the light screen released from the seal. As he flicked his wrist, he swiftly took tens of steps backward, with blood veins bulging from his ten fingers. Clearly, the counterforce he suffered from the light screen was fairly strong.

"Hm, the divine earth seal, an after-world top-grade supreme treasure, generated from the purest earth power in Pan Gu world, and the greatest treasure of Marquis Chong's family, passed down through generations!" Fan Gui looked at this dark-yellow seal in a great surprise, as he sensed the strong power vibration from it and yelled, "Aha! I made such a right choice to accept this mission. The one who hired me said I can have all your treasures, after I kill you!"

Chuckling again, Fan Gui, took out a fist-sized magic talisman, which was carved out of a transparent green tree heart, and said, "The green power naturally suppresses the earth power according to the natural power system believed by you barbarians…Hopefully, this wooden talisman can work. I only need a bit of time!"

As he carefully triggered the wooden talisman, countless thin, cyan-colored light streams fell like a firework and landed on the dark-yellow light screen released from the seal. A strangely strong green power erupted. Countless tiny and complicated green spell symbols sank into the light screen and tore it apart in no time

The divine earth seal was wrapped in a faint green light and lost its defensive power temporarily.

Fan Gui carefully approached Si Wen Ming, then smiled and said, "Look, the people who want you dead know about everything you have. Your power is taken away by those evil ghosts. You can't control your treasures now, and you can only watch me break them, one after another."

Carefully pushing the divine earth seal aside, Fan Gui smilingly lunged the dagger towards Si Wen Ming's chest while saying, "So, let's find out what other defensive treasures you have, shall we? Let's see if the things they gave me can…"

Buzz! Following a thunderous bang and a deep, resonant dragon roar, a hexagon shield flew out of Si Wen Ming's body. The shield dazzled with a yellow light and was covered in dragon scales. In the middle of the shield, a lifelike dragon had been roaring resoundingly, letting out dense yellow mists while covering Si Wen Ming's entire body.

"Good treasure! A shield made of thirty-six-thousand scales from a dragon king. I heard that Marquis Chong's family had always been close to the dragon king. It turns out to be true. How can any ordinary human being ever collect so many scales fallen off the bodies of dragon kings?" Fan Gui grinned happily while easily suppressing the power of the dragon scale shield with three especially powerful magic talismans.

Within the span of around ten breaths, nine powerful treasures flew out of Si Wen Ming's body to protect him. But apparently, the ones who hired Fan Gui knew about all defensive treasures that belonged to Si Wen Ming and his family. Without being controlled by Si Wen Ming, the nine powerful treasures were all temporarily suppressed by Fan Gui with a series of magic talismans.

"Anything else?" Fan Gui greedily looked at the nine treasures floating around Si Wen Ming and said, "Marquis Chong Family, so wealthy! You even have divine supreme treasures which belonged to ancient divine emperors! Ah, I'm getting rich, I'm seriously getting rich. What a lucky mission!"

Delightfully whistling, Fan Gui slowly put the dagger near Si Wen Ming's heart.

"So, based on the information I have, you have no other treasures left for your own protection. You may have some magic talismans that can be triggered automatically, but what can those do? Those things can't even stop this 'soul-hooking dagger' of mine!"

"Trust me, you are such a marvelous hero! So, I will extract your soul in a perfect way, then put it into a metal puppet. You will become my slave, and you will cry in the metal puppet for ten-thousand years!"

Fan Gui trembled excitedly, "Enslaving a hero like you, this is my…Whoa! Damn it!"

Two streams of light swirled out from Si Wen Ming's body, one white and one black. When the dagger almost touched Si Wen Ming's scalp, the two light streams wove into a Taiji diagram which wrapped Si Wen Ming up.

A scarily strong adsorption force stopped the dagger. Followed Fan Gui's shrill screams, the two light streams slightly rotated and ground the dagger into fine ashes.

The black and white light quickly expanded in all directions and filled up the entire tent within a blink of an eye. Tens of millions of evil ghost shrieked and cried, while they were rolled into the black and white lights.

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