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Late at night, a thousand miles away from the campsite of Si Wen Ming's army…

In a valley within some woods, tens of fierce-looking men with ragged clothes faced each other. The bodies of these men were covered in tattoos of wold beasts and dangerous poisonous bugs. Some of them had poisonous snakes coiled around their necks and waists, some had serpents or wild beasts under their feet, and some had blood-thirsty birds standing on their shoulders.

Surrounding the valley were countless strong and sturdy men. The beast-like power vibration had been releasing from their bodies, and their eyes sparkled with a turbid light of fierceness and wildness.

"What? You scums are here too?" In the valley, among a group of leaders, one started talking provocatively.

"Even a stupid thing like you can come, so why can't we?" Immediately, someone responded harshly.

"Stop with the verbal fighting and do your job first. Capture enough slaves and close the deal, then you can take your vengeance. As long as you want, you can kill every living being crossing your eyes and leave a mountain of corpses." A Xiu Clan old man in a luxurious long robe slowly walked out of the darkness.

This old man sneered and continued in a harsh tone, "But, if you ruin the deal for personal reasons…B*stards, even if you have no fear, your families will all die!"

The group of fierce-looking men glanced at each other and snorted heavily.

"Get ready. You will make a full strike in half an hour!" The Xiu Clan old man satisfyingly nodded and said, "I've told you about the price. Whether you will still live a homeless life with your people like ghosts, or attain a fertile territory, build a homeland, and live happily ever after, will be depending on your performances tonight."

Some dark-kind slave warriors walked out of the darkness, carrying shiny spell symbol armors and glowing weapons. The group of men laughed viciously, walked up with big steps, and grabbed those armors over, putting on themselves. Then, they seized the weapons they liked, gripped them in their hands, and began wielding them.

A man who had five tattoos of poisonous scorpions on his face held a large machete, wielded for a few times, then abruptly yelled out in a cold voice, "Old Yan…That was the flood-control army under Marquis Chong Si Wen Ming's lead. Many of them are strong, like, thousands of Divine Magi…You're not tricking us to die, are you?"

As his eyes dazzled, the Xiu Clan man responded blandly, "Don't worry. We will send other people to deal with the powerful ones under Si Wen Ming's command. You will do nothing but capture ordinary slaves."

Pausing briefly, Old Yan continued in a mild tone, "You shall worry about nothing. Those people are now in deep sleep like dead dogs. Their stomachs are filled, and they are all drunk. You can simply rush up. I believe the most of them can't even struggle up from the ground and fight back. You will tie them up and leave right away. Whoever dares to fight back, just kill him. There's no other thing for you to worry about."

The group of men glanced at each other again and smirked, then gripped their weapons.

These men were leaders of homeless clans. They had no territories. All year around, they moved in wild lands with their livestock, pitched a camp wherever they wanted to rest in. Occasionally, they plundered things from villages and small towns.

The flood took away their livestock. Now, these poor people had nothing left. For their clansmen, for their wives and children, they had to make some serious income.

Tens of homeless clans were gathered up, given with a mission of attacking Si Wen Ming's army. From any angle, this sounded like a suicidal mission. These people would be killing themselves like moths darting into the fire by carrying out this mission. However, desperate people could do anything. As long as Old Yan wasn't lying to them, and some powerful beings were truly sent to deal with those Divine Magi under Si Wen Ming's command…

They were willing to risk trying. What was the worst could happen? Looting human villages, kidnapping young human beings and selling them to the non-humankind as slaves, they had done a lot of these things! They were all desperate, all their clansmen were desperate. Therefore, they dared to do anything. Si Wen Ming, was he a big deal? Didn't he have one head and two shoulders, one p*nis and two balls like any other man? It would be nothing more than a life-risking battle. Why would they be scared of him?

Those dark-kind slave warriors carried over large piles of armors and weapons.

Those armors were heavy and thick, thickly covered in sparkling spell symbols. Clearly, these were all top-grade pieces. These poor homeless people had never seen good things like these. And those especially sharp machetes, one of those could definitely break the bodies of three to five strong men at one time. With those spears, which could even puncture iron boards, even a flood dragon would be penetrated.

Not to mention all kinds of ingeniously designed, highly lethal crossbows and ballistae, and those amazingly powerful battle puppets, including metal spiders, scorpions, giant bears, leopards, wild wolves, which were produced by Xiu Clan masters, for flexible purposes.

They even saw ten miles squared flying forts, each with a thirty-meters-thick fence wall!

"Oh my, with such a flying fort, you can buy all tens of our clans out, can't you?" A leader hopped onto a flying fort and excitedly patted on the faintly glowing divine tower standing on the fence wall, then said, "Oi, Old Yan, are these things all for us?"

The Xiu Clan old man smilingly nodded. Raising his head and looking at the sky, he said in a bland tone, "Seven minutes, get ready to attack! A thousand miles, four hours will be enough for you to cover this distance, right?"

The tens of fierce-looking leaders smirked and bared their black, rotten teeth, then roared towards the sky in excitement.

Ten flying forts lined up at the front. Following behind those forts were hundreds of thousands of metal puppets. Countless homeless clans people climbed onto these metal puppets, heading towards Si Wen Ming's campsite. Behind these metal puppets were tens of millions of people from these tens of homeless clans. Some of them had just grown a slight trace of internal power. They gasped loudly and quickly, rushing behind those swiftly moving metal puppets.

Even elderly people and women could be found in this army, also wearing armors and holding all kinds of weapons. Disorderedly, this army marched towards the campsite of Si Wen Ming's army in a thousand miles away.

A dark mist quickly spread out among these homeless people, covering the entire army within a blink of an eye. The mist silenced their footsteps, breathing sounds, and the clangs of their weapons and armors. Silently, these fierce and violent homeless people moved across the mountain, speedily approaching the campsite.

In the darkness, high up in the sky, Mr. Crow spread his wings and floated in the midair, with his pair of eyes dazzling with a golden light. At the first glance, he saw the dark mist approaching from a distance away.

Caw! Mr. Crow's shrill caw tore apart the quietness of the night sky. As he flicked his wings, countless golden feathers darted towards the dark mist along with a raging fire.

From the sky, a sharp arrow swished over and reached Mr. Crow's neck within a blink of an eye.

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