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Bonfires burned, brightening the night sky and warming countless human warriors.

The water surged through the water channel in the nine water gates area, rumbling earsplittingly into the Final Land. The turbid waves rolled, and the whirlpools roared. Within the watery mist, countless shrimp warriors had been shouting and yelling, holding all kinds of weapons while darting around.

In both shock and fear, large groups of enormous whale were driven to the sides of the water channel by these shrimp warriors, gathering in a large bay. This bay Area was almost filled up by the dark backs of these giant whales. A few whales which were startled by those shrimp warriors leaped up into the sky while screaming, splashing the water everywhere.

Following shrill roars, a heavy and large harpoon swished across the air. This nearly hundred meters long harpoon pierced into the bodies of these whales, puncturing those enormous bodies.

Many miles tall Longbo Country people stood in the bay, laughing while wielding their harpoons, penetrating those whales one after another, then carrying those struggling whales up as they walked to the bank with big steps.

Kuafu Family people built giant wooden shelves by the water channel. They put those captured whales on shelves, peeled then and dug out all internal organs, then cut them into large pieces. Large groups of human warriors walked over, happily picking up those large meat pieces and walking away. Treading on winds and clouds, these warriors rushed to those bonfires.

Whale meats were put on fire, grilling till sizzling. A nice aroma spread out; oil oozed out of the grilling meat, dripping on the ground.

Warriors surrounded bonfires, laughing and dancing. Some already had their stomach stuffed, as they stretched their arms and legs, comfortably lying on the ground and falling asleep.

The great formation was completed, and the flood was ebbing. Gong Gong, who started all this, was already killed by Ji Hao. The few senior ministers under Gong Gong's command either surrendered or escaped, and the water-kind army under Gong Gong's lead was destroyed. The remaining force of the enemy could no longer cause a threat.

These warriors were unburdened, and their tightened nerves could ease. They now filled their stomachs and prepared to sleep. Finally, they could have a good sleep without worry. Human warriors lied on the ground and spread their limbs; their thunderous snores even made the earth shake slightly.

Surrounded by these human warriors was a series of tents standing in a straight line. In a simple leather tent, Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming sat facing each other, without saying a word. They each held a bowl of wine, hearing the happy shouts, laughter, and snores from the warriors in the outside.

"Finally, we can rest." Si Wen Ming smilingly nodded and emptied his bowl.

It wasn't a fine wine. It was the cheapest glutinous rice wine that was stored for too long, and tasted a bit sour. Si Wen Ming gulped the wine, then licked his lips in satisfaction, as if he had just tasted the best wine in the world.

"How can we rest?" Ji Hao dropped his bowl, looked at Si Wen Ming seriously, and said, "Uncle Wen Ming, do you really think that we can rest? The others can, but not us."

Si Wen Ming's eye corners slightly twitched. Remaining silent for a while, he dropped the bowl heavily, gave a slight sigh, and said, "Yeah, the others can rest, but we still have work to do. First, we need to find out if any remaining force of Gong Gong still exists in the heaven. Second, we suffered the flood, but the non-humankind has made no moves so far. Will they launch a new offensive?"

Undoubtedly, Gong Gong's remaining force still existed in the heaven.

By now, the Gong Gong Family was nothing to worry about. The important ones were those new divine gods from the Divine Origin Pool. Those were true divine gods. Back in the Huai Gate, even Gong Gong showed up to put up a desperate fight, but those divine gods never showed, which was not reasonable.

Human beings had to watch the heaven closely, and always prepare for their offensive.

But of course, perhaps those divine gods didn't show because of some trouble that Gong Gong caused for himself. In the best case, those divine gods wouldn't cause any threat to the humankind, and the humankind would have enough time to prepare for the potential conflict that may burst between the heaven and the human world.

But, the most important and urgent problem was the Yu Dynasty!

Because of the flood, the humankind suffered great losses. At this stage, human beings were badly in need of post-disaster reconstruction. However, those non-humankind beings were protected by divine towers, and had lost nothing. Not even the most positive human being dared to say that those non-humankind beings would stay quietly behind their walls and watch the humankind recover.

Human beings could be facing an all-out attack from the entire Yu Dynasty.

"Third, the 'All Streams to Final Land' great formation is completed. Drawn by the rapidly moving water power, the four wastelands will merge with Midland in three months tops. That army of ours stationed in the north, will we use it to defend against Yu Dynasty or break into Northern Wasteland to destroy Gong Gong's forces for good?" Pondering briefly, Si Wen Ming finally pointed this out.

Earlier, Ji Hao led an elite army to the north and stalled the water-kind armors from the twelve water worlds. That was an allied human force, strong and well equipped, completely under Ji Hao's control. According to the original plan, when the flood was gone, this army would march straight into Northern Wasteland and wipe out all clans under Gong Gong's control.

But if Yu Dynasty suddenly launched an offensive, that army would be the only well prepared human force that could directly go into the battle to defend.

The only problem was that after years of intensive fighting, would those warriors in the north still have the strength and morale to continue fighting? Even if they were still full of energy and passion, would they be able to defend against an all-out offensive from Yu Dynasty?

"People are all tired!" Si Wen Ming helplessly glanced out of the tent.

"Better than dead!" Ji Hao frowned, then took a complicated glance at Si Wen Ming and said, "Uncle Wen Ming, you only mentioned three possibilities. Why don't you mention the last one?"

"What can that be?" Si Wen Ming poured himself a bowl of wind and started sipping.

"You've already thought about that, but you are not willing to, or you dare not to believe it!" Looking at Si Wen Ming, Ji Hao said in a deep voice, "But whether you want to do it or not, this army under your command right now is the largest army of the humankind."

"Most importantly, this army follows your words only. This is your army, and it belongs to you alone."

"This army cannot be disbanded just like this…Uncle Wen Ming, organize the army, prepare for the war!" Looking at Si Wen Ming, Ji Hao continued seriously, "Not only this army, I will also join you with Shermie, Heng Ling, and Yuan Li. Later on, I will ask Wuzhi Qi to recruit more water-kind warriors for us, as many as possible."

"Other than recruiting water-kind warriors, I will organize all Yao Mountain people who are capable of fighting, and they will join this army too. All armaments stored in Yao Mountain territories these years will be put to use!"

Si Wen Ming knitted his eyebrows into a tiny hill.

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